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Gulf Coast Wildlife

Gulf Coast Wildlife

Wildlife that lives within 50 miles of the coast from Texas to Florida. Sign in to join mission

Gulf Coast Wildlife
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To identify and catalog the wide variety of life that lives along the Gulf Coast.

Gulf Coast Wildlife

Lat: 28.62 Long: -93.84

Recent Spottings

Willet Brian38 4 2 Willet
Spotted Gar robert emond 1 0 Spotted Gar
Wild Boar robert emond 3 0 Wild Boar
Cotton Rat robert emond 2 0 Cotton Rat
Blue Button SanciaMatthyssen 1 0 Blue Button
Brown pelican Brian38 6 3 Brown pelican
Brown pelican (juveniles) Brian38 1 0 Brown pelican (juveniles)
Dunlin and Sanderling Brian38 3 0 Dunlin and Sanderling
Double-crested cormorant Brian38 2 0 Double-crested cormorant
Palm warbler Brian38 3 1 Palm warbler
Eastern gray squirrel Brian38 1 0 Eastern gray squirrel
Banded starfish Brian38 6 0 Banded starfish
Slender armed starfish Brian38 3 0 Slender armed starfish
Benedict Sand Crab Brian38 3 2 Benedict Sand Crab
Forster's Tern Brian38 3 0 Forster's Tern
Secret writing lichen Brian38 3 0 Secret writing lichen
Eastern gray squirrel Brian38 2 0 Eastern gray squirrel
Great blue heron Brian38 5 1 Great blue heron
Lincoln's sparrow Brian38 1 0 Lincoln's sparrow
Tree Swallow Brian38 8 0 Tree Swallow
Royal tern Brian38 5 0 Royal tern
Broad-winged Hawk (juvenile light morph) Brian38 1 0 Broad-winged Hawk (juvenile light morph)
Forster's Tern Brian38 2 0 Forster's Tern
Black-bellied plover Brian38 2 1 Black-bellied plover
Crimson pitcherplant Brian38 5 2 Crimson pitcherplant
Resurrection Cladonia Brian38 1 0 Resurrection Cladonia
Forster's Tern Brian38 1 0 Forster's Tern
Great blue heron Brian38 1 0 Great blue heron
Great blue heron Brian38 3 2 Great blue heron
Eastern bluebird (female) Brian38 3 3 Eastern bluebird (female)
Carolina wren Brian38 1 1 Carolina wren
Red-breasted Merganser (male) Brian38 3 0 Red-breasted Merganser (male)
Mermaid's purse Brian38 1 0 Mermaid's purse
Mushroom cap jellyfish Brian38 1 0 Mushroom cap jellyfish
Ruddy turnstone (bathing) Brian38 1 0 Ruddy turnstone (bathing)
Black eye lichen Brian38 1 0 Black eye lichen
Spotted sandpiper Brian38 1 0 Spotted sandpiper
Red-shouldered hawk Brian38 4 0 Red-shouldered hawk
Shark eye Brian38 1 0 Shark eye
Florida Beard Lichen Brian38 1 0 Florida Beard Lichen
Willet Brian38 1 0 Willet
Northern mockingbird Brian38 2 0 Northern mockingbird
Mourning dove Brian38 2 0 Mourning dove
Bonaparte's gull Brian38 1 0 Bonaparte's gull
Eastern Lubber Grasshopper robert emond 1 0 Eastern Lubber Grasshopper
Halloween pennant robert emond 1 0 Halloween pennant
Six-lined Racerunner robert emond 1 0 Six-lined Racerunner
Bobcat robert emond 9 6 Bobcat
Black-necked Stilt robert emond 1 0 Black-necked Stilt
Broad-headed Skink robert emond 2 0 Broad-headed Skink

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