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Biodiversity of Texas

Biodiversity of Texas

All plants and wildlife are eligible for the mission if they are native to Texas or migrating to Texas. Please be as accurate as possible with the description, habitat, and location. Many varieties exist of a species or plant due to the large expanse of Texas. Young ones, with the parents’ permission, are encouraged to add to the mission. Sign in to join mission

Biodiversity of Texas
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Texas, being the 2nd largest state in the U.S., consists of diverse landscapes that resemble the American South and Southwest. Contrary to the popular notion that Texas is a desert state, less than 10% of the actual terrain is desert. Coastlines, piney woods, forests, grasslands, rolling plains, rugged hills, swamps, prairies, caves, and the desert and mountains of the Big Bend all describe the diversity of Texas. Within these terrains lives a variety of plant-life and wildlife, some of which is endangered.

Biodiversity of Texas

Lat: 31.14 Long: -99.64

Recent Spottings

Arrowhead Flatworm Tukup 3 0 Arrowhead Flatworm
Blue Button SanciaMatthyssen 1 0 Blue Button
Ball Moss JackGraham 1 0 Ball Moss
Eastern Harvest Mouse Tukup 1 0 Eastern Harvest Mouse
North American River Otter Tukup 2 0 North American River Otter
Black Harvestman Tukup 2 2 Black Harvestman
Northern Cricket Frog Tukup 2 0 Northern Cricket Frog
Suckermouth Catfish Tukup 1 0 Suckermouth Catfish
Red-headed Woodpecker Tukup 5 2 Red-headed Woodpecker
Southern Two-striped Walkingstick Tukup 1 0 Southern Two-striped Walkingstick
Three-toed Box Turtle Tukup 1 0 Three-toed Box Turtle
Spotted Gar Tukup 1 0 Spotted Gar
Giant Texas Walking Stick gatorfellows 1 0 Giant Texas Walking Stick
Antlion Tamir 4 0 Antlion
Nine-Banded Armadillo JackGraham 1 0 Nine-Banded Armadillo
Great Blue Heron Dixie 1 2 Great Blue Heron
Asian Clam JackGraham 2 0 Asian Clam
Southern Dewberry JackGraham 1 0 Southern Dewberry
Nine-banded Armadillo JackGraham 1 0 Nine-banded Armadillo
Ichneumon Wasp JackGraham 4 2 Ichneumon Wasp
Whitetail Deer JackGraham 2 0 Whitetail Deer
Walking stick cathcfitz 2 1 Walking stick
American Alligator zoeberman 4 0 American Alligator
Camel spider 🐫 🕷 🦂 Pixie 1 0 Camel spider 🐫 🕷 🦂
Rio Grande Leopard Frog SanciaMatthyssen 1 0 Rio Grande Leopard Frog
Black Witch Moth RonaldOrosz 1 0 Black Witch Moth
Eastern Dobsonfly BlaineHankins 1 0 Eastern Dobsonfly
Spotting BlaineHankins 1 0 Spotting
Black Swallowtail Butterfly zoeberman 3 1 Black Swallowtail Butterfly
Red-eared Slider Josh Anadu 2 2 Red-eared Slider
Bar-winged Skimmer Josh Anadu 1 0 Bar-winged Skimmer
American Kestrel AshleyT 26 9 American Kestrel
Green Heron Josh Anadu 0 1 Green Heron
Sad underwing moth RonaldOrosz 2 1 Sad underwing moth
Spotting alexis.m.brooks 2 1 Spotting
American Alligator Josh Anadu 2 1 American Alligator
Black Swallowtail Josh Anadu 1 0 Black Swallowtail
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Josh Anadu 0 0 Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
Red-eared Slider OhioBlake 2 0 Red-eared Slider
Texas Rat Snake SanciaMatthyssen 4 1 Texas Rat Snake
Spotting Charles Holtsclaw 4 3 Spotting
Daddy Longlegs nest cathcfitz 1 0 Daddy Longlegs nest
Polyphemus moth cathcfitz 1 0 Polyphemus moth
Northern Cardinal Carol1978 5 0 Northern Cardinal
Screech Owl SanciaMatthyssen 3 1 Screech Owl
Coral Snake RonaldOrosz 7 0 Coral Snake
Pipevine Swallowtail cathcfitz 1 0 Pipevine Swallowtail
Bordered Plant Bug Mr. Enigma 2 3 Bordered Plant Bug
Spotting BlaineHankins 2 2 Spotting
Plain Chachalaca jeslowery 1 0 Plain Chachalaca

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