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Illinois Prairies

Illinois Prairies

If possible, please include whether the location of the spotting is a restored prairie or a native or wild location. Also, try to photograph various parts of each plant to facilitate identification (i.e. whole plant, flowers, leaves, buds). A field guide, such as Prairie Plants of Illinois by John Voight (no, the other John Voight) will be helpful. Sign in to join mission

Illinois Prairies
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The mission is to document native prairie plants and animals remaining in Illinois and found in the wild.

Illinois Prairies

Lat: 40.29 Long: -88.93

Recent Spottings

wooly aphid antimatterhands 1 0 wooly aphid
Groundhog antimatterhands 4 1 Groundhog
Spotting MelissaZ 3 0 Spotting
Spotting MelissaZ 1 2 Spotting
Great-horned Owl GlennPerriconeJr. 2 0 Great-horned Owl
Domestic Mallard MelissaZ 0 1 Domestic Mallard
white micrathena antimatterhands 1 0 white micrathena
Wasp Mantidfly antimatterhands 2 1 Wasp Mantidfly
candy-striped leafhopper antimatterhands 5 0 candy-striped leafhopper
spotted salamander antimatterhands 1 0 spotted salamander
Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis stephanielrickman 3 1 Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis
Dickcissel Stephanie R. 5 2 Dickcissel
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker stephanielrickman 2 0 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Columbine antimatterhands 1 3 Columbine
Spotting o_rissa 0 0 Spotting
Woodland Phlox antimatterhands 0 0 Woodland Phlox
creeping charlie antimatterhands 0 0 creeping charlie
Northern Rough-winged Swallow stephanielrickman 2 0 Northern Rough-winged Swallow
Yellow-rumped Warbler stephanielrickman 3 0 Yellow-rumped Warbler
Eastern Bluebird GlennPerriconeJr. 1 0 Eastern Bluebird
Thread-waisted Wasp stephanielrickman 3 0 Thread-waisted Wasp
Unknown Jumping Spider stephanielrickman 8 2 Unknown Jumping Spider
Common Milkweed stephanielrickman 6 0 Common Milkweed
Great Blue Heron Dre 1 0 Great Blue Heron
Masked Shrew GlennPerriconeJr. 2 1 Masked Shrew
Locust Borer stephanielrickman 6 5 Locust Borer
opossum Ency Peterson 3 0 opossum
Oak Lace Bug stephanielrickman 4 1 Oak Lace Bug
Flea Beetle stephanielrickman 5 4 Flea Beetle
Pennsylvania Ambush Bug stephanielrickman 24 16 Pennsylvania Ambush Bug
Two-spotted Tree Cricket stephanielrickman 3 1 Two-spotted Tree Cricket
Northern Corn Rootworm Beetle stephanielrickman 2 0 Northern Corn Rootworm Beetle
Two-Striped Planthopper stephanielrickman 19 20 Two-Striped Planthopper
Flat-Backed Millipede stephanielrickman 3 0 Flat-Backed Millipede
Warty Leaf Beetle Larva stephanielrickman 4 3 Warty Leaf Beetle Larva
Fan-shaped jelly fungus MelissaZ 0 0 Fan-shaped jelly fungus
milkweed aphid antimatterhands 0 0 milkweed aphid
Tobacco Hornworm The Buffalo Ghost 0 1 Tobacco Hornworm
Green Stink Bug Nymph stephanielrickman 5 1 Green Stink Bug Nymph
American Toad MelissaZ 1 0 American Toad
Jumping Spider stephanielrickman 5 4 Jumping Spider
Goldenrod Soldier Beetle stephanielrickman 1 0 Goldenrod Soldier Beetle
Stink Bug Nymph stephanielrickman 3 0 Stink Bug Nymph
Kermes Scale Moth stephanielrickman 7 1 Kermes Scale Moth
Leaf Blotch Miner stephanielrickman 10 8 Leaf Blotch Miner
Fruit Fly stephanielrickman 8 2 Fruit Fly
Leafhopper stephanielrickman 2 0 Leafhopper
Leaf-footed Bug stephanielrickman 8 2 Leaf-footed Bug
Orb Weaver stephanielrickman 2 1 Orb Weaver
Rhubarb Curculio stephanielrickman 1 0 Rhubarb Curculio

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