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Oklahoma and Texas Wildlife

Oklahoma and Texas Wildlife

The point of this mission is to find and take pictures of wildlife in Oklahoma and Texas. Sign in to join mission

Oklahoma and Texas Wildlife
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The mission is about finding and taking pictures of wildlife in Oklahoma and Texas.

Oklahoma and Texas Wildlife

Lat: 34.12 Long: -97.57

Recent Spottings

Black Harvestman Tukup 2 1 Black Harvestman
Red Admiral SargonR 1 0 Red Admiral
Suckermouth Catfish Tukup 1 0 Suckermouth Catfish
Red-headed Woodpecker Tukup 5 2 Red-headed Woodpecker
Water Scorpion Tukup 1 4 Water Scorpion
North American River Otter Tukup 1 0 North American River Otter
Unknown spotting Tukup 2 2 Unknown spotting
Three-toed Box Turtle Tukup 1 0 Three-toed Box Turtle
Prairie Ringneck Snake Tukup 1 0 Prairie Ringneck Snake
Spotted Gar Tukup 1 0 Spotted Gar
Northern Cricket Frog SargonR 4 0 Northern Cricket Frog
Antlion Tamir 4 0 Antlion
Splendid Tiger Beetle SargonR 11 0 Splendid Tiger Beetle
Six-Lined Racerunner SargonR 2 0 Six-Lined Racerunner
Northern Cricket Frog SargonR 3 1 Northern Cricket Frog
Rough Green Snake SargonR 8 0 Rough Green Snake
Red-Bellied Woodpecker SargonR 1 0 Red-Bellied Woodpecker
Three-Toed Box Turtle SargonR 6 0 Three-Toed Box Turtle
Six-Spotted Fishing Spider SargonR 3 0 Six-Spotted Fishing Spider
Spring Fishfly SargonR 1 0 Spring Fishfly
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron SargonR 15 5 Yellow-Crowned Night Heron
Clymene Moth SargonR 1 1 Clymene Moth
Great Blue Heron SargonR 2 1 Great Blue Heron
Red-Eared Slider SargonR 1 0 Red-Eared Slider
Southern Flannel Moth Tamir 2 0 Southern Flannel Moth
Red-Tailed Hawk SargonR 1 0 Red-Tailed Hawk
Red Paper Wasp SargonR 4 3 Red Paper Wasp
Northern Cricket Frog SargonR 1 1 Northern Cricket Frog
Cedar Waxwing SargonR 23 16 Cedar Waxwing
Unknown spotting Tamir 2 0 Unknown spotting
Red-Tailed Hawk SargonR 3 0 Red-Tailed Hawk
Desert Millipede SargonR 2 0 Desert Millipede
Wild Turkey SargonR 5 0 Wild Turkey
Pipevine Swallowtail SargonR 4 0 Pipevine Swallowtail
Grapevine Beetle SargonR 5 0 Grapevine Beetle
Pipevine Swallowtail SargonR 11 0 Pipevine Swallowtail
Eastern Cottontail SargonR 2 0 Eastern Cottontail
Unknown spotting SargonR 3 1 Unknown spotting
Bison Calves SargonR 7 0 Bison Calves
Cicada SargonR 8 2 Cicada
Common Collared Lizard SargonR 6 0 Common Collared Lizard
Mule Deer SargonR 4 0 Mule Deer
Unknown spotting SargonR 2 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting SanciaMatthyssen 1 1 Unknown spotting
Western Swallowtail SanciaMatthyssen 1 0 Western Swallowtail
American Bison SargonR 1 1 American Bison
Prairie Hawk SargonR 1 1 Prairie Hawk
Rocky Mountain Elk SargonR 2 0 Rocky Mountain Elk
Rio Grande Leopard Frog SanciaMatthyssen 1 0 Rio Grande Leopard Frog
Great Blue Heron SargonR 3 2 Great Blue Heron

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