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Waterfowl Of The Pacific Northwest

Waterfowl Of The Pacific Northwest

1. Please only submit pictures you have taken. 2. Please identify the location where the picture was taken. 3. Please only post pictures of waterfowl (ducks,geese,swans) Sign in to join mission

Waterfowl Of The Pacific Northwest
Created by

Lukas Ferrenburg

Website 65 participants 52 spottings

The Waterfowl of the Pacific Northwest's project mission is to better understand the migration patterns of waterfowl found throughout the Pacific Northwest. Make as many entries as you would like. The more the better!

Waterfowl Of The Pacific Northwest

Lat: 45.49 Long: -120.71

Recent Spottings

Unknown spotting James Fillmore 0 1 Unknown spotting
Great blue heron Winikin 1 0 Great blue heron
Wood duck Winikin 1 0 Wood duck
White Chinese Goose Tristan Pragnell 2 0 White Chinese Goose
Ring-billed Gull Tristan Pragnell 3 1 Ring-billed Gull
Double-crested Cormorant Tristan Pragnell 2 1 Double-crested Cormorant
Unknown spotting Tristan Pragnell 1 1 Unknown spotting
Canadian geese Tristan Pragnell 2 0 Canadian geese
Western Columbine SargonR 2 0 Western Columbine
Swedish Blue duck Sequoia Spruce 1 0 Swedish Blue duck
Mallard and Khaki Campbell (possibly) ducks Sequoia Spruce 1 0 Mallard and Khaki Campbell (possibly) ducks
Wood duck Sequoia Spruce 1 0 Wood duck
Muscovy Duck SargonR 2 1 Muscovy Duck
Canada Goose SargonR 2 0 Canada Goose
Mallards SargonR 2 0 Mallards
Trumpeter swans kodyosborne 2 0 Trumpeter swans
Mallard Duck gjwolph 2 0 Mallard Duck
Bufflehead PunkusArnett 1 0 Bufflehead
Ring-necked duck (male) Lukas Ferrenburg 2 0 Ring-necked duck (male)
Bufflehead (female) Lukas Ferrenburg 1 1 Bufflehead (female)
Gadwall (female) Lukas Ferrenburg 1 1 Gadwall (female)
Tundra swan Lukas Ferrenburg 1 2 Tundra swan
Wood duck (male) Lukas Ferrenburg 5 2 Wood duck (male)
Northern shoveler (male) Lukas Ferrenburg 1 0 Northern shoveler (male)
American wigeon (female) Lukas Ferrenburg 3 0 American wigeon (female)
Green-winged teal Lukas Ferrenburg 2 0 Green-winged teal
Canada goose Lukas Ferrenburg 2 0 Canada goose
Harlequin duck Lukas Ferrenburg 1 3 Harlequin duck
Mallard (male) Lukas Ferrenburg 0 0 Mallard (male)
Wood duck (male in eclipse) Lukas Ferrenburg 0 0 Wood duck (male in eclipse)
American wigeon (male) Lukas Ferrenburg 0 0 American wigeon (male)
Hooded merganser (female) Lukas Ferrenburg 0 0 Hooded merganser (female)
Bufflehead (male) Lukas Ferrenburg 0 0 Bufflehead (male)
Cackling goose Lukas Ferrenburg 0 0 Cackling goose
Greater white-fronted goose Lukas Ferrenburg 0 0 Greater white-fronted goose
Common merganser (female) Lukas Ferrenburg 0 0 Common merganser (female)
Lesser scaup (male) Lukas Ferrenburg 0 0 Lesser scaup (male)
Ring-necked duck (female) Lukas Ferrenburg 0 0 Ring-necked duck (female)
Gadwall (male) Lukas Ferrenburg 0 0 Gadwall (male)
Lesser scaup (female) Lukas Ferrenburg 0 0 Lesser scaup (female)
Common Goldeneye Lukas Ferrenburg 0 1 Common Goldeneye
Common Merganser PunkusArnett 0 0 Common Merganser
Canada Geese burroweski 0 0 Canada Geese
Canada Goose Hawkfist 0 0 Canada Goose
Brant Goose Sean11 0 0 Brant Goose
Mallard Duck Hawkfist 0 0 Mallard Duck
Canada Goose gjwolph 0 0 Canada Goose
American Widgeon PunkusArnett 0 0 American Widgeon
Pekin duck Sequoia Spruce 0 0 Pekin duck
Mallard Duck Christy Chow 0 0 Mallard Duck

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Magginoel Winikin MaggieNoel Tristan Pragnell
megantwc DarleneKBoggs Christy Chow RyanWorthington
SargonR Anne Marie McCaffrey hammyhamhammer michaelambery
kodyosborne AdrenaMohtadi gjwolph darrinmatthies
Jesse Pettibone audrey.whitlatch sarah.israelson chrysanthemumresolve1982
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