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Fish in the wild of the MidWest United States

Fish in the wild of the MidWest United States

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Fish in the wild of the MidWest United States
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Fish that have been caught or photographed, no skinned fish please This is a local mission for the Midwest only.

Fish in the wild of the MidWest United States

Lat: 39.77 Long: -94.90

Recent Spottings

Common carp bee.jacbs 1 0 Common carp
Bluegill bee.jacbs 1 0 Bluegill
White Sturgeon Entropy freak 2 1 White Sturgeon
Northern Clingfish KatKiloueka 2 0 Northern Clingfish
Channel Catfish Entropy freak 4 0 Channel Catfish
Perch professionalnoobdk 1 0 Perch
Walleye marylou.wildlife 4 2 Walleye
Catfish spp. bee.jacbs 4 5 Catfish spp.
American Paddlefish marylou.wildlife 16 9 American Paddlefish
Anna's Hummingbird KarenSaxton 2 0 Anna's Hummingbird
Bluegill jessica3485 1 1 Bluegill
Rock Bass jessica3485 0 0 Rock Bass
Crappie jessica3485 3 0 Crappie
Lump Sucker Fish Emma7 9 4 Lump Sucker Fish
Moorish idol KarenSaxton 0 1 Moorish idol
parrot KarenSaxton 0 4 parrot
greenbird wrasse(male) KarenSaxton 1 2 greenbird wrasse(male)
yellowfin tang KarenSaxton 0 1 yellowfin tang
orange tailed file fish KarenSaxton 1 1 orange tailed file fish
Ladder Wrasse KarenSaxton 0 0 Ladder Wrasse
Hawaiian Chub KarenSaxton 0 0 Hawaiian Chub
White spotted tang KarenSaxton 0 0 White spotted tang
yellow tang KarenSaxton 1 0 yellow tang
Ornate butterfly fish KarenSaxton 0 0 Ornate butterfly fish
butterfly fish KarenSaxton 0 0 butterfly fish
butterfly fish KarenSaxton 0 0 butterfly fish
Flagtail KarenSaxton 0 0 Flagtail
cleaner wrasse KarenSaxton 0 1 cleaner wrasse
Longnose Gar JoshuaWarbabyEbling 0 3 Longnose Gar
Unnamed spotting JoshuaWarbabyEbling 0 5 Unnamed spotting
Blunthead Parrot Fish Emma7 0 0 Blunthead Parrot Fish
spotted box KarenSaxton 0 0 spotted box
Moorish Idol KarenSaxton 0 0 Moorish Idol
racoon butterfly fish KarenSaxton 0 0 racoon butterfly fish
naso tang KarenSaxton 0 0 naso tang
convict tang KarenSaxton 0 1 convict tang
wrasse KarenSaxton 0 0 wrasse
moray eel KarenSaxton 0 0 moray eel
naso tang KarenSaxton 0 1 naso tang
Green Bird Wrasse KarenSaxton 0 0 Green Bird Wrasse
Moray eel KarenSaxton 0 0 Moray eel
Common Carp Emma7 0 0 Common Carp
Fish bee.jacbs 0 0 Fish
Striped Bass bee.jacbs 0 0 Striped Bass
Arctic Grayling bee.jacbs 0 0 Arctic Grayling
Red ear jessica3485 0 0 Red ear
Long fin eel bee.jacbs 0 0 Long fin eel
Crevice Kelpfish KatKiloueka 0 0 Crevice Kelpfish
Unknown spotting Samantha Hicks 0 0 Unknown spotting
Green Sunfish fishing_cats 0 0 Green Sunfish

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