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0 1 Hylocereus undatus

Hylocereus undatus

by SalvadorDeLaRosaOrizaba, Veracruz, Mexico

1 5 Dragonfruit


by HarumKoh北区 (Kita Ward), 近畿 (Kinki Region), Japan


0 0 Dragonfruit / Pitaya

Dragonfruit / Pitaya

by ChristianeQueensland, Australia

2 0 Hylocereus undatus (Cactus)

Hylocereus undatus (Cactus)

by IsabelaMurcia, Murcia, Spain

Cactus trepador, floración a primeros de octubre.

0 1 Dragonfruit


by brodiemaxaRiverside, California, USA

Epiphytic cacti rooted in ground, but growing 15 feet up the trunk of a tree.

3 1 Pitaya flowers blooming

Pitaya flowers blooming

by RayTungSelangor, Malaysia

Pitaya flowers blooming in front of my house.

0 0 Pitaya


by CatherineGeraceValladolid, Yucatán, Mexico

2 1 Dragon fruit flower

Dragon fruit flower

by blueruby33Queensland, Australia

0 0 Night-blooming Cereus?

Night-blooming Cereus?

by dcslaugh

Seems like this cactus killed this tree?

2 3 Dragon fruit-Pitahaya

Dragon fruit-Pitahaya

by UrifahRidloJawa Timur, Indonesia

dry place

0 0 Dragonfruit


by CoralAverySan Diego, California, USA

Green cactus, spikes on edges

3 3 Night blooming cereus

Night blooming cereus

by MaryAnnBushNew York, USA

Opens only at night for only one night

0 0 Dragon Plant

Dragon Plant

by ChunXingWongTawau, Malaysia

A wild dragonfruit plant climbed these tall forest trees. Dragonfruit plants ...

1 1 Dragon Fruit Plants

Dragon Fruit Plants

by ChunXingWongTawau, Sabah, Malaysia

Not really a wildlife but I shared this to show one of the most popular fruit ...

0 2 Red Pitaya

Red Pitaya

by CarbonEngineerCancún, Mexico

It is a species of Cactaceae and is the most cultivated species in the genus. ...

1 8 Dragonfruit


by CindyBinghamKeiserSan Diego, California, USA

Free form cactus. Needs support to grow upright

1 5 Pitaya


by Marta RubioTexeiraYucatán, Mexico

Is a species of Cactaceae and is the most cultivated species in the genus. It ...

3 1 Night Blooming Cereus

Night Blooming Cereus

by galewhaleMaine, USA

this is our house plant but it makes Maine smell and feel like the jungle so it ...

0 0 Dragon fruit plant

Dragon fruit plant

by SeemaPatelUSA

The baby-head size pink fruits are spectacular, studded to the succulent ...

1 0 Dragonfruit


by dirtytomato.xsSalt Lake City, Utah, USA

Soft white flesh inside with lots of tiny black seeds. The fruit from a hideous ...

3 0 Night blooming cereus

Night blooming cereus

by KaeoArakakiHonolulu, Hawaii, USA

Large, white/ yellow flower, Blooms at night, 1-2 inches in length and height

4 3 Flor de Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)

Flor de Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)

by MarianaAyumiSão Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Derivada de um cacto, cujo o fruto é chamado de Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)

1 0 Dragon Fruit Cactus

Dragon Fruit Cactus

by MarikaMartinezMalta, Malta

Also known as Pitaya, this plant produces very large white fragrant flowers ...

0 8 Morango Pêra

Morango Pêra

by CrisSão Caetano do Sul, SP, Brazil

Família : Cactaceae ( Cactus Família) Nome científico :

2 3 Yellow dragon fruit

Yellow dragon fruit

by CathelineRofloManaliliDavao Del Norte, Philippines

these yellow pitaya fruit is smaller th Pink and Red pitaya it can weight 150g ...

0 0 Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit

by CathelineRofloManaliliDavao Del Norte, Philippines

This fruit is also known as Pitaya, a species of cactus especially in genus ...

3 2 Dragonfruit Flower

Dragonfruit Flower

by SakdaCharenthamKedah, Malaysia

A vining, terrestrial or epiphytic cactus, with fleshy stems reaching from a ...

1 2 Nightblooming Cereus

Nightblooming Cereus

by avatbSan Diego, California, USA

Princess of the Night, Honolulu Queen (for