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As a surveyor my job often takes me to places where nature is in control. Taking the road less traveled usually makes all the difference.

Federal Way, WashingtonLat: 47.32, Long: -122.31

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Atul Muckpuk Yeung PK Malcolm Wilton-Jones
Pieter_vR ornithoptera80 Lex42 Jae
Brian38 Fulvous forest skimmer
Fulvous forest skimmer suggestion by Brian38 Kerala, Indiaa week ago

Common name: Fulvous Forest Skimmer
Scientific name: Neurothemis fulvia

Brian38 Amethyst Sea Holly
Amethyst Sea Holly suggestion by Brian38 Croatiaa week ago

Common name: Amethyst sea holly
Scientific name: Eryngium amethystinum
Wikipedia: Eryngium amethystinum - Wikipedia

Brian38 Help me ID
Help me ID suggestion by Brian38 Kerala, Indiaa week ago

Common name: Golden emperor moth
Scientific name: Loepa katinka
Wikipedia: Loepa katinka - Wikipedia

Brian38 Passion Fruit flower
Passion Fruit flower suggestion by Brian38 California, USA3 weeks ago

Common name: passion fruit (flower)
Scientific name: Passiflora edulis
Wikipedia: Passiflora edulis - Wikipedia

Brian38 moth
moth suggestion by Brian38 Texas, USAa month ago

Common name: Tulip-tree Silkmoth
Scientific name: Callosamia angulifera

Brian38 Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle
Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle suggestion by Brian38 Farmington, Arkansas, USAa month ago

Common name: Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle
Scientific name: Labidomera clivicollis

Brian38 Green sunfish
Green sunfish suggestion by Brian38 Missouri, USAa month ago

Common name: Green sunfish
Scientific name: Lepomis cyanellus

Brian38 Columbia Tiger Lily
Columbia Tiger Lily suggestion by Brian38 Washington, USAa month ago

Common name: Columbia lily
Scientific name: Lilium columbianum
Wikipedia: Lilium columbianum - Wikipedia

Brian38 Spotting
Spotting suggestion by Brian38 North Carolina, USA2 months ago

Common name: The Abbott's Sphinx
Scientific name: Sphecodina abbottii

Brian38 Blue Button
Blue Button suggestion by Brian38 Texas, USA2 months ago

Common name: Blue button
Scientific name: Porpita porpita
Wikipedia: Porpita porpita - Wikipedia