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As a surveyor my job often takes me to places where nature is in control. Taking the road less traveled usually makes all the difference.

Federal Way, WashingtonLat: 47.32, Long: -122.31

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Flora of Florida
66 participants
1,065 spottings

Flora of Florida

Florida is the Land of Flowers is it not? Then perhaps it is time to prove it! From tropical representatives to ...

Florida's Flora & Fauna
247 participants
8,173 spottings

Florida's Flora & Fauna

Become more aware of the need to conserve, preserve, and coexist with our wildlife and natural surroundings in ...

Carnivorous Plants of Florida
7 participants
38 spottings

Carnivorous Plants of Florida

Florida has a great variety of carnivorous plants. Carnivorous plants attract, capture, and digest prey as well as ...

Spirals in Nature - Midwestern US
248 participants
261 spottings

Spirals in Nature - Midwestern US

This mission is dedicated to showcasing spiral patterns found in nature. Whether it be Fibonacci spiral patterns ...

Beach Discoveries of Southeast US
8 participants
88 spottings

Beach Discoveries of Southeast US

Beach Discoveries! Anything that you find at the beach that can be Project Noah classified. I can only make this a ...

2019 Best Wildlife Photo - Species Interactions Special!
29 participants
67 spottings

2019 Best Wildlife Photo - ...

We're calling for your best wildlife photos, with a twist! The mission is for spottings submitted in 2019 fitting ...

Gulf Coast Wildlife
135 participants
1,308 spottings

Gulf Coast Wildlife

To identify and catalog the wide variety of life that lives along the Gulf Coast.

Shorebirds of the Gulf Coast
71 participants
431 spottings

Shorebirds of the Gulf Coast

Shorebirds (Charadriiformes) are mostly strong-flying birds of open country or open water, nesting on the ground ...

Florida's Lichens
9 participants
214 spottings

Florida's Lichens

Please share your spottings of these under-appreciated life forms so others may learn about and enjoy the lichens ...

Symbiotic Relationships
987 participants
1,493 spottings

Symbiotic Relationships

Symbiosis is close and often long-term interaction between different biological species. There are many example of ...

Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners
2,507 participants
3,366 spottings

Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners

Curious which vegetable varieties might grow best in your garden? Cornell researchers are, too. We compile ...

Monarch Migration
1,121 participants
655 spottings

Monarch Migration

Where have you seen a Monarch? Help document Monarch migration by posting photos of your spottings.

Snakes of the World
1,927 participants
4,713 spottings

Snakes of the World

A mission to document the beautiful snakes species from around the world.

Caterpillars and larvae of the World
645 participants
4,900 spottings

Caterpillars and larvae of the ...

There are many beautiful and unique larva forms such as caterpillars that we never even notice until they turn ...

Wild Orchids
170 participants
1,155 spottings

Wild Orchids

The ideal spotting would include a close up of the flower, a clear shot of the leaves, a picture of the whole ...

Forgotten Food Sources of the Pacific Northwest United States
173 participants
230 spottings

Forgotten Food Sources of the ...

From Cattails to Pokeweed, many of our available native food sources have been forgotten. In these tough ...

138 participants
1,167 spottings


This Mission is the online repository of marine, fresh-water and terrestrial mollusks spotted by Project ...

999 participants
4,288 spottings

Hunters & Animal Food Habits

This mission is to document the food habits of animals from all genera.

88 participants
739 spottings

Longhorn Beetles (Global)

This fascinating beetles belong to the family Cerambycidae are know as Longhorn Beetles, Long-horned Beetles or ...

927 participants
4,798 spottings

Trees of the World

A collection of trees and their characteristics worldwide.

650 participants
2,373 spottings

Jumping Spiders of the World

With cat like grace, agility and Teddy Bearish charms bellying their formidable predatory instincts, the jumping ...

10 participants
951 spottings

Wild About Wetlands in Arkansas

Wetlands are an essential and often misunderstood ecosystem. They serve as a sponge to project our communities ...

9,369 participants
31,614 spottings

Flowers of North America

We want you to help us build a photo collection of flowers from around the world. Show us what flowers are ...

1,339 participants
3,990 spottings

Raptors of North America

Raptors (Birds of Prey - Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Owls and Vultures) are found throughout North America - from the ...

698 participants
1,010 spottings

Wildlife rescue & rehabilitation

Please share photos of wildlife in accredited sanctuaries and centers for animals rescued from situations ...

42 participants
36 spottings

Hawks and eagles of the North ...

Take any photos of hawks flying or on perches,take any photo's of eagles soaring above the water or in there nests.

8 participants
101 spottings

Wildlife in Grays harbor,Wa

Share pictures and identify wildlife from spotting's in areas of Grays harbor,Wa

2,515 participants
5,579 spottings

The Color Blue

There are so many incredible animals in the color blue. However, at the same time, they are few when considering ...

163 participants
415 spottings

Sea life of the Pacific ...

This is a mission dedicated to documenting the ocean life of the Cascadian bioregion, encompassing Oregon, British ...

69 participants
321 spottings

Birds of the Northwestern Coast

This mission is dedicated to help scientists track the species of birds that live along the Northwestern Coast. ...

1,322 participants
1,044 spottings

Marine Mammals of the World

Marine mammals are a diverse group of 120 species of mammal that are primarily ocean-dwelling or depend on the ...

332 participants
461 spottings

Identifying Animals Through ...

Where there is life, there is death. Death and decomposition are a natural and sometimes beautiful part of the ...

206 participants
5,298 spottings

2018 Best Wildlife Photo

This mission is now terminated; please watch out for the new 2019 Best Wildlife Photo mission! We're calling again ...

171 participants
2,176 spottings

Beauty of Decay

This mission is about showing the beauty of all kinds of decay processes which are usually the basis beginning of ...

5,723 participants
3,713 spottings

Project Squirrel

Fox squirrels and grey squirrels are two of the most familiar species of wildlife in many neighborhoods and ...

2,888 participants
6,045 spottings

Signs of Wildlife

If you look carefully, there are signs of wildlife everywhere. From subtle animal tracks and abandoned spider ...

38 participants
105 spottings

Arthropods parasitised by fungi

This mission was created to document the occurrence of parasitism of arthropod species by fungi.

3,783 participants
18,344 spottings

International Spider Survey

Spiders are air-breathing arthropods that have eight legs. The International Society of Arachnology is the ...

1,332 participants
16,417 spottings

Global Flight

To create a magnificent collection of images of your favourite fliers. Not just birds, but bats, insects, even ...

122 participants
4,259 spottings

Texas Wildlife Photographers

The mission of Texas Nature and Wildlife Photographers is to hunt down and capture nature and wildlife in Texas. ...

122 participants
4,259 spottings

Texas Wildlife Photographers

The mission of Texas Nature and Wildlife Photographers is to hunt down and capture nature and wildlife in Texas. ...

246 participants
754 spottings

Life and Mathematics

Life and mathematics are intimately implicated. And this relationship is visible now and then. If you see it, take ...

2,393 participants
12,169 spottings

Nature in Yellow

It would be so interesting to see all the yellow flowers, fruits, insects, animals of the world.

341 participants
915 spottings

Marvelous Mantids of the World

Mantids are amazing insects! Unusual and alien looking. Considered good luck in some cultures, these predatory ...

12,581 participants
100,349 spottings

Birds of the World

There are over 10,000 living species of birds on the planet. They can be found in ecosystems across the globe, ...

5,786 participants
14,488 spottings

The Color Red

The color red is a bold color that represents passion. We would like to create a collection of wildlife images ...

37 participants
354 spottings

Wildlife of Washington state, ...

The purpose of this mission, is to document all of the wildlife in Washington state, as well as Oregon, and Idaho.

67 participants
73 spottings

Invasive Species Documentation ...

Invasive species wreak havoc on the environment and disrupt native habitats and wildlife all over the world. It is ...

466 participants
4,950 spottings


Flies are everywhere and quite frankly, I think they get a bad rap! Yes some can eat disgusting things, annoy you ...

4,853 participants
11,910 spottings

Global Dragonflies & Damselflies

Dragonflies and damselflies are agile insects of the order Odonata. With a worldwide distribution and over 5,000 ...

2,786 participants
38,090 spottings

Moths of the World

Moths? Yes: a world of sphinxes, hawks, owls, tigers, and scary eyes, all waiting for you outside your door. In ...

5,438 participants
3,245 spottings

The Lost Ladybug Project

Across North America ladybug species distribution is changing. We're asking you to join us in finding out where ...

302 participants
452 spottings

Slime Molds

Mission for those slimy, but often beautifully colored molds that are often confused with fungi. Now a global ...

1,324 participants
2,125 spottings

Eggs of the World

Nothing is more symbolic to life in this world than the egg. Like wildlife itself, eggs come in all shapes and ...

1,385 participants
10,495 spottings

Pollinating Insects of the World

Insects are the most important pollinators of flowering plants (Angiosperms). They are very valuable for humans, ...

600 participants
9,239 spottings


Beetles are the most diverse group of organisms on Earth. They are found on six continents in almost every ...

1,227 participants
2,168 spottings

Fall Into Phenology

Celebrate the Fall Equinox and help us reach our goal of 500 reported observations with Project BudBurst’s new ...

409 participants
4,622 spottings

The Pacific Northwest Bioregion

The goal of this project is so fill out as many organisms as possible for the Pacific Northwest and create a ...

1,441 participants
3,518 spottings

Snakes of the United States - ...

Snakes play vital roles as mid- to top-level predators in our natural ecosystems but they are often very ...

47 participants
457 spottings

Flora and Fauna of Cascadia ...

An attempt to create a sort of virtual field guide for the vast expanse of Cascadia: Starting from SE Alaska, ...

8,329 participants
71,568 spottings

Butterflies & Moths of the World

Butterflies and Moths are insects of the order Lepidoptera. Their brilliant colors have inspired artistic ...

61 participants
465 spottings

Moths and Butterflies of the ...

To record the present population of moths and butterflies in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest region of North ...

1,120 participants
5,488 spottings

Fruiting Bodies of the World

This mission is about mapping all the different kinds of fruiting bodies around the world. This doesn't ...

1,344 participants
5,408 spottings

Mimetic Animals of the World

One of the most striking survival strategies of animals is mimicking their environment. Mimetism can be used for ...

1,125 participants
9,348 spottings

Reptiles of the World

To document reptiles found around the world.

20 participants
51 spottings

Reptiles of The Pacific Northwest

This mission is a place for people to share their awesome spottings of reptiles found in the Pacific Northwest!

268 participants
1,440 spottings


Lichens are the symbiotic union of a fungus with either a green alga or a cyanobacteria. They are very different ...

5,909 participants
27,761 spottings

Mushroom Mapping

Mushroom ecology is a pivotal orientation point for exploring urban systems. Help us gather important data and ...

193 participants
4,156 spottings

Fungus in America

Discover varieties of fungus of the region.

2,453 participants
11,856 spottings

Captive Animals

While we are all so focused on animals in nature, we ignore the fact theres wildlife in our own zoos. edit: I ...

249 participants
6,483 spottings

2017 Best Wildlife Photo

We're calling for your best wildlife photos! This mission is open to all members from all over the world and will ...

231 participants
910 spottings

Wild Flowers of the Pacific ...

This mission is designed to encompass the vast diversity of wild flowers in the Pacific Northwest from British ...

108 participants
130 spottings

Pacific North West Plant Medicine

My goal is to document wild plants used for medicine in the Pacific North West region of the United States.

3,391 participants
40,439 spottings

Mission WILD

The WILD Foundation works to protect & interconnect at least half of the planet’s land & water to sustain the ...

31 participants
597 spottings

Wild Arkansas

If it creeps, crawls, flies, swims, slithers, scampers, or grows in the Natural State, include it here.

49 participants
460 spottings

Backyard Wildlife Around the ...

Tweets & Tree Frogs is an educational organization that explores backyard wildlife. We define "backyard wildlife" ...

9 participants
142 spottings

Butterflies and Moths of Arkansas

A place to post photos of butterflies and moths you take. Also help with Identifying them.

73 participants
41 spottings

Poisonous Plants of the Pacific ...

To gather photos and information about the poisonous plants and fungi in the Pacific Northwest. It's good to know ...

68 participants
777 spottings

Pacific Northwest Wildlife

Dedicated to all the spectacular wildlife of the great Northwest United States. A wildlife enthusiast's paradise, ...

39 participants
341 spottings

Pacific Northwest: Arthropod ...

Submit your pictures of our Pacific Northwest's Insects; their nests, eggs, larvae, and adults.

2,869 participants
8,689 spottings

Nests, hives, bowers, webs & ...

This mission is to document the incredible architectural abilities of animals from all genera.

26 participants
308 spottings

Mosses, Liverworts, and Lichens ...

To compile a collection of non-vascular plants and lichens occurring within the Puget Sound eco-region.

48 participants
164 spottings

Puget Sound Mushrooms

With a good group of photographers and catalogers we can take a little bit of the guess work out of the mushroom ...

203 participants
870 spottings

Birds of the Pacific North West

Help document all species of birds in flight, from the tiny hummingbirds to the huge wandering albatrosses.