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The Pacific Northwest Bioregion

The Pacific Northwest Bioregion

Simply take photographs of any organisms in the area and upload them to the site. Also, feel free to join the sister mission, dealing with sea life of the Pacific Northwest: Sign in to join mission

The Pacific Northwest Bioregion
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The goal of this project is so fill out as many organisms as possible for the Pacific Northwest and create a comprehensive "organisms list" for the area.

The Pacific Northwest Bioregion

Lat: 46.06 Long: -120.71

Recent Spottings

Tooth-necked fungus beetles Brian38 4 6 Tooth-necked fungus beetles
Leather-leaf fern Brian38 2 0 Leather-leaf fern
Sitka spruce burls Brian38 4 1 Sitka spruce burls
Red Sea Weed Brian38 8 2 Red Sea Weed
Turkish Towel Brian38 4 0 Turkish Towel
Tufted Foxtail Lichen Brian38 2 0 Tufted Foxtail Lichen
Pacific tree frog Brian38 3 2 Pacific tree frog
Varroa mite Brian38 3 4 Varroa mite
Western Redback Salamander Brian38 3 0 Western Redback Salamander
Oregon Ensatina Brian38 7 4 Oregon Ensatina
Barberry geometer moth Brian38 2 0 Barberry geometer moth
Becker's White Brian38 1 0 Becker's White
Pacific tree frog Brian38 5 0 Pacific tree frog
Cascade Timberline Grasshopper Brian38 4 0 Cascade Timberline Grasshopper
Midge Brian38 1 0 Midge
Satyr Anglewing Brian38 2 0 Satyr Anglewing
Woodland skipper Brian38 3 0 Woodland skipper
Hoary marmot Brian38 14 9 Hoary marmot
Edith's checkerspot Brian38 7 0 Edith's checkerspot
Arctic fritillary Brian38 4 0 Arctic fritillary
Anna's Blue Brian38 3 0 Anna's Blue
Eight-spotted skimmer Brian38 4 0 Eight-spotted skimmer
rufous hummingbird (hybrid male) KarenSaxton 12 12 rufous hummingbird (hybrid male)
Cascades frog Brian38 3 0 Cascades frog
Mite Galls Brian38 1 0 Mite Galls
Lions Mane Mushroom Tera2 2 1 Lions Mane Mushroom
Hedgehog cactus Brian38 3 0 Hedgehog cactus
Spotted Pine Sawyer Brian38 3 0 Spotted Pine Sawyer
Boreal bluet Brian38 2 0 Boreal bluet
Flower Longhorn Beetle Brian38 1 0 Flower Longhorn Beetle
Pacific oyster Brian38 1 0 Pacific oyster
Pacific Mole Crab JimJohnson2 1 2 Pacific Mole Crab
Cascades frog Brian38 9 0 Cascades frog
European Sow Bug JimJohnson2 1 1 European Sow Bug
Large marble Brian38 6 0 Large marble
Griffen's Isopod JimJohnson2 1 0 Griffen's Isopod
Eight-spotted skimmer Brian38 4 2 Eight-spotted skimmer
Cardinal Meadowhawk Brian38 1 0 Cardinal Meadowhawk
Common whitetail Brian38 8 0 Common whitetail
Dot-tailed whiteface Brian38 3 0 Dot-tailed whiteface
Yellow-spotted millipede Brian38 3 0 Yellow-spotted millipede
Oak Apple Gall Brian38 2 0 Oak Apple Gall
Tachinid fly Brian38 1 0 Tachinid fly
American barn owl shebebusynow 4 2 American barn owl
Western pine elfin Brian38 2 0 Western pine elfin
Pacific dogwood Brian38 1 0 Pacific dogwood
margined white butterfly shebebusynow 1 1 margined white butterfly
Woodlouse Hunter Brian38 3 4 Woodlouse Hunter
Longhorn Beetle on Oxeye Daisy KathleenMcEachern 1 3 Longhorn Beetle on Oxeye Daisy
Western White Pine KathleenMcEachern 1 0 Western White Pine

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