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The Pacific Northwest Bioregion

The Pacific Northwest Bioregion

Simply take photographs of any organisms in the area and upload them to the site. Also, feel free to join the sister mission, dealing with sea life of the Pacific Northwest: http://www.projectnoah.org/missions/8201694 Sign in to join mission

The Pacific Northwest Bioregion
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The goal of this project is so fill out as many organisms as possible for the Pacific Northwest and create a comprehensive "organisms list" for the area.

The Pacific Northwest Bioregion

Lat: 46.06 Long: -120.71

Recent Spottings

Conchuela bug (5th instar) Brian38 3 0 Conchuela bug (5th instar)
Orange sea cucumber (feeding) Brian38 1 0 Orange sea cucumber (feeding)
Pink Encrusting Hydrocoral Brian38 2 0 Pink Encrusting Hydrocoral
Giant green anemone Brian38 4 1 Giant green anemone
Green shore crab Brian38 5 0 Green shore crab
Flattop crab Brian38 2 0 Flattop crab
Spiny scallop Brian38 2 0 Spiny scallop
Red rock crab (premating hug) Brian38 2 0 Red rock crab (premating hug)
Proboscis worm Brian38 4 4 Proboscis worm
Woody chiton Brian38 1 0 Woody chiton
Painted anemon Brian38 1 0 Painted anemon
Tar spot Brian38 3 2 Tar spot
Lined chiton Brian38 2 0 Lined chiton
Red-legged Grasshopper EmmyLeeAnne 1 0 Red-legged Grasshopper
Symbiotic scale worm Brian38 2 0 Symbiotic scale worm
Banded alder borer (male) Brian38 11 9 Banded alder borer (male)
Band-winged meadowhawk Brian38 4 2 Band-winged meadowhawk
Two-tailed swallowtail Brian38 6 2 Two-tailed swallowtail
Mylitta crescent Brian38 1 0 Mylitta crescent
Great Basin gopher snake Brian38 5 2 Great Basin gopher snake
Western cicada killer Brian38 1 2 Western cicada killer
Red-winged grasshopper Brian38 1 0 Red-winged grasshopper
Northern bluet Brian38 1 0 Northern bluet
Silver-spotted skipper Brian38 2 0 Silver-spotted skipper
Eight-spotted skimmer (male) Brian38 2 0 Eight-spotted skimmer (male)
Melissa blue (male) Brian38 1 0 Melissa blue (male)
Burrowing Wasp (female) Brian38 1 0 Burrowing Wasp (female)
Mower's mushroom mauna Kunzah 2 0 Mower's mushroom
Bullseye lichen mauna Kunzah 1 0 Bullseye lichen
Western thatching ant with prey Brian38 4 2 Western thatching ant with prey
Meal Moth Brian38 1 1 Meal Moth
Salal Shou 4 0 Salal
Orange jewelweed Shou 4 1 Orange jewelweed
Satyr Anglewing Brian38 4 0 Satyr Anglewing
Spotting Shou 2 1 Spotting
Sagebrush white Brian38 4 0 Sagebrush white
Bay mussel Shou 1 0 Bay mussel
Anise swallowtail Brian38 5 2 Anise swallowtail
Lorquin's admiral Shou 4 0 Lorquin's admiral
American pussy willow Shou 3 0 American pussy willow
Lazuli bunting (male) Brian38 2 0 Lazuli bunting (male)
Great golden digger wasp Brian38 2 0 Great golden digger wasp
West Coast lady Brian38 1 0 West Coast lady
California tortoiseshell Brian38 1 0 California tortoiseshell
Western tiger swallowtail Brian38 1 0 Western tiger swallowtail
Western tiger swallowtail Brian38 1 0 Western tiger swallowtail
Red admiral Brian38 1 0 Red admiral
Coronis Fritillary Brian38 2 0 Coronis Fritillary
Cardinal Meadowhawk Brian38 3 0 Cardinal Meadowhawk
Desert Stink Beetle Brian38 2 0 Desert Stink Beetle

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