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iSpotter with iDevices -MS, LA, AL & AR

iSpotter with iDevices -MS, LA, AL & AR

Use only smartphones iDevices or any other non professional camera device to document nature around you. Try different camera apps for example to find out which one gives the best quality. Happy explorations! Please check the map to ensure your spotting falls within the mission range before adding it. *Edited by Project Noah management team to comply with user-created mission rules. Sign in to join mission

iSpotter with iDevices -MS, LA, AL & AR
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24 participants 506 spottings

The purpose of this mission is to document the vast amount of wildlife we can encounter on just everyday experiences . Take photos of any organism or identifiable signs of wildlife and share them.

iSpotter with iDevices -MS, LA, AL & AR

Lat: 31.47 Long: -89.39

Recent Spottings

Moorish Wall Gecko InêsVeloso 1 0 Moorish Wall Gecko
Unknown spotting InêsVeloso 3 3 Unknown spotting
Three-cornered Leek InêsVeloso 3 0 Three-cornered Leek
Unknown spotting InêsVeloso 2 1 Unknown spotting
Blackberry Flower InêsVeloso 4 1 Blackberry Flower
Unknown spotting ColtMooney 3 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting ColtMooney 1 0 Unknown spotting
Trillium ColtMooney 1 1 Trillium
Gopher tortoise ColtMooney 1 0 Gopher tortoise
Unknown spotting InêsVeloso 5 0 Unknown spotting
Russula sp. InêsVeloso 4 1 Russula sp.
Bolete Mushroom InêsVeloso 3 0 Bolete Mushroom
Bonnet Mushroom InêsVeloso 3 0 Bonnet Mushroom
Bolete Mushroom InêsVeloso 3 4 Bolete Mushroom
Turkey Tail Mushroom InêsVeloso 3 0 Turkey Tail Mushroom
Common Bonnet InêsVeloso 4 0 Common Bonnet
Otidea sp. InêsVeloso 8 12 Otidea sp.
Mold InêsVeloso 5 2 Mold
Unknown spotting InêsVeloso 5 0 Unknown spotting
Saffron Milk Cap InêsVeloso 4 0 Saffron Milk Cap
Unknown spotting ColtMooney 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting ColtMooney 2 2 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting ColtMooney 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting InêsVeloso 3 0 Unknown spotting
Luna moth AnaMoral 2 0 Luna moth
Guinea Pig Lice InêsVeloso 4 0 Guinea Pig Lice
Central American Agouti InêsVeloso 5 0 Central American Agouti
Mexican Spiny-tailed Iguana InêsVeloso 2 0 Mexican Spiny-tailed Iguana
Blue-grey Gnatcatcher ColtMooney 1 0 Blue-grey Gnatcatcher
Jackson's Slender Amanita ColtMooney 2 0 Jackson's Slender Amanita
Lotus ColtMooney 0 0 Lotus
Crown Daisy InêsVeloso 2 0 Crown Daisy
Regal Darner ColtMooney 3 1 Regal Darner
Northern Cardinal ColtMooney 1 1 Northern Cardinal
Kentucky Warbler ColtMooney 1 2 Kentucky Warbler
Grey Rat Snake ColtMooney 1 1 Grey Rat Snake
Trapdoor Spider ColtMooney 0 0 Trapdoor Spider
Chanterelle ColtMooney 0 0 Chanterelle
Eastern Carpenter Bee ColtMooney 0 0 Eastern Carpenter Bee
Cope's Gray Treefrog ColtMooney 0 0 Cope's Gray Treefrog
Black Medick InêsVeloso 4 0 Black Medick
Mississippi Slimy Salamander ColtMooney 2 0 Mississippi Slimy Salamander
Southeastern Myotis ColtMooney 2 0 Southeastern Myotis
Single-flowered Scorpiurus InêsVeloso 2 0 Single-flowered Scorpiurus
Eastern Box Turtle ColtMooney 0 0 Eastern Box Turtle
Grey Rat Snake ColtMooney 1 0 Grey Rat Snake
Copperhead ColtMooney 3 0 Copperhead
Black Vulture ColtMooney 2 0 Black Vulture
Mud Snake ColtMooney 1 0 Mud Snake
Eastern Garter Snake ColtMooney 1 0 Eastern Garter Snake

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lamewborn RebeccaHarms kandisjns ChrisAWilderJr.
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