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Symbiotic Relationships

Symbiotic Relationships

Some of the most fascinating animal behavior involves interaction and cooperation between different species. There are many types of symbiotic relationship not all beneficial to both parties, but the purpose of this Mission is to share spottings that show mutualistic and cooperative interactions - those relationships that benefit both parties. Please provide some information on the relationship and how it benefits each species with each spotting you add to this mission. Sign in to join mission

Symbiotic Relationships
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Symbiosis is close and often long-term interaction between different biological species. There are many example of this in nature; flowering plants and pollinators such as bees and flies, leafcutter ants and the fungus they "farm", oxpeckers and large mammals, manta rays and cleaner fish, and many more.

Symbiotic Relationships

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Recent Spottings

Lungwort lichen Jae 4 0 Lungwort lichen
Tree Pelt Lichen Machi 1 0 Tree Pelt Lichen
Locust borer Brian38 8 0 Locust borer
Rim Lichen Machi 2 0 Rim Lichen
Spotting Machi 1 2 Spotting
Whiteworm Lichen Machi 11 6 Whiteworm Lichen
Yellow Lichen Machi 1 0 Yellow Lichen
Orange sea cucumber (feeding) Brian38 1 0 Orange sea cucumber (feeding)
Indian Pipe Gary17 2 0 Indian Pipe
Map Lichen Gary17 1 0 Map Lichen
Spiny scallop Brian38 2 0 Spiny scallop
Symbiotic scale worm Brian38 2 0 Symbiotic scale worm
Spotting Muckpuk 0 0 Spotting
Sunburst lichen Steven Sheppard 1 0 Sunburst lichen
Coral Lichen Machi 1 0 Coral Lichen
Bullseye lichen mauna Kunzah 1 0 Bullseye lichen
Pygmy Crane Fly ChunXingWong 2 1 Pygmy Crane Fly
Bryoria Lichen Machi 2 0 Bryoria Lichen
Choique and Guanaco Katherine28 5 1 Choique and Guanaco
Elegant sunburst lichen Brian38 8 5 Elegant sunburst lichen
Red milkweed beetle Brian38 2 0 Red milkweed beetle
Afzel's Script Lichen Brian38 2 1 Afzel's Script Lichen
Bengal Monitor Vipul Ramanuj 2 0 Bengal Monitor
Ocotillo Cactus & Costa's Hummingbird Jim Nelson 2 0 Ocotillo  Cactus & Costa's Hummingbird
Oxpecker - Red-billed Oxpecker Karan Raghwa 1 0 Oxpecker - Red-billed Oxpecker
Sagebrush gall Brian38 2 0 Sagebrush gall
Nailbrush seaweed Brian38 1 0 Nailbrush seaweed
Opalescent squid egg sacs Brian38 10 5 Opalescent squid egg sacs
Gold cobblestone lichen Brian38 1 0 Gold cobblestone lichen
Spotting Machi 1 0 Spotting
Cryptic Kelp Crab Brian38 1 0 Cryptic Kelp Crab
Whitecap limpet Brian38 3 2 Whitecap limpet
Giant Green Anemone Brian38 3 2 Giant Green Anemone
Black woodscript lichen Brian38 6 4 Black woodscript lichen
Spotting Machi 1 0 Spotting
Spotting Machi 3 0 Spotting
Old Man's Beard Machi 4 2 Old Man's Beard
Sunken disk lichen Brian38 3 2 Sunken disk lichen
Ball-headed Coral Lichen Brian38 4 2 Ball-headed Coral Lichen
Red-banded transparent shrimp Brian38 6 3 Red-banded transparent shrimp
Brick-spored Firedot Lichen Machi 2 0 Brick-spored Firedot Lichen
Pyrenula Lichen Machi 2 0 Pyrenula Lichen
Spotting Machi 1 0 Spotting
Sea lettuce Brian38 1 0 Sea lettuce
Script Lichen Machi 6 3 Script Lichen
Rough stink bug Brian38 9 0 Rough stink bug
Pileated woodpecker (male) Brian38 11 4 Pileated woodpecker (male)
Aggregating anemone Brian38 20 21 Aggregating anemone
Orange Wall Lichen Brian38 2 0 Orange Wall Lichen
Bactrospora lichen Brian38 4 0 Bactrospora lichen

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