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Sea life of the Pacific Northwest.

Sea life of the Pacific Northwest.

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Sea life of the Pacific Northwest.
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Website 164 participants 573 spottings

This is a mission dedicated to documenting the ocean life of the Cascadian bioregion, encompassing Oregon, British Columbia, and Washington. Feel free to join the sister mission:

Sea life of the Pacific Northwest.

Lat: 46.06 Long: -122.82

Recent Spottings

Purple shore crab Brian38 6 5 Purple shore crab
Orange sea cucumber (feeding) Brian38 3 0 Orange sea cucumber (feeding)
Gooseneck barnacles mauna Kunzah 6 5 Gooseneck barnacles
Bullwhip kelp mauna Kunzah 2 0 Bullwhip kelp
Short-spired purple dogwinkle Brian38 2 0 Short-spired purple dogwinkle
Lewis's moon snail Brian38 3 3 Lewis's moon snail
Woody chiton Brian38 3 0 Woody chiton
Giant green anemone Brian38 5 1 Giant green anemone
Orange cup coral Brian38 5 0 Orange cup coral
Pink Encrusting Hydrocoral Brian38 2 0 Pink Encrusting Hydrocoral
Green shore crab Brian38 5 0 Green shore crab
Thick encrusting scarlet sponge Brian38 2 0 Thick encrusting scarlet sponge
Flattop crab Brian38 2 0 Flattop crab
Spiny scallop Brian38 2 0 Spiny scallop
Red rock crab (premating hug) Brian38 2 0 Red rock crab (premating hug)
Proboscis worm Brian38 4 4 Proboscis worm
Painted anemon Brian38 1 0 Painted anemon
Tar spot Brian38 3 2 Tar spot
Lined chiton Brian38 2 0 Lined chiton
Symbiotic scale worm Brian38 2 0 Symbiotic scale worm
Rough keyhole limpet Brian38 4 4 Rough keyhole limpet
Whitecap limpet Brian38 1 0 Whitecap limpet
Fried egg jellyfish Brian38 4 2 Fried egg jellyfish
Giant Green Anemone Brian38 4 2 Giant Green Anemone
Northern feather duster worm Brian38 24 22 Northern feather duster worm
Orange cup coral Brian38 4 3 Orange cup coral
Sea cauliflower Brian38 1 0 Sea cauliflower
Spotting Brian38 7 3 Spotting
Lined chiton Brian38 2 0 Lined chiton
Wrinkled purple whelk Brian38 3 0 Wrinkled purple whelk
Mossy chiton Brian38 7 2 Mossy chiton
Shield-backed kelp crab Brian38 1 0 Shield-backed kelp crab
Water Jellyfish Brian38 3 0 Water Jellyfish
Blue shield limpet Brian38 10 3 Blue shield limpet
Nuttall's cockle Brian38 9 2 Nuttall's cockle
Sea Cabbage Brian38 1 0 Sea Cabbage
Shield limpet masterpiece Brian38 4 3 Shield limpet masterpiece
Orange Sheath Tunicate Brian38 3 1 Orange Sheath Tunicate
Sunflower sea star Brian38 12 13 Sunflower sea star
Sharpnose sculpin Brian38 2 5 Sharpnose sculpin
Harlequin duck Brian38 13 8 Harlequin duck
Brooding Sea Anemone Brian38 3 0 Brooding Sea Anemone
Bristly crab Brian38 7 7 Bristly crab
Fingered limpet colony Brian38 2 2 Fingered limpet colony
Lewis's moon snail (shell) Brian38 2 0 Lewis's moon snail (shell)
Common merganser (female) Brian38 2 0 Common merganser (female)
Southern Stiff-stiped Kelp Brian38 2 1 Southern Stiff-stiped Kelp
Giant plumose anemone Brian38 7 1 Giant plumose anemone
Rainbow Star Brian38 5 1 Rainbow Star
Dire whelk Brian38 1 2 Dire whelk

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