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Snakes of the World

Snakes of the World

When sighting snakes during your wildlife observations don't forget to capture their appearance. Most snakes only make contact in quick moments of surprise, some so rare they are almost never seen unless tracked down. If you've had the bravery or equipment to capture these amazing creatures share your spottings here. Sign in to join mission

Snakes of the World
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A mission to document the beautiful snakes species from around the world.

Snakes of the World

Lat: 44.34 Long: -84.70

Recent Spottings

Elegant Bronzeback Snake AlbertKang 1 2 Elegant Bronzeback Snake
Grass Snake Gaia80 2 0 Grass Snake
Horned viper Marek Koszorek 2 0 Horned viper
European Sandboa MartinUrban 3 0 European Sandboa
Tropical Tiger Rat Snake LaurenZarate 7 1 Tropical Tiger Rat Snake
Ring-necked Coffee Snake LaurenZarate 4 0 Ring-necked Coffee Snake
Red-sided garter snake Shou 5 0 Red-sided garter snake
Andean Blackback Coral Snake Tukup 8 4 Andean Blackback Coral Snake
Bengal Monitor Vipul Ramanuj 2 0 Bengal Monitor
Large-scaled Pit Viper Vipul Ramanuj 12 2 Large-scaled Pit Viper
Fer de lance and prey Jonathan Sequeira 25 13 Fer de lance and prey
Hemprichi's Coral Snake Tukup 19 22 Hemprichi's Coral Snake
Eastern Garter Snake Greg Shchepanek 8 2 Eastern Garter Snake
Coastal Carpet Python Neil Ross 14 20 Coastal Carpet Python
California Kingsnake yahk66 5 4 California Kingsnake
South African Rock Python pamsai 7 5 South African Rock Python
Garden Tree Boa Tukup 2 2 Garden Tree Boa
Water Moccasin (Juvenile) Machi 12 2 Water Moccasin (Juvenile)
Dusky Lancehead Tukup 12 13 Dusky Lancehead
South American Bushmaster Tukup 3 0 South American Bushmaster
Indian Rock Python Milind Bodas 1 0 Indian Rock Python
Black-Headed Cat Snake AlbertKang 4 0 Black-Headed Cat Snake
Checkered Snake Tukup 10 8 Checkered Snake
Coral Cylinder Snake Tukup 16 8 Coral Cylinder Snake
Northern Lined Snake Tukup 3 2 Northern Lined Snake
Common Garter Snake Tukup 1 0 Common Garter Snake
Prairie Ringneck Snake Tukup 1 0 Prairie Ringneck Snake
Sunda Rat Snake AlbertKang 3 2 Sunda Rat Snake
Ribbon snake mauna Kunzah 9 2 Ribbon snake
Blyth's Reticulated Snake pamsai 14 11 Blyth's Reticulated Snake
Sabah Pit Viper AlbertKang 14 9 Sabah Pit Viper
Giant Parrot Snake / Azulão-Boia / Lora Oscar Neto 13 11 Giant Parrot Snake / Azulão-Boia / Lora
Jasper Cat Snake AlbertKang 5 2 Jasper Cat Snake
Schokari Sand Racer Bernadette S 13 19 Schokari Sand Racer
Dekay's Brown Snake Christine Y. 4 0 Dekay's Brown Snake
Blunt Head Slug Snake AlbertKang 8 3 Blunt Head Slug Snake
Painted Mock Viper AlbertKang 5 0 Painted Mock Viper
Common Mock Viper AlbertKang 5 0 Common Mock Viper
Painted Mock Viper AlbertKang 4 0 Painted Mock Viper
Horseshoe Pit Viper Vipul Ramanuj 11 3 Horseshoe Pit Viper
Mexican Black-tailed Rattlesnake Felix Fleck 3 2 Mexican Black-tailed Rattlesnake
Northern Water Snake Christine Y. 4 0 Northern Water Snake
Eastern Copperhead ForestDragon 3 1 Eastern Copperhead
Wandering Garter Snake Greg Shchepanek 2 0 Wandering Garter Snake
Eastern Garter Snake Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Eastern Garter Snake
Water moccasin Brian38 1 0 Water moccasin
Eastern Garter Snake Greg Shchepanek 4 0 Eastern Garter Snake
Red-Spotted Garter Snake SargonR 10 0 Red-Spotted Garter Snake
Diamondback Water Snake Brian38 3 0 Diamondback Water Snake
Northern Water Snake Christine Y. 17 10 Northern Water Snake

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