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Pacific Northwest: Arthropod Ages and Stages

Pacific Northwest: Arthropod Ages and Stages

Submit your pictures of our Pacific Northwest's Insects; their nests, eggs, larvae, and adults. Sign in to join mission

Pacific Northwest: Arthropod Ages and Stages
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Submit your pictures of our Pacific Northwest's Insects; their nests, eggs, larvae, and adults.

Pacific Northwest: Arthropod Ages and Stages

Lat: 43.80 Long: -120.55

Recent Spottings

Pink-edged Sulpher Brian38 1 0 Pink-edged Sulpher
Spotting Brian38 1 0 Spotting
Weevil Wasp Brian38 1 0 Weevil Wasp
Leaf rolling weevil Brian38 4 1 Leaf rolling weevil
Vivid dancer Brian38 6 0 Vivid dancer
Eight-spotted skimmer Brian38 1 0 Eight-spotted skimmer
Clouded sulphur (puddling) Brian38 4 0 Clouded sulphur (puddling)
Red milkweed beetle Brian38 1 0 Red milkweed beetle
Painted lady Brian38 2 0 Painted lady
Painted Fritillary Brian38 2 0 Painted Fritillary
Rocky Mountain clearwing Brian38 2 0 Rocky Mountain clearwing
Western blood-red lady beetle Brian38 4 0 Western blood-red lady beetle
Carpenter ant Brian38 2 0 Carpenter ant
Alderfly Brian38 2 0 Alderfly
Western boxelder bug Brian38 2 0 Western boxelder bug
Consperse stink bug Brian38 1 0 Consperse stink bug
Caddisfly larvae Brian38 2 0 Caddisfly larvae
Common water strider (mating) Brian38 4 1 Common water strider (mating)
Hairy hermit crab Brian38 1 1 Hairy hermit crab
Mourning cloak Brian38 1 0 Mourning cloak
Margined Burying Beetle Brian38 1 0 Margined Burying Beetle
Rough stink bug Brian38 9 0 Rough stink bug
Silver-striped sedge Brian38 1 0 Silver-striped sedge
Great Arctic Brian38 2 0 Great Arctic
Barberry geometer moth Brian38 1 0 Barberry geometer moth
Western conifer seed bug Brian38 2 0 Western conifer seed bug
Robber fly with prey Brian38 2 2 Robber fly with prey
Cascade Timberline Grasshopper Brian38 4 0 Cascade Timberline Grasshopper
Midge Brian38 1 0 Midge
Fall webworm (caterpillar) Brian38 1 3 Fall webworm (caterpillar)
Arctic fritillary Brian38 6 0 Arctic fritillary
Hudsonian whiteface Brian38 2 0 Hudsonian whiteface
Spotted Pine Sawyer Brian38 2 0 Spotted Pine Sawyer
Two-banded Checkered-Skipper Brian38 1 0 Two-banded Checkered-Skipper
Tiger Bee Fly Brian38 1 0 Tiger Bee Fly
Great Arctic Brian38 3 0 Great Arctic
Lorquin's admiral Brian38 4 2 Lorquin's admiral
Clouded sulphur Brian38 1 0 Clouded sulphur
Eight-spotted skimmer Brian38 4 2 Eight-spotted skimmer
Yellow-spotted millipede Brian38 3 0 Yellow-spotted millipede
Oak Apple Gall Brian38 2 0 Oak Apple Gall
Western pondhawk Brian38 1 0 Western pondhawk
Western tiger swallowtail Brian38 1 3 Western tiger swallowtail
Tachinid fly Brian38 1 0 Tachinid fly
Boisduval's blue (female) Brian38 1 0 Boisduval's blue (female)
Mylitta Crescent Brian38 4 0 Mylitta Crescent
Boisduval’s Blue Brian38 3 0 Boisduval’s Blue
Western carpenter ant Brian38 1 3 Western carpenter ant
Dance flies mating Brian38 4 3 Dance flies mating
Dance Fly Brian38 2 5 Dance Fly

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