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Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest

Take pictures, or videos of organisms in the pacific northwest, and share them to the world. Sign in to join mission

Pacific Northwest
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28 participants 197 spottings

The purpose of this mission is to assist Biologist, Herpers, and the General Public in learning about the local wildlife. We also want to share what we find in the great pacific northwest to the world.

Pacific Northwest

Lat: 43.80 Long: -120.55

Recent Spottings

Red-tailed hawk with prey Brian38 9 6 Red-tailed hawk with prey
North American beaver Brian38 8 3 North American beaver
Swainson's thrush Brian38 2 0 Swainson's thrush
Lazuli bunting (male) Brian38 9 4 Lazuli bunting (male)
Lewis's woodpecker Brian38 2 0 Lewis's woodpecker
Western tanager (male) Brian38 5 1 Western tanager (male)
Ornate Checkered Beetle Brian38 2 1 Ornate Checkered Beetle
Willow flycatcher Brian38 4 3 Willow flycatcher
Townsend's solitaire Brian38 3 0 Townsend's solitaire
Rufous hummingbird (male) Brian38 9 0 Rufous hummingbird (male)
Yellow-headed blackbird (male) Brian38 5 4 Yellow-headed blackbird (male)
Violet-green swallow (male) Brian38 7 5 Violet-green swallow (male)
Wood duck (female with ducklings) Brian38 1 0 Wood duck (female with ducklings)
Tree swallow (male) Brian38 2 0 Tree swallow (male)
Pallid swallowtail Brian38 3 2 Pallid swallowtail
Cinnamon teal (male) Brian38 2 0 Cinnamon teal (male)
Western kingbird Brian38 6 0 Western kingbird
Bullock's Oriole (male) Brian38 9 0 Bullock's Oriole (male)
Townsend's solitaire Brian38 3 3 Townsend's solitaire
Cassin's finch Brian38 3 0 Cassin's finch
California darner Brian38 9 5 California darner
Steller's jay (juvenile) Brian38 14 6 Steller's jay (juvenile)
Red Net-winged Beetle Brian38 8 5 Red Net-winged Beetle
Long-toed salamander Brian38 3 1 Long-toed salamander
Western Spring Beauty Brian38 2 3 Western Spring Beauty
Mottled gray carpet moth Brian38 1 2 Mottled gray carpet moth
Orchard mason bee with pollen mites Brian38 2 0 Orchard mason bee with pollen mites
Double-crested cormorant Brian38 2 0 Double-crested cormorant
Common goldeneye (male) Brian38 5 0 Common goldeneye (male)
Pacific Rush Brian38 3 0 Pacific Rush
Red-osier dogwood Brian38 4 2 Red-osier dogwood
Tricolored Bumble Bee Brian38 3 0 Tricolored Bumble Bee
Pacific forktail Brian38 1 0 Pacific forktail
Ochre sea star Brian38 6 2 Ochre sea star
Red-breasted sapsucker Brian38 5 1 Red-breasted sapsucker
Common Goldeneye (male) Brian38 5 2 Common Goldeneye (male)
Cutleaf Beardtongue Brian38 2 0 Cutleaf Beardtongue
Creeping snowberry Brian38 6 0 Creeping snowberry
Song Sparrow Brian38 2 2 Song Sparrow
Cutworm Brian38 0 2 Cutworm
Silky lupine Brian38 3 0 Silky lupine
Northern pocket gopher tunnels Brian38 2 0 Northern pocket gopher tunnels
Blue elderberry Brian38 2 0 Blue elderberry
Smooth sumac Brian38 2 0 Smooth sumac
Carolina locust Brian38 1 0 Carolina locust
Grey-cushioned grimmia Shou 2 0 Grey-cushioned grimmia
Pacific tree frog Shou 1 0 Pacific tree frog
Common cattail Shou 1 0 Common cattail
Beach wormwood Shou 1 0 Beach wormwood
Red huckleberry Shou 2 0 Red huckleberry

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