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Eggs of the World

Eggs of the World

Celebrate the magic of life by documenting eggs from all species throughout the world. Provide details on date, location, habitat, and size. Take a guess at what's inside, if not, we'll try to help! Sign in to join mission

Eggs of the World
Created by

Ronald and Amissa

Website 1,332 participants 2,165 spottings

Nothing is more symbolic to life in this world than the egg. Like wildlife itself, eggs come in all shapes and sizes from many organisms around the world. This project was created to appreciate the egg and the life it brings. Birds, insects, fish, reptiles, and more are welcome. Feel free to add plant seeds too!

Eggs of the World

Lat: 38.00 Long: -97.00

Recent Spottings

Earthworm Cocoon Muckpuk 11 14 Earthworm Cocoon
Spider eulalia rubio 1 0 Spider
Caterpillar of Blue Tiger Moth SukanyaDatta 5 2 Caterpillar of Blue Tiger Moth
Bugs and eggs SukanyaDatta 4 0 Bugs and eggs
Apple Snail eggs SukanyaDatta 3 0 Apple Snail eggs
Chinese Mantis Ootheca (egg case) ForestDragon 1 0 Chinese Mantis Ootheca (egg case)
Potter wasp with egg Brian38 5 2 Potter wasp with egg
Frog eggs Raksha 4 0 Frog eggs
Spotting Raksha 1 2 Spotting
Stinkbug Eggs Matthew Hammond 1 0 Stinkbug Eggs
Carolina Mantis Ootheca Matthew Hammond 2 1 Carolina Mantis Ootheca
Assassin Bug (Eggs) Matthew Hammond 1 0 Assassin Bug (Eggs)
spiny oak slug caterpillar with wasp eggs ornithoptera80 5 3 spiny oak slug caterpillar with wasp eggs
Spotting DrNamgyalT.Sherpa 3 0 Spotting
Spotting momsavang 3 0 Spotting
Gypsy moth (female laying eggs) Alex C. 1 0 Gypsy moth (female laying eggs)
Tree Swallow egg Brian38 1 0 Tree Swallow egg
California Quail Eggs CindyBinghamKeiser 8 2 California Quail Eggs
Opalescent squid egg sacs Brian38 10 4 Opalescent squid egg sacs
Ant with? SukanyaDatta 2 5 Ant with?
Northern Caddisfly Egg Mass Christine Y. 1 0 Northern Caddisfly Egg Mass
Lacewing with eggs Leuba Ridgway 4 8 Lacewing with eggs
Aquatic Snail Tukup 3 7 Aquatic Snail
Mantis Ootheca Bernadette S 7 9 Mantis Ootheca
Praying Mantis Egg Case Senda Kala 0 3 Praying Mantis Egg Case
salamander perspicillata MicheleMorbidelli 3 0 salamander perspicillata
Mermaid's purse Brian38 1 0 Mermaid's purse
Brazilian Wandering Spider Tukup 5 2 Brazilian Wandering Spider
Collared Streak Lizard (baby) Tukup 1 0 Collared Streak Lizard (baby)
Assassin Bug Eggs LaurenZarate 4 2 Assassin Bug Eggs
Laughing Dove Nest with Eggs Bernadette S 1 0 Laughing Dove Nest with Eggs
Stick Insect, Phasmid - Female AlbertKang 1 0 Stick Insect, Phasmid - Female
Skate Egg Case Machi 3 1 Skate Egg Case
A couple of Galls momsavang 1 0 A couple of Galls
Ichneumonid Wasp Cocoon momsavang 1 2 Ichneumonid Wasp Cocoon
Spotting Christine Y. 8 4 Spotting
Humming-bird Hawk-moth IvanPancic 1 0 Humming-bird Hawk-moth
Unknown Spotting IvanPancic 6 5 Unknown Spotting
Spotting samsatterwhite 4 3 Spotting
Mimica Treehopper / Soldadinho Oscar Neto 5 0 Mimica Treehopper / Soldadinho
Geometrid Eggs & First Instar Larvae LaurenZarate 8 12 Geometrid Eggs & First Instar Larvae
Huntsman Spider Egg Sacs Neil Ross 7 3 Huntsman Spider Egg Sacs
Tiger Moth egg change from oviposition to eclosion LaurenZarate 9 8 Tiger Moth egg change from oviposition to eclosion
Unknown Spotting IvanPancic 2 0 Unknown Spotting
Wood Frog (eggs) doreen.chambers.14 3 0 Wood Frog (eggs)
Milkweed Assassin Bug Laying Eggs Machi 6 3 Milkweed Assassin Bug Laying Eggs
Swell Shark Egg Case Leuba Ridgway 9 4 Swell Shark Egg Case
Spotting Mauron 2 2 Spotting
Natterjack toad egg strings arlanda 5 0 Natterjack toad egg strings
Spotting DrNamgyalT.Sherpa 6 5 Spotting

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Raksha TajSALDO ornithoptera80 Rocky Reviko T. Lembah
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