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Pacific Northwest Wildlife

Pacific Northwest Wildlife

Having so much wildlife it shouldn't be too hard to find something to capture. Add your pictures of mammals, bugs, marine life, and any other species you find in nature. Please only add spottings of animals in natural habitats (no zoo's, game parks, or urban settings). Beaches and parks are ok. Sign in to join mission

Pacific Northwest Wildlife
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Dedicated to all the spectacular wildlife of the great Northwest United States. A wildlife enthusiast's paradise, the Northwest is home to thousands of animal species. Ocean depths, fourteen thousand foot mountain peaks, rain forests, deserts, lush landscapes, treeless barrens, ponds, lakes, salt marshes - the geography of this region is one of the most biologically diverse in the world. From the tiny shrew-mole to the giant blue whale, the Northwest is a naturalist's dream. Sea life species alone are amazing: 30 marine mammals, 200 marine birds, 400 varieties of fish, and an estimated 8,000 species of invertebrates including one of the most dense concentrations of starfish in the world. The Giant Pacific Octopus, largest cephalopod in the world, resides here as does the Plumose Anemone, the largest anemone in the world. Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles soar the skies. With some of the only wild places left in the lower 48, the land gives home to 62 species of reptiles and amphibians, 158 species of mammals, and hundreds of different types of birds. The great Grizzly (Brown) Bear and the smaller Black Bear, American Bison, moose, and wolves share the fields and forests with three varieties of shrew. And as if that were not enough we are the slug capital of the world!

Pacific Northwest Wildlife

Lat: 47.75 Long: -120.74

Recent Spottings

Red sea urchin Brian38 3 2 Red sea urchin
Mossy chiton Brian38 3 1 Mossy chiton
Pacific blood star Brian38 9 7 Pacific blood star
Harlequin duck Brian38 3 0 Harlequin duck
Coyote Brian38 11 0 Coyote
American wigeon (male) Brian38 4 0 American wigeon (male)
Northern shoveler (male) Brian38 1 0 Northern shoveler (male)
Eccentric sand dollar Brian38 6 4 Eccentric sand dollar
Northwestern Crow Brian38 3 0 Northwestern Crow
Bonaparte's gull Brian38 2 0 Bonaparte's gull
Coyote Jason Alexander 13 6 Coyote
Yellow-pine Chipmunk Jason Alexander 7 0 Yellow-pine Chipmunk
Pygmy Nuthatch Jason Alexander 3 0 Pygmy Nuthatch
Cascades Frog SargonR 2 3 Cascades Frog
Butterfly SargonR 3 0 Butterfly
Banana Slug SargonR 1 0 Banana Slug
Lorquin's Admiral SargonR 1 0 Lorquin's Admiral
Snail SargonR 0 0 Snail
Tuckerman's Coral Lichen Brian38 1 0 Tuckerman's Coral Lichen
Gooseneck Barnacle Leaf Barnacle Tera2 8 2 Gooseneck Barnacle Leaf Barnacle
Dimpled Specklebelly Brian38 5 0 Dimpled Specklebelly
Greater White-fronted Goose Brian38 5 0 Greater White-fronted Goose
Douglas squirrel Brian38 11 4 Douglas squirrel
Northwestern Crow Brian38 3 0 Northwestern Crow
Red ribbon Brian38 1 0 Red ribbon
Semipalmated Plover Brian38 2 0 Semipalmated Plover
Black-tailed deer (piebald) Brian38 9 2 Black-tailed deer (piebald)
harlequin ducks (male) KarenSaxton 4 0 harlequin ducks (male)
Columbian white-tailed deer Brian38 2 0 Columbian white-tailed deer
Eastern gray squirrel Brian38 7 3 Eastern gray squirrel
Pacific tree frog Brian38 3 2 Pacific tree frog
Bushtit (female) Brian38 6 0 Bushtit (female)
Pied-billed grebe Brian38 5 0 Pied-billed grebe
Snow goose Brian38 4 0 Snow goose
Nutria Brian38 4 0 Nutria
Great blue heron Brian38 2 0 Great blue heron
Western Redback Salamander Brian38 3 0 Western Redback Salamander
Wild turkey Brian38 1 0 Wild turkey
Oregon Ensatina Brian38 7 4 Oregon Ensatina
North American river otter Brian38 1 0 North American river otter
Spotted Towhee Brian38 5 0 Spotted Towhee
Cross Orbweaver EmmyLeeAnne 1 1 Cross Orbweaver
Mule deer Brian38 3 0 Mule deer
Western conifer seed bug Brian38 2 0 Western conifer seed bug
Elk Brian38 10 7 Elk
Robber fly with prey Brian38 2 2 Robber fly with prey
California tortoiseshell Brian38 7 0 California tortoiseshell
Barred Owl Tristan Pragnell 7 3 Barred Owl
roughed skinned newt KarenSaxton 3 4 roughed skinned newt
Pacific tree frog Brian38 5 0 Pacific tree frog

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