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Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest

Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest

Upload pictures of native or non-native wild flowers (preferably flowering) in the Pacific Northwest from British Columbia to Oregon. Sign in to join mission

Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest
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This mission is designed to encompass the vast diversity of wild flowers in the Pacific Northwest from British Columbia to Oregon.

Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest

Lat: 46.25 Long: -120.21

Recent Spottings

Broadleaf stonecrop Brian38 2 0 Broadleaf stonecrop
Monkey Flower SargonR 4 0 Monkey Flower
Candy Stick SargonR 4 1 Candy Stick
Rhododendron SargonR 1 0 Rhododendron
Tiger Lily SargonR 2 0 Tiger Lily
Pacific Bleeding Heart SargonR 2 0 Pacific Bleeding Heart
Silver Crown Luina Brian38 2 0 Silver Crown Luina
Pink mountain heather Brian38 3 0 Pink mountain heather
Dense-flowered spiraea Brian38 2 0 Dense-flowered spiraea
magenta paintbrush Brian38 4 0 magenta paintbrush
Rainier pleated gentian Brian38 3 0 Rainier pleated gentian
Western pasqueflower Brian38 1 0 Western pasqueflower
Unknown spotting Brian38 3 0 Unknown spotting
Showy milkweed Brian38 1 0 Showy milkweed
Queen Anne's lace Brian38 1 0 Queen Anne's lace
Hedgehog cactus Brian38 3 0 Hedgehog cactus
Western columbine Brian38 3 0 Western columbine
Carey's balsamroot Brian38 1 0 Carey's balsamroot
Trumpet bluebells Brian38 1 0 Trumpet bluebells
Twinberry honeysuckle Brian38 1 0 Twinberry honeysuckle
Common yarrow Brian38 1 0 Common yarrow
Lambstongue ragwort Brian38 1 0 Lambstongue ragwort
Yellow bartsia Brian38 1 0 Yellow bartsia
Nineleaf biscuitroot Brian38 1 0 Nineleaf biscuitroot
Sticky Purple Geranium Brian38 1 0 Sticky Purple Geranium
Threadleaf phacelia Brian38 1 0 Threadleaf phacelia
Western columbine Brian38 13 0 Western columbine
Jeffrey's shooting star Brian38 2 2 Jeffrey's shooting star
Western pearly everlasting Brian38 4 0 Western pearly everlasting
Water Smartweed Brian38 11 7 Water Smartweed
Deptford Pink Brian38 1 0 Deptford Pink
Columbia lily Brian38 3 0 Columbia lily
Hardhack steeplebush Brian38 3 0 Hardhack steeplebush
Scarlet trumpet Brian38 4 0 Scarlet trumpet
Royal beardtongue Brian38 2 0 Royal beardtongue
Prairie flax Brian38 2 0 Prairie flax
Showy milkweed Brian38 2 0 Showy milkweed
Sagebrush mariposa lily Brian38 2 0 Sagebrush mariposa lily
Leiberg stonecrop Brian38 2 0 Leiberg stonecrop
Cascade Aster Brian38 1 0 Cascade Aster
Mountain Collomia Brian38 2 0 Mountain Collomia
Tall Meadow Larkspur Brian38 3 0 Tall Meadow Larkspur
Twinberry Honeysuckle Brian38 3 0 Twinberry Honeysuckle
Golden Indian paintbrush Brian38 2 0 Golden Indian paintbrush
Sea blush Brian38 1 0 Sea blush
Death camas Brian38 1 0 Death camas
Golden Paintbrush Brian38 2 0 Golden Paintbrush
Oregon sunshine Brian38 1 0 Oregon sunshine
Bluebell Bellflower Brian38 1 0 Bluebell Bellflower
Menzies’ Larkspur Brian38 3 1 Menzies’ Larkspur

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