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Trees of the World

Trees of the World

Identify and document tree species all over the world and help others identify their spottings. Often it takes more than one characteristic to identify a tree properly as some appearances might change during the life of a tree (e.g. bark may become cracky and changes in color). Therefore it is adviced to take pictures of as many parts of the tree as possible (leaves, buds, flowers, bark, habitus) in order to show the characteristics of the species you spotted. Sign in to join mission

Trees of the World
Created by

Meik Meißner

935 participants 4,891 spottings

A collection of trees and their characteristics worldwide.

Trees of the World

Lat: 51.16 Long: 10.47

Recent Spottings

Shining-leaved Stinging Tree (fruiting) Neil Ross 1 0 Shining-leaved Stinging Tree (fruiting)
Coconut trees mauna Kunzah 4 4 Coconut trees
Swamp Tea-tree (follow up) Neil Ross 2 0 Swamp Tea-tree (follow up)
China Doll Neil Ross 9 8 China Doll
Northern Grey Ironbark Neil Ross 1 0 Northern Grey Ironbark
Moreton Bay Ash Neil Ross 2 2 Moreton Bay Ash
Forest Red Gum Neil Ross 3 0 Forest Red Gum
Achiote Tukup 3 5 Achiote
Kigelia (aka Sausage Tree) Neil Ross 7 2 Kigelia (aka Sausage Tree)
Adelfa GeorgeNthr 1 0 Adelfa
Quaking Aspen Brian38 2 1 Quaking Aspen
Lead tree (Ipil-ipil) arne.roysland 1 0 Lead tree (Ipil-ipil)
Grey Gums (shedding bark) Neil Ross 1 0 Grey Gums (shedding bark)
Tallowwood Neil Ross 2 0 Tallowwood
Coconut Tree ornithoptera80 2 0 Coconut Tree
Spotted Gum Neil Ross 4 4 Spotted Gum
Western red cedar Jae 3 2 Western red cedar
Spotting Muckpuk 3 0 Spotting
Fruto de Cornejo del Himalaya GeorgeNthr 1 0 Fruto de Cornejo del Himalaya
Farolito japonés GeorgeNthr 1 0 Farolito japonés
Texas madrone Brian38 3 0 Texas madrone
Alligator juniper Brian38 2 2 Alligator juniper
Holm Oak; Encina arlanda 2 0 Holm Oak; Encina
Bigleaf maple Jae 1 0 Bigleaf maple
Thundercloud cherry plum tree mauna Kunzah 2 0 Thundercloud cherry plum tree
Garry oak Jae 2 0 Garry oak
Pacific madrone Jae 2 0 Pacific madrone
Kapok tree Brian38 8 1 Kapok tree
Rough-barked Apple Neil Ross 4 6 Rough-barked Apple
Baobab Tree SukanyaDatta 3 2 Baobab Tree
Kadamb Flower SukanyaDatta 2 0 Kadamb Flower
Unknown Tree Tukup 0 0 Unknown Tree
Paper Mulberry Jhan-Curt Fernández 2 0 Paper Mulberry
Mountain Orange Gum Neil Ross 2 0 Mountain Orange Gum
Queensland Blue Gum Single D 2 1 Queensland Blue Gum
Wayfarer Zlatan Celebic 2 4 Wayfarer
Mezereum Zlatan Celebic 1 1 Mezereum
Guelder-rose Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Guelder-rose
Ceropegia sp. acewings.ajay 1 0 Ceropegia sp.
Bloody Dogwood Zlatan Celebic 1 2 Bloody Dogwood
Agathis namitha 1 0 Agathis
Burl arne.roysland 1 0 Burl
Smudgee Apple Neil Ross 4 0 Smudgee Apple
Monkey Jack SukanyaDatta 1 0 Monkey Jack
Hakea sp. (seed pods) Neil Ross 6 15 Hakea sp. (seed pods)
White Mahogany (stringybark) Neil Ross 1 0 White Mahogany (stringybark)
Mountain Blue Gum Neil Ross 2 0 Mountain Blue Gum
She-oak (seed pods) Neil Ross 2 2 She-oak (seed pods)
Fan palm mauna Kunzah 4 5 Fan palm
Blackbutt Neil Ross 2 2 Blackbutt

Recently joined GeorgeNthr ornithoptera80 bikeusa2010
John Alaban - biodiversity capiz Raksha arne.roysland Zlatan Celebic
Tukup Stephen Wain smaurizi Tardigradehunter
Dijana Serhatlic Judy Watson TajSALDO Sally9
momsavang Brian38 Giò Jamie Grant
Oscar Neto Mastura Sherry8 Liz113
LittleHikari LauraLOVESbirds larkinpb Tanya8
Tania17 flowntheloop Gaby3 awsm
Root Doctor JDAngway JeanWickertThums Irena Hrovat Mujčinović
Jhan-Curt Fernández Nimbid Ditavi Joseph CHIEF REDEARTH DevNarayanMandal
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