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Forgotten Food Sources of the Pacific Northwest United States

Forgotten Food Sources of the Pacific Northwest United States

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Forgotten Food Sources of the Pacific Northwest United States
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From Cattails to Pokeweed, many of our available native food sources have been forgotten. In these tough financial times, we need to tap into our locally available native plants and turn them back into food resources that will lessen our dependence on cultivated agricultural products and processed foods.

Forgotten Food Sources of the Pacific Northwest United States

Lat: 48.05 Long: -122.24

Recent Spottings

Purple laver Brian38 3 2 Purple laver
Orange jelly Brian38 1 0 Orange jelly
Wax currant Brian38 1 0 Wax currant
Gem-studded puffball Brian38 3 0 Gem-studded puffball
Unknown spotting Alibbe Be 1 1 Unknown spotting
Virginia Strawberry ( Wild Strawberry ) Pixie 0 0 Virginia Strawberry ( Wild Strawberry )
Low Oregon Grape GinaJeannot 1 0 Low Oregon Grape
Snowberry, Waxberry, Ghostberry CorvusRae 1 0 Snowberry, Waxberry, Ghostberry
Unknown spotting Kyle Fankhauser 2 0 Unknown spotting
Wild carrot HayleyBoBailey 4 2 Wild carrot
Lemon Balm Sequoia Spruce 3 0 Lemon Balm
Siberian miners lettuce acebennyb 2 1 Siberian miners lettuce
Violet acebennyb 3 0 Violet
Goose Grass (Cleavers, Bed Straw, Sticky Willy) HayleyBoBailey 1 1 Goose Grass (Cleavers, Bed Straw, Sticky Willy)
Fireweed Sequoia Spruce 1 0 Fireweed
Field Mustard Sequoia Spruce 1 0 Field Mustard
Hairy Bittercress HayleyNasman 1 5 Hairy Bittercress
Common Dandelion SilverFoxKelsey 1 0 Common Dandelion
Turkey tail mushrooms Christy Chow 2 0 Turkey tail mushrooms
Evergreen huckleberry acebennyb 1 0 Evergreen huckleberry
Hawthorn Zerinity 1 0 Hawthorn
Indian Pipe Rioux and Son 3 1 Indian Pipe
Salal Pixie 1 0 Salal
Unknown spotting Christy Chow 0 2 Unknown spotting
Hedge-Nettle Pixie 0 3 Hedge-Nettle
Self Heal Plant Sequoia Spruce 0 0 Self Heal Plant
Native Trailing Blackberry josh.rioux 3 0 Native Trailing Blackberry
Clover acebennyb 1 0 Clover
Salmonberry audrey.whitlatch 2 0 Salmonberry
Pacific Blackberry MichelleCraigPowell 1 0 Pacific Blackberry
Prickly Pear fruit joanbstanley 1 0 Prickly Pear fruit
Purple Horsemint Lemon Beebalm Lemon Mint joanbstanley 1 0 Purple Horsemint    Lemon Beebalm      Lemon Mint
Elderberry CassandraBreer 1 1 Elderberry
Stinging nettle acebennyb 5 2 Stinging nettle
Pig Ear Chanterelle Tracy Morris 1 0 Pig Ear Chanterelle
Wild raspberry, thimbleberry Pixie 2 0 Wild raspberry, thimbleberry
Texas Persimmon joanbstanley 1 0 Texas Persimmon
Oregon grape acebennyb 2 0 Oregon grape
Unknown spotting TrishTurner 0 3 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting audrey.whitlatch 0 2 Unknown spotting
Oyster Mushroom AmyBuchmeier 3 0 Oyster Mushroom
Self-heal seepainter 1 1 Self-heal
Wild Strawberries MichelleCraigPowell 3 1 Wild Strawberries
Nettle AshleyLafferty 2 0 Nettle
Chickasaw Plum joanbstanley 2 0 Chickasaw Plum
Porcelain fungus rat.tumour 5 1 Porcelain fungus
Sumac joanbstanley 3 0 Sumac
The Blusher rat.tumour 4 8 The Blusher
Oregon Grape MichelleZ 1 0 Oregon Grape
Indian Paint Brush MichelleCraigPowell 1 1 Indian Paint Brush

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