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California Coastal Wildlife Watch

California Coastal Wildlife Watch

Take photos of coastal wildlife and document any pollution you might come across. Add detailed notes. Sign in to join mission

California Coastal Wildlife Watch
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Around the world, coastal ecosystems are known for their unique wildlife. From sea birds to native plant life, every coast has its assortment of interesting organisms. We want to bring awareness to California's beautiful coastal wildlife and also help protect these areas by documenting organisms and reporting any pollution.

California Coastal Wildlife Watch

Lat: 37.00 Long: -120.00

Recent Spottings

Hydrozoan Machi 5 2 Hydrozoan
Giant Green Anemone Machi 3 2 Giant Green Anemone
Turkish Washcloth Machi 2 1 Turkish Washcloth
Ochre Sea Star Machi 5 1 Ochre Sea Star
Black Turban Snail Machi 5 0 Black Turban Snail
Hydrozoan Machi 3 4 Hydrozoan
Unknown spotting Machi 1 0 Unknown spotting
Coralline Red Algae Machi 1 0 Coralline Red Algae
Dwarf Rockweed Machi 1 0 Dwarf Rockweed
Limpets Machi 1 1 Limpets
Bryozoan Machi 4 2 Bryozoan
California Rock Crab Machi 3 0 California Rock Crab
Pink Volcano Barnacle Machi 1 0 Pink Volcano Barnacle
California Mussel Machi 1 0 California Mussel
Gooseneck Barnacle Machi 1 0 Gooseneck Barnacle
Witches Broom Ava T-B 6 3 Witches Broom
Northern River Otter Joshua Asel 15 17 Northern River Otter
Rough limpet Steven Sheppard 3 0 Rough limpet
Brittle Star Steven Sheppard 1 0 Brittle Star
California mussels Steven Sheppard 1 0 California mussels
Brown Booby Jellis 1 0 Brown Booby
Black-legged Kittiwake Jellis 4 0 Black-legged Kittiwake
Southern Pacific Rattlesnake KarenP 2 0 Southern Pacific Rattlesnake
Black Scoter Jellis 1 0 Black Scoter
Ruddy Turnstone Jellis 1 0 Ruddy Turnstone
Pacific Forktail Noahs Ark 1 0 Pacific Forktail
Northern Elephant Seal Beachmaster Joshua Asel 15 18 Northern Elephant Seal Beachmaster
Black Phoebe npfares 1 0 Black Phoebe
Forster's Tern Jellis 1 0 Forster's Tern
Least Tern Jellis 1 0 Least Tern
Sea Lion (pup) Jellis 14 3 Sea Lion (pup)
By-The-Wind Sailor (Velella) Noahs Ark 1 0 By-The-Wind Sailor (Velella)
Black-necked Stilt Jellis 2 1 Black-necked Stilt
Fork-tailed Storm Petrel Jellis 1 0 Fork-tailed Storm Petrel
Reddish Egret Jellis 2 1 Reddish Egret
Snowy Egret CindyBinghamKeiser 3 1 Snowy Egret
White-crowned Sparrow Jellis 2 0 White-crowned Sparrow
Peregrine Falcon Jellis 1 0 Peregrine Falcon
White-Winged Scoter Desmond.E.S.O 2 0 White-Winged Scoter
Snow Goose (juvenile) Jellis 1 0 Snow Goose (juvenile)
Townsend Warbler Jellis 1 0 Townsend Warbler
Ross's Gull Jellis 7 8 Ross's Gull
Red-breasted merganser - female Desmond.E.S.O 1 0 Red-breasted merganser - female
Snowy egret Desmond.E.S.O 8 10 Snowy egret
Greater Scaup Desmond.E.S.O 1 1 Greater Scaup
Canada goose Desmond.E.S.O 0 10 Canada goose
Short-billed dowitcher Desmond.E.S.O 1 1 Short-billed dowitcher
Redhead Desmond.E.S.O 1 0 Redhead
American Wigeon Desmond.E.S.O 1 0 American Wigeon
Redhead Desmond.E.S.O 0 0 Redhead

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