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Mosses, Liverworts, and Lichens of the Puget Sound Eco-Region

Mosses, Liverworts, and Lichens of the Puget Sound Eco-Region

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Mosses, Liverworts, and Lichens of the Puget Sound Eco-Region
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26 participants 324 spottings

To compile a collection of non-vascular plants and lichens occurring within the Puget Sound eco-region.

Mosses, Liverworts, and Lichens of the Puget Sound Eco-Region

Lat: 47.82 Long: -122.44

Recent Spottings

Sunken disk lichen Brian38 4 2 Sunken disk lichen
Ball-headed Coral Lichen Brian38 5 2 Ball-headed Coral Lichen
Powder-headed tube lichen Brian38 3 0 Powder-headed tube lichen
Orange Wall Lichen Brian38 3 0 Orange Wall Lichen
Douglas' neckera moss Brian38 2 0 Douglas' neckera moss
Waxpaper lichen Brian38 1 0 Waxpaper lichen
California orange lichen Brian38 2 0 California orange lichen
Hoary rock-moss Brian38 1 0 Hoary rock-moss
Black woodscript lichen Brian38 3 0 Black woodscript lichen
Abraded Camouflage Lichen Brian38 2 0 Abraded Camouflage Lichen
Shield lichen Brian38 2 0 Shield lichen
Cracked-shield lichen Brian38 1 0 Cracked-shield lichen
Driftwood Rim-Lichen Brian38 4 0 Driftwood Rim-Lichen
Powdery Sea-Fog Lichen Brian38 1 0 Powdery Sea-Fog Lichen
Maritime sunburst lichen Brian38 1 0 Maritime sunburst lichen
Farinose cartilage lichen Brian38 2 0 Farinose cartilage lichen
Varied Rag Lichen Brian38 3 0 Varied Rag Lichen
Boreal Beard Lichen Brian38 1 0 Boreal Beard Lichen
False bitter-wart lichen Brian38 1 0 False bitter-wart lichen
Beard lichen Brian38 1 0 Beard lichen
Membraneous felt lichen Brian38 1 0 Membraneous felt lichen
Cup lichen Brian38 1 0 Cup lichen
Red bogmoss Brian38 3 0 Red bogmoss
Tree lungwort lichen Brian38 2 0 Tree lungwort lichen
Script lichen Brian38 5 1 Script lichen
Dotted Ribbon Lichen Brian38 4 2 Dotted Ribbon Lichen
Dimpled Specklebelly Brian38 5 0 Dimpled Specklebelly
Methuselah's beard lichen Brian38 13 11 Methuselah's beard lichen
Budding Tube Lichen Brian38 2 0 Budding Tube Lichen
Lace lichen Brian38 3 0 Lace lichen
Globe Ball Lichen Brian38 2 0 Globe Ball Lichen
Lace Lichen Brian38 7 11 Lace Lichen
Bark Sulphur-firedot Lichen Brian38 3 0 Bark Sulphur-firedot Lichen
Map lichen Brian38 3 0 Map lichen
Driftwood Rim-Lichen Brian38 6 5 Driftwood Rim-Lichen
Tufted Foxtail Lichen Brian38 2 0 Tufted Foxtail Lichen
Brown-eyed Sunshine Lichen Brian38 2 1 Brown-eyed Sunshine Lichen
Brown-eyed Sunshine Lichen Brian38 5 0 Brown-eyed Sunshine Lichen
Double-rim saucer lichen Brian38 1 0 Double-rim saucer lichen
Rim lichen Brian38 1 0 Rim lichen
Lungwort lichen Brian38 7 2 Lungwort lichen
Map lichen Brian38 2 0 Map lichen
Clustered Coral Brian38 2 0 Clustered Coral
British Soldier Lichen Brian38 2 0 British Soldier Lichen
Abraded camoflauge lichen Brian38 2 0 Abraded camoflauge lichen
Fringed ruffle Brian38 2 0 Fringed ruffle
Reindeer lichen Brian38 2 0 Reindeer lichen
Treeflute lichen Brian38 2 0 Treeflute lichen
Menzies’ tree moss Brian38 3 2 Menzies’ tree moss
Brown-eyed Sunshine Lichen Brian38 9 5 Brown-eyed Sunshine Lichen

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