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Flora and Fauna of Cascadia (Pacific Northwest North America)

Flora and Fauna of Cascadia (Pacific Northwest North America)

Feel free to share and add-on/build upon sightings with things such as scientific facts, specifications, photos, and even stories and musings! I urge fellow Cascadians to join this mission, as to further and deepen our knowledge of its flora and fauna, as well as their meanings, its people and history. Sign in to join mission

Flora and Fauna of Cascadia (Pacific Northwest North America)
Created by

Tracy Morris

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An attempt to create a sort of virtual field guide for the vast expanse of Cascadia: Starting from SE Alaska, through British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, down to the Redwoods of Northern California; Expanding West to northern Idaho and western Montana. With the help of Project Noah, I hope to start up a database of the flora and fauna of this region. I started this because I have called Portland, Oregon my home for 10 years, and have worked 4 summer seasons in Skagway, AK. I love the Pacific Northwest and have a vested interest in this region.

Flora and Fauna of Cascadia (Pacific Northwest North America)

Lat: 45.06 Long: -122.93

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