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Birds of the Pacific North West

Birds of the Pacific North West

Show the magnificence of birds in flight. So remember to bring your camera whenever you go outside, even if its just for a walk; birds are everywhere, and you never know when you might see one in flight! This mission covers the Pacific North West only. Sign in to join mission

Birds of the Pacific North West
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Help document all species of birds in flight, from the tiny hummingbirds to the huge wandering albatrosses.

Birds of the Pacific North West

Lat: 49.26 Long: -123.11

Recent Spottings

Common goldeneye Brian38 2 0 Common goldeneye
Harlequin duck Brian38 1 0 Harlequin duck
American coot Brian38 3 0 American coot
Great blue heron Brian38 1 0 Great blue heron
Golden-crowned sparrow Brian38 3 0 Golden-crowned sparrow
Northern pintail Brian38 5 2 Northern pintail
Green-winged Teal Brian38 2 0 Green-winged Teal
Northern Shoveler (female) Brian38 4 0 Northern Shoveler (female)
American wigeon (male) Brian38 3 0 American wigeon (male)
Northern shoveler (male) Brian38 1 0 Northern shoveler (male)
Bufflehead (male) Brian38 3 0 Bufflehead (male)
Pileated woodpecker (male) Brian38 12 4 Pileated woodpecker (male)
Barrow's goldeneye (male) Brian38 8 2 Barrow's goldeneye (male)
Great blue heron Brian38 8 4 Great blue heron
Bald eagle Brian38 6 6 Bald eagle
Bonaparte's gull Brian38 2 0 Bonaparte's gull
Greater Yellowlegs Brian38 3 2 Greater Yellowlegs
Common Raven Jason Alexander 3 0 Common Raven
Pygmy Nuthatch Jason Alexander 3 0 Pygmy Nuthatch
Canada Jay Jason Alexander 2 0 Canada Jay
Snow geese Brian38 9 9 Snow geese
American Goldfinch (eating alder seeds) Brian38 3 0 American Goldfinch (eating alder seeds)
Greater White-fronted Goose Brian38 5 0 Greater White-fronted Goose
Greater Yellowlegs Brian38 1 0 Greater Yellowlegs
Dunlin Brian38 8 4 Dunlin
Sanderling Brian38 6 0 Sanderling
Northwestern Crow Brian38 3 0 Northwestern Crow
Great blue heron Brian38 1 0 Great blue heron
Black Oystercatcher Brian38 8 0 Black Oystercatcher
Semipalmated Plover Brian38 2 0 Semipalmated Plover
Common Loon Brian38 2 0 Common Loon
Bewick's wren Brian38 1 0 Bewick's wren
Harlequin duck (male) Brian38 4 0 Harlequin duck (male)
Golden-crowned sparrow (male in breeding plumage) Brian38 6 2 Golden-crowned sparrow (male in breeding plumage)
Chestnut-backed Chickadee Brian38 4 0 Chestnut-backed Chickadee
White-crowned sparrow Brian38 2 0 White-crowned sparrow
Northern Flicker Brian38 2 0 Northern Flicker
Bushtit (female) Brian38 6 0 Bushtit (female)
Pied-billed grebe Brian38 5 0 Pied-billed grebe
Snow goose Brian38 4 0 Snow goose
Great blue heron Brian38 2 0 Great blue heron
Wild turkey Brian38 1 0 Wild turkey
Sandhill Crane Brian38 5 0 Sandhill Crane
Mallard Brian38 1 0 Mallard
Red-tailed hawk (juvenile) Brian38 2 2 Red-tailed hawk (juvenile)
Bald eagle Brian38 2 0 Bald eagle
Spotted Towhee Brian38 5 0 Spotted Towhee
(Albino) Wild turkey? Brian38 2 0 (Albino) Wild turkey?
Western osprey Brian38 6 6 Western osprey
Osprey Brian38 3 0 Osprey

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