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Life and Mathematics

Life and Mathematics

Just anything alive showing any type of mathematics: geometry, numbers, series, symmetry, etc. Sign in to join mission

Life and Mathematics
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249 participants 804 spottings

Life and mathematics are intimately implicated. And this relationship is visible now and then. If you see it, take a picture and show it to Project Noah community. We are lots intrigued by it.

Life and Mathematics

Lat: 40.42 Long: -3.70

Recent Spottings

Aggregating anemone mauna Kunzah 7 5 Aggregating anemone
Queensland Kauri Pine (female cone) Neil Ross 3 4 Queensland Kauri Pine (female cone)
Gulf fritillary / Passion Butterfly, Muckpuk 2 0 Gulf fritillary / Passion Butterfly,
Carrion Flower, Black Bells, Maroon Cup Starfish, Rugose Cup Starfish, Starflower, Bell Stapelia, Tulp Aasblom Muckpuk 3 0 Carrion Flower, Black Bells, Maroon Cup Starfish, Rugose Cup Starfish, Starflower, Bell Stapelia, Tulp Aasblom
Dandelion Life Is Like a Lime 1 0 Dandelion
Ebony Spleenwort Machi 1 0 Ebony Spleenwort
Rose of Plymouth Machi 2 0 Rose of Plymouth
Button Mangrove Machi 1 0 Button Mangrove
Split Gill Machi 2 0 Split Gill
Love-in-a-mist Marek Koszorek 1 0 Love-in-a-mist
Vietnamese Gardenia Muckpuk 2 3 Vietnamese Gardenia
Queensland Fan Palm Neil Ross 6 3 Queensland Fan Palm
Gentian Gaia80 0 0 Gentian
Spotting Muckpuk 3 0 Spotting
Painted Lady Muckpuk 1 0 Painted Lady
Dutchman's Pipe, Queen of the Night Muckpuk 1 0 Dutchman's Pipe, Queen of the Night
Gooseneck barnacles mauna Kunzah 6 5 Gooseneck barnacles
Spotting Marek Koszorek 1 2 Spotting
Ostrich fern mauna Kunzah 4 2 Ostrich fern
Hart's-tongue fern Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Hart's-tongue fern
Turkish marsh gladiolus Alex C. 1 0 Turkish marsh gladiolus
Sierra shooting star mauna Kunzah 6 10 Sierra shooting star
Flower of the Wild Parsnip LaurenZarate 1 1 Flower of the Wild Parsnip
Jewelweed (seedling) mauna Kunzah 0 6 Jewelweed (seedling)
Catchfly Gaia80 0 4 Catchfly
Dark-footed Tinypore Neil Ross 16 10 Dark-footed Tinypore
Liana LaurenZarate 1 0 Liana
Fan palm mauna Kunzah 4 5 Fan palm
Lianas Neil Ross 3 9 Lianas
Spotting mauna Kunzah 1 0 Spotting
Spotting mauna Kunzah 3 0 Spotting
Map Lichen Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Map Lichen
Glorybower Zlatan Celebic 1 2 Glorybower
Geranium mauna Kunzah 3 0 Geranium
Fragum nivale Senda Kala 1 0 Fragum nivale
Starfish Zariga 1 0 Starfish
Cicada; Cigarra arlanda 13 16 Cicada; Cigarra
Spiral fan worm Marek Koszorek 3 1 Spiral fan worm
Common Threesquare Marek Koszorek 2 2 Common Threesquare
Botón de soldado arlanda 20 24 Botón de soldado
American giant millipede Brian38 8 2 American giant millipede
Tansy Machi 1 0 Tansy
Seaside Ragwort Machi 1 0 Seaside Ragwort
Nine-armed Sea Star Machi 3 0 Nine-armed Sea Star
True lover's knot Zlatan Celebic 2 1 True lover's knot
Script lichen Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Script lichen
Cream-spot tiger /Медведица деревенская,сельская IrinaSh 2 1 Cream-spot tiger /Медведица деревенская,сельская
Turnsole Life Is Like a Lime 1 0 Turnsole
Scarlet Pimpernel Marek Koszorek 1 0 Scarlet Pimpernel
Spotting Marek Koszorek 4 0 Spotting

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Suchandra Das Neil Ross Senda Kala Jopy
TajSALDO Life Is Like a Lime Mustafa Rustom Zlatan Celebic
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Brian38 Liz113 Holly11 Tania17
Gaia80 Mauron Lainey FakawiTribe
monkey-mind and nana-puppet maaordonio Joseph CHIEF REDEARTH Annelies
Root Doctor IrinaSh Max Gallagher Xinxin
B_Summer Rowenna Collins Ducatista G Mohandas
Zariga Shawniegal Rahul Upadhyay joanbstanley
Narjess PhotoginTN LorenzoDiiulio rhonabloxsom
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