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2018 Best Wildlife Photo

2018 Best Wildlife Photo

Extended into January 2019! Select your best wildlife photos from anywhere in the world for this global mission! Pick up your best shots and enter as many times as you like. Please read the mission description and discover our special theme for 2018. The mission is only for spottings submitted in 2018/January 2019. While pictures taken earlier than 2018 are eligible, the spotting must have been created in 2018/January 2019. Sign in to join mission

2018 Best Wildlife Photo
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We're calling again for your best wildlife photos! This mission is open to members worldwide and will run until January 31 2019. The mission is for spottings submitted in 2018/January 2019. While pictures taken earlier than 2018 are eligible, the spotting must have been created in 2018/January 2019. Ineligible spottings will be removed. Winners will be announced for each organism category (with the exception of Pets). This year we wish to bring attention to the “h” in Noah (Networked organisms and habitats), and we want you emphasize Habitat in your shots. Whether it is pristine, threatened or degraded, whether it is urban, rural, primary rainforest, reef or desert, whether you use wide angle macro, depth of field, multiple shots or any other technique or approach, show us some habitat in your shots. We will pick up an extra winner across all categories for the Best Organism in Habitat shot. The winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter and will receive some serious bragging rights! Mission photo by Bernadette S.  See her spotting here!

2018 Best Wildlife Photo

Lat: 47.62 Long: 8.25

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