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I have participated in this project to share the organisms I have discovered (especially arthropods) through my camera lens.

Sabah, MalaysiaLat: 5.42, Long: 116.8

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ChunXingWong Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting commented on by ChunXingWong Georgia, USAa week ago

Hi Lauryn, can you tell us more about this please?

ChunXingWong Urocissa erythroryncha 紅嘴藍鵲
Urocissa erythroryncha 紅嘴藍鵲 commented on by ChunXingWong Paracel Islandsa week ago

Wow! Beautiful spotting!

ChunXingWong Spider
Spider commented on by ChunXingWong Sarawak, Malaysia2 weeks ago

Awesome spotting!
Looks like a male Nephila sp.

ChunXingWong Fairyfly
Fairyfly commented on by ChunXingWong New York, USAa month ago

Awesome spot Christine! But can you upload a cropped version as well? I want to take a closer look at this amazing insect.

ChunXingWong Two-Striped Telamonia female
Two-Striped Telamonia female commented on by ChunXingWong Sarawak, Malaysiaa month ago

9mm? That's big for a spiderling! Most probably not Telamonia dimidiata

ChunXingWong Hoffmann'sTwo-toed sloth
Hoffmann'sTwo-toed sloth commented on by ChunXingWong Provincia Alajuela, Costa Ricaa month ago

Awesome shots!

ChunXingWong Borneo Pygmy Elephant
Borneo Pygmy Elephant commented on by ChunXingWong Sabah, Malaysia2 months ago

Hi Maria. Villagers do actually care that their crops are damaged by elephants but since all the villagers there are employed by the plantation which impose strict rules to not harm elephants, they would not dare to do anything to the elephant. Since the villagers are plantation employees, they are paid monthly wages for their work so farming is just an extra source of income, not their main one that they depend on. Although Daniele mentioned that these elephants are relatively tame, they can actually get aggressive and have a history of killing workers in this plantation. This is another reason why many farmers will not try to anger these elephants in fear of being attacked. Elephants are still labeled as a pest for their destruction in this plantation that is why our organization - 1StopBorneo Wildlife is trying to promote "conservation tourism" there so that the plantation will see the value of these elephants and know that they can get profit from tourism to cover damage costs from elephants. We are also doing reforestation projects to create a wildlife corridor in the plantation so that these elephants will find sufficient foods in the wildlife corridor and reduce their need to enter plantations and farms for food source.

ChunXingWong Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting commented on by ChunXingWong Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines2 months ago

These are kleptoparasites of large spiders, like freeloader living in the webs of larger spiders to eat their prey

ChunXingWong Sabah Bow-Fingered Gecko
Sabah Bow-Fingered Gecko commented on by ChunXingWong Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia3 months ago

No problem. I am now doing doing a herpetofauna survey in Tawau Hills Park, equipped with references on reptiles and amphibians. See you on Monday.

ChunXingWong Grooved Bent-toed Gekko
Grooved Bent-toed Gekko commented on by ChunXingWong Sarawak, Malaysia3 months ago

Cyrtodactylus yoshii is only found in Sabah. This spotting is a Cyrtodactylus pubisulcus which has very variable patterns.