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Maria dB

Maria dB

Contributing to Project Noah inspired my blog: http://mybeautifulworldblog.com/

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Maria dB Elephant Shrew
Elephant Shrew commented on by Maria dB Muchinga Province, Zambia3 days ago

What a nice spotting! Were you out in a field one evening and then able to photograph it? Did it stop moving when caught in the light?

Maria dB Wagler's Pit Viper
Wagler's Pit Viper commented on by Maria dB George Town, PNG, Malaysia3 days ago

Wow, what a beautiful snake!

Maria dB Purple marshlocks
Purple marshlocks commented on by Maria dB Oslo, Norway3 days ago

Beautiful flower

Maria dB Mouse Lemur
Mouse Lemur commented on by Maria dB Matsiatra Ambony, Madagascar3 days ago

Lovely series of an animal most of us will never see in person!

Maria dB Common Myna (bald)
Common Myna (bald) commented on by Maria dB Kolkata, West Bengal, India3 weeks ago

Interesting spotting. I wonder if the bird was molting or there was some other reason for a lack of head feathers.

Maria dB Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse
Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse commented on by Maria dB Cebu, Philippines3 weeks ago

Wow - that is a wonderful spotting, Albert! And to have photos showing both color variations is a bonus.

Maria dB Narrowleaf milkweed
Narrowleaf milkweed commented on by Maria dB Oregon, USA3 weeks ago

Nice spotting. Perhaps you could add the information that it is an important host species in California for endangered monarch butterflies.

Maria dB Rose Robin
Rose Robin commented on by Maria dB NSW, Australia3 weeks ago

What a beautiful little bird!

Maria dB Jackal Food
Jackal Food commented on by Maria dB Breede Valley Local Municipality, Western Cape, South Africaa month ago

Very interesting posting and plant!

Maria dB San Diego Gopher Snake
San Diego Gopher Snake commented on by Maria dB California, USAa month ago

Great educational spotting - thanks for rescuing the snake!