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North Houston Wildlife

North Houston Wildlife

Take pictures of any plants and animals that you see and write a description of the wildlife. Be as descriptive as possible and include a date and time of the spotting. If you are able to, try to also include the species scientific name. Sign in to join mission

North Houston Wildlife
Created by

Jake Barnes

Website 34 participants 141 spottings

Let's see how many different species live around Houston and its surrounding areas.

North Houston Wildlife

Lat: 30.24 Long: -95.51

Recent Spottings

Unknown spotting Jake Barnes 1 0 Unknown spotting
Great Crested Flycatcher alexis.m.brooks 0 0 Great Crested Flycatcher
Eastern Newt (Red Eft form) Jake Barnes 1 2 Eastern Newt (Red Eft form)
Brown-headed Cowbird alexis.m.brooks 2 0 Brown-headed Cowbird
Euphorbia Bug perezz 1 0 Euphorbia Bug
Black Vulture Jake Barnes 1 0 Black Vulture
Small-Mouthed Salamander Jake Barnes 2 3 Small-Mouthed Salamander
Great Golden Digger Wasp Jake Barnes 0 4 Great Golden Digger Wasp
Green Tree Frog fuzz 4 1 Green Tree Frog
Roseate Spoonbill kelly.girlscouts 1 0 Roseate Spoonbill
Juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk kelly.girlscouts 1 4 Juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk
Gulf Coast Toad fuzz 21 4 Gulf Coast Toad
Tropical Orb Weaver Jake Barnes 2 0 Tropical Orb Weaver
brown anole emt595 0 2 brown anole
Leaf-footed Bug 1 0 Leaf-footed Bug
Seedbox perezz 1 1 Seedbox
Endive perezz 1 0 Endive
Grass-like Mantis emt595 1 1 Grass-like Mantis
Green Anole perezz 1 0 Green Anole
(Northern) Sharp-shinned Hawk Jake Barnes 4 11 (Northern) Sharp-shinned Hawk
Gulf Coast Toad Jake Barnes 0 2 Gulf Coast Toad
Unknown spotting perezz 0 1 Unknown spotting
Leaf-Footed Bug MeredithNudo 2 5 Leaf-Footed Bug
Bluemink perezz 1 1 Bluemink
Brown Anole perezz 1 0 Brown Anole
Green Anole perezz 1 0 Green Anole
Unknown spotting perezz 1 1 Unknown spotting
Green Anole MeredithNudo 2 2 Green Anole
Climbing Hempvine perezz 0 0 Climbing Hempvine
Unknown spotting perezz 0 1 Unknown spotting
Pandora Sphinx (larva) - green morph perezz 0 0 Pandora Sphinx (larva) - green morph
Unknown spotting perezz 0 0 Unknown spotting
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle perezz 1 0 Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle
Asian Lady Beetle perezz 1 1 Asian Lady Beetle
Beet Webworm perezz 0 0 Beet Webworm
Emperor Dragonfly perezz 1 1 Emperor Dragonfly
False Parasol perezz 1 0 False Parasol
Lily of the Nile perezz 0 1 Lily of the Nile
Conehead Katydid perezz 1 1 Conehead Katydid
Clackamas Iris perezz 0 1 Clackamas Iris
Blue Plumbago perezz 0 1 Blue Plumbago
Unknown spotting perezz 0 1 Unknown spotting
Monarch Butterfly perezz 1 4 Monarch Butterfly
Green Leaf-Like Bug perezz 2 0 Green Leaf-Like Bug
Firebush perezz 0 0 Firebush
Western Honey Bee perezz 0 1 Western Honey Bee
Question Mark Butterfly Jake Barnes 1 1 Question Mark Butterfly
Resurrection fern perezz 0 0 Resurrection fern
Buttonweed perezz 0 0 Buttonweed
Texas Rat Snake ShannonMorton 4 7 Texas Rat Snake

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