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2014 Best Wildlife Photo

2014 Best Wildlife Photo

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This mission has ended and is no longer accepting submissions.

2014 Best Wildlife Photo
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We're calling for your best wildlife photos! This featured mission is open to all members from all over the world and will run until December 2014. The best photo will be decided by popularity and the winner will receive a fun surprise prize and some serious bragging rights.

2014 Best Wildlife Photo

Lat: 4.58 Long: -74.35

Recent Spottings

caterpillar dandoucette 1 1 caterpillar
Keeled Skimmer XristosSallas 2 0 Keeled Skimmer
Unknown spotting Dilan Chathuranga 1 0 Unknown spotting
caterpillar dandoucette 1 1 caterpillar
Crab spider XristosSallas 1 0 Crab spider
Lucane cerf-volant Noah Citizen aka Olivier 2 0 Lucane cerf-volant
Cliticybe geotropa AntónioGinjaGinja 3 3 Cliticybe geotropa
Unknown spotting twolittletoddies 1 1 Unknown spotting
Jumping Spider XristosSallas 6 1 Jumping Spider
Comb-clawed beetle dandoucette 1 3 Comb-clawed beetle
Lobed Argiope XristosSallas 3 0 Lobed Argiope
Common swift ChristosKazilas 1 0 Common swift
Stick Insect, Phasmid AlbertKang 7 6 Stick Insect, Phasmid
hitchhiker mites RickBohler 6 2 hitchhiker mites
Harlequin Tree frog Juan DiTrani 5 2 Harlequin Tree frog
Unknown spotting dandoucette 2 0 Unknown spotting
Owlet moth ChristosKazilas 4 0 Owlet moth
12-spotted Lady Beetle dandoucette 3 5 12-spotted Lady Beetle
Red-striped Threadtail SachindraUmesh 6 0 Red-striped Threadtail
Banana flower IvanPancic 1 5 Banana flower
Scarce Copper DanielePralong 2 0 Scarce Copper
Crab spider XristosSallas 9 0 Crab spider
Wood Nymph dandoucette 3 3 Wood Nymph
Geometrid Moth Jason Alexander 5 1 Geometrid Moth
Green Dragontail Swallow Tail Butterfly AlbertKang 5 4 Green Dragontail Swallow Tail Butterfly
Philippines Marbled Mantis AlbertKang 11 1 Philippines Marbled Mantis
Redlead Roundhead AntónioGinjaGinja 4 0 Redlead Roundhead
Unknown spotting PutkovAlexander 4 1 Unknown spotting
Tortrix Moth ToshimiDowaki 5 1 Tortrix Moth
Palm Weevil AlbertKang 2 1 Palm Weevil
Brettus albolimbatus ? sunnyjosef 7 5 Brettus albolimbatus ?
Bumble bee DanielePralong 3 2 Bumble bee
Red-bellied Woodpecker suzybousa 11 3 Red-bellied Woodpecker
Stump mushroom AntónioGinjaGinja 8 3 Stump mushroom
Brown Basilisk suzybousa 8 2 Brown Basilisk
Cross-leaved heath Jae 8 3 Cross-leaved heath
Ringlet - Tristan DanielePralong 3 0 Ringlet - Tristan
Small tortoiseshell - Petite tortue DanielePralong 16 1 Small tortoiseshell - Petite tortue
Blue Pansy ToshimiDowaki 4 4 Blue Pansy
Drone fly DanielePralong 7 2 Drone fly
Asian openbill stork sunnyjosef 4 0 Asian openbill stork
Moth Jason Alexander 11 1 Moth
caterpillar dandoucette 4 5 caterpillar
Temminck's Jungle Babbler AlbertKang 9 1 Temminck's Jungle Babbler
Pink-edged Sulpher (mating) dominique.eghlidi 3 2 Pink-edged Sulpher (mating)
Leaf-footed bug (Nymphs) PieterColpaert 11 6 Leaf-footed bug (Nymphs)
Painted Grasshawk dandoucette 5 2 Painted Grasshawk
Unknown spotting eniobranco1970 8 2 Unknown spotting
The Sultan Lantern Bug dandoucette 10 3 The Sultan Lantern Bug
long-legged fly RickBohler 6 0 long-legged fly

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