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Wildlife of the British Isles

Wildlife of the British Isles

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Wildlife of the British Isles
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16 participants 433 spottings

Document the flora and fauna you discover throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland! Both native and introduced organisms are acceptable. Please try to include accurate dates and descriptions.

Wildlife of the British Isles

Lat: 54.21 Long: -4.31

Recent Spottings

14-Spotted Ladybeetle Jamie Grant 3 3 14-Spotted Ladybeetle
Zebra spider VivBraznell 0 2 Zebra spider
Violet Oil Beetle Jamie Grant 1 0 Violet Oil Beetle
Common Cockle shell VivBraznell 1 0 Common Cockle shell
Netted Dog Whelk VivBraznell 1 0 Netted Dog Whelk
Hoverfly VivBraznell 2 0 Hoverfly
Dingy Footman Jamie Grant 3 0 Dingy Footman
Lackey Moth Jamie Grant 2 3 Lackey Moth
Golden-Ringed Dragonfly Jamie Grant 1 0 Golden-Ringed Dragonfly
Sea Slater Jamie Grant 2 0 Sea Slater
Spotting Jamie Grant 1 0 Spotting
Common Green Bottle Fly Jamie Grant 1 0 Common Green Bottle Fly
Bloody-Nosed Beetle Jamie Grant 2 0 Bloody-Nosed Beetle
House Sparrow♀ Jamie Grant 2 0 House Sparrow♀
Egyptian Goose RikMartin 1 0 Egyptian Goose
Leaf cutter bee RikMartin 2 0 Leaf cutter bee
Woundwort shield bug RikMartin 2 0 Woundwort shield bug
green legged sawfly RikMartin 1 0 green legged sawfly
Orange tip butterfly RikMartin 1 0 Orange tip butterfly
Small white butterfly RikMartin 1 0 Small white butterfly
Ruby Tiger moth cocoon VivBraznell 3 2 Ruby Tiger moth cocoon
Speckled wood VivBraznell 3 0 Speckled wood
Orange tip VivBraznell 2 0 Orange tip
Spotting JanineLingTurner 1 2 Spotting
Red-headed cardinal beetle RikMartin 3 0 Red-headed cardinal beetle
Cockchafer RikMartin 3 0 Cockchafer
Cordyceps sp. on host spider JanineLingTurner 7 2 Cordyceps sp. on host spider
Dwarf drone fly (hoverfly) RikMartin 4 0 Dwarf drone fly (hoverfly)
Dor Beetle RikMartin 2 0 Dor Beetle
Cluster fly RikMartin 1 0 Cluster fly
Shaded Broad-bar moth RikMartin 1 0 Shaded Broad-bar moth
leopard slug RikMartin 1 0 leopard slug
Ichneumon wasp RikMartin 1 0 Ichneumon wasp
pied shieldbug nymph RikMartin 2 0 pied shieldbug nymph
Ringlet butterfly RikMartin 1 0 Ringlet butterfly
Common malachite beetle RikMartin 1 0 Common malachite beetle
common tubic moth RikMartin 1 0 common tubic moth
7 Spot Ladybird RikMartin 2 0 7 Spot Ladybird
Hawthorn Shieldbug RikMartin 2 0 Hawthorn Shieldbug
Bee Fly RikMartin 1 0 Bee Fly
Heleomyzid fly RikMartin 2 0 Heleomyzid fly
Thick legged flower beetle (male) RikMartin 1 0 Thick legged flower beetle (male)
Black-tailed godwit hornsbymj 1 0 Black-tailed godwit
Comma butterfly RikMartin 13 1 Comma butterfly
Giant House Spider JanineLingTurner 1 0 Giant House Spider
Common Toad RikMartin 4 0 Common Toad
western conifer seed bug RikMartin 1 0 western conifer seed bug
Spotting VivBraznell 1 0 Spotting
Common Blue VivBraznell 5 0 Common Blue
common nettle bug RikMartin 1 0 common nettle bug

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