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Insects of New England

Insects of New England

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Insects of New England
Created by

Christine Y.

Website 7 participants 661 spottings

Our mission is to find and photograph as many insects in the New England area as possible!

Insects of New England

Lat: 41.39 Long: -73.45

Recent Spottings

Furry Oak Leaf Galls Christine Y. 4 0 Furry Oak Leaf Galls
Woolly Aphid Christine Y. 2 2 Woolly Aphid
Winter Firefly Christine Y. 1 2 Winter Firefly
Fairyfly Christine Y. 8 2 Fairyfly
Yellownecked Caterpillar Christine Y. 4 0 Yellownecked Caterpillar
Delicate Cycnia Caterpillar Christine Y. 2 0 Delicate Cycnia Caterpillar
Northern Paper Wasp Christine Y. 1 0 Northern Paper Wasp
Goldenglow Aphid Christine Y. 2 0 Goldenglow Aphid
Purple Carrot-seed Moth Caterpillar Christine Y. 1 0 Purple Carrot-seed Moth Caterpillar
Derbid Planthopper Christine Y. 1 0 Derbid Planthopper
Stenochironomus hilaris Christine Y. 2 0 Stenochironomus hilaris
Differential Grasshopper Christine Y. 2 0 Differential Grasshopper
Water Penny Beetle Larva Christine Y. 8 1 Water Penny Beetle Larva
Blackberry Looper Christine Y. 3 0 Blackberry Looper
Red-fringed Emerald Christine Y. 2 0 Red-fringed Emerald
Variable Antepione Christine Y. 2 0 Variable Antepione
Chestnut- marked Pondweed Moth Christine Y. 2 0 Chestnut- marked Pondweed Moth
Ailanthus webworm moth Christine Y. 2 0 Ailanthus webworm moth
Pavlovski's Monopis Moth Christine Y. 2 0 Pavlovski's Monopis Moth
Saddleback Caterpillar Christine Y. 10 3 Saddleback Caterpillar
Monarch Butterfly Christine Y. 2 0 Monarch Butterfly
White-dotted Prominent Christine Y. 6 2 White-dotted Prominent
White-lined Sphinx Christine Y. 13 6 White-lined Sphinx
Salt Marsh Moth Caterpillar Christine Y. 4 0 Salt Marsh Moth Caterpillar
Acorn Plum Wasp Gall Christine Y. 2 0 Acorn Plum Wasp Gall
Monarch Butterfly Christine Y. 2 0 Monarch Butterfly
Great Spangled Fritillary Christine Y. 3 0 Great Spangled Fritillary
Evergreen Bagworm Moth Christine Y. 4 2 Evergreen Bagworm Moth
Monarch Caterpillar Christine Y. 5 5 Monarch Caterpillar
Uranotaenia sapphirina Christine Y. 4 7 Uranotaenia sapphirina
Red Twin-spot Christine Y. 1 0 Red Twin-spot
Gallinipper Christine Y. 1 0 Gallinipper
Woodland Malaria Mosquito Christine Y. 1 0 Woodland Malaria Mosquito
Confused Haploa Moth Christine Y. 5 0 Confused Haploa Moth
Anchor Stink Bug Christine Y. 3 2 Anchor Stink Bug
Honeysuckle Sawfly Larva Christine Y. 1 2 Honeysuckle Sawfly Larva
Tobacco Wireworm Christine Y. 1 0 Tobacco Wireworm
Leaf Skeletonizing Beetle Christine Y. 1 0 Leaf Skeletonizing Beetle
Keeled Treehopper Christine Y. 1 0 Keeled Treehopper
White-footed Mosquito (Female) Christine Y. 1 0 White-footed Mosquito (Female)
Shining Dichomeris Christine Y. 1 0 Shining Dichomeris
Pale-winged Crocidophora Christine Y. 1 0 Pale-winged Crocidophora
Six-toothed Aethes Christine Y. 2 0 Six-toothed Aethes
Ragweed Borer Christine Y. 1 0 Ragweed Borer
Faint-spotted Angle Christine Y. 1 0 Faint-spotted Angle
Pink-spotted Dart Christine Y. 1 0 Pink-spotted Dart
Rustic Quaker Christine Y. 1 0 Rustic Quaker
Small Minnow Mayfly Christine Y. 1 0 Small Minnow Mayfly
Bent-Line Gray (Melanistic) Christine Y. 1 0 Bent-Line Gray (Melanistic)
Agreeable Tiger Moth Christine Y. 1 0 Agreeable Tiger Moth

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