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1 0 Hairy Footed Flower Bee

Hairy Footed Flower Bee

by devonmaidEngland, United Kingdom


0 0 Spotting


by Vijay Anand IsmavelMeghalaya, India

Large (? moth) hairy caterpillar - almost a ...

0 1 Great mullein

Great mullein

by petrainviHilo, Hawaii, USA

Cabbage like plant, hairy leaves.

0 2 Ironweed


by smcrenshawKentucky, USA

Pastures around here have a lot of these right now. Range from a

0 0 Elephant's Foot Wildflower

Elephant's Foot Wildflower

by Charlotte.Fletcher

in the aster family, perennial wildflower, pale purple flowers, about 1

0 0 Spotting


by gatorfellowsPrairie View, Texas, USA

Medium soft hairy strap like leaves ...

1 0 Hairy-footed flower bee

Hairy-footed flower bee

by Paul DavisThree Rivers, England, United Kingdom

This is the dark coloured female.

0 0 Devil's Grandmother / Elephant's Foot

Devil's Grandmother / Elephant's Foot

by flowntheloopGeorgia, USA

Pale purple flower.

1 0 Spotting


by LuisStevensSan Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Plant with dark purple color and a pattern of lighter color in the leaves, ...

0 0 Hairy Goldenaster

Hairy Goldenaster

by BlueAppaloosaColorado, USA

plant is around a foot tall.

0 0 Bigelow's Tansyaster

Bigelow's Tansyaster

by BlueAppaloosaColorado, USA

Purple flowers with bright yellow centers. Leaves are slender and slightly ...

2 0 Hairy-Footed Flower Bee

Hairy-Footed Flower Bee

by Hannah DavisBerlin, Berlin, Germany

Male. The long hairs on the middle pair of legs are an identifying feature of ...

2 3 Tarantula


by demareste0579San Diego, California, USA

Dark brown and hairy. About 2/3 of a

0 0 Rabbit-foot Clover

Rabbit-foot Clover

by ForestDragonWantagh, New York, USA

Small plant with trifoliate leaves. Leaflets are narrow, elongated and

4 3 Dove's-foot Crane's-bill

Dove's-foot Crane's-bill

by JopyCroatia

This is a small plant with very branched, quite

1 1 Coquelicot


by XiaoWeiAniane, Languedoc-Roussillon, Tromelin Island

with black stain on their foot. The sepal ...

2 0 Scarlet Sage

Scarlet Sage

by joanbstanleyTexas, USA

summer to autumn. Plants grow to about a

1 0 hairy footed flower bee (male)

hairy footed flower bee (male)

by Debbie StewartDerbyshire Dales, England, United Kingdom

This bee is cashing in on an early supply of nectar and is one of the first ...

0 0 Bear's Foot

Bear's Foot

by QWMomGeorgia, USA

Tall leafy plant with large "paw"-shaped leaves and yellow flowers with typical ...

1 0 Viceroy


by AarongunnarWisconsin, USA

The viceroy butterfly is a brush-footed ...

0 0 Doves-Foot Cranesbill

Doves-Foot Cranesbill

by LauraMariaColchester Borough (Essex), England, United Kingdom

The cranesbill plants are also commonly known by their genus, Geranium. The ...

0 0 Devil's Grandmother

Devil's Grandmother

by QWMomGeorgia, USA

One of several native species known by the common name, Elephant's

0 1 Thistle


by D BlockTampa, Florida, USA

About one foot tall Purple Bristles Long ...

0 0 Eastern gray beardtongue

Eastern gray beardtongue

by drPVirginia, USA

This member of the snapdragon family gets its name from the

0 0 Hare's Foot Plantain

Hare's Foot Plantain

by MarikaMartinezMalta, Malta

Also know as Mediterranean Plantain, this annual plant has wide

0 0 laineuse du chêne

laineuse du chêne

by EmilieChichPiégut, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Tromelin Island

Hairy, cream-colored moth.

0 0 Palmking caterpillar

Palmking caterpillar

by VivBraznellจังหวัดนครศรีธรรมราช, Thailand

Hairy caterpillar with very long 'fringe' ...

0 0 Bear's Foot or yellow Leafcup

Bear's Foot or yellow Leafcup

by JOHN2Georgia, USA

Heads of yellow ray florets, toothed. Leaves opposite

0 0 Yarrow


by BlueAppaloosaColorado, USA

leaves are stems are slightly hairy. Plant ...

0 0 Margined Stickseed

Margined Stickseed

by BlueAppaloosaColorado, USA

slender and pointed, and slightly hairy. ...

0 0 Common Selfheal

Common Selfheal

by Charlotte.FletcherCharlotte, North Carolina, USA

perennial herb, in the mint family, 1 foot ...

1 1 Spotting


by JordiPratsJawa Barat, Indonesia

A hairy caterpillar, dark brown, about 15mm ...

1 0 Carolina Elephant's Foot

Carolina Elephant's Foot

by ForestDragonVirginia, USA

Native wildflower to North America from New Jersey to Texas. Ovate basal leaves ...

1 0 Pygmy Pussytoes

Pygmy Pussytoes

by MachiAlaska, USA

The stems are a bit hairy looking, though ...

0 0 Dove's-foot Crane's-bill

Dove's-foot Crane's-bill

by KostasZontanosΣυκιές, Αποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση Μακεδονίας - Θράκης, Greece

a very branched plant, quite hairy, with ...

8 6 Iceland poppy "Champagne bubbles"

Iceland poppy "Champagne bubbles"

by Marta RubioTexeiraMeise, Vlaanderen, Belgium

, papery, bowl-shaped, lightly fragrant flowers supported by

3 0 Desert Marigold

Desert Marigold

by KenCheeksApache Junction, Arizona, USA

-inch long, pinnate wooly, or hairy, ...

5 7 Epilachna Lady Beetle

Epilachna Lady Beetle

by JordiPratsJawa Barat, Indonesia

A hairy red ladybird, orange head and ...

0 1 Geranium molle

Geranium molle

by l.marasovic2001Croatia

Geranium molle, the Dove's-foot ...

1 0 Cottonhopper



A white, hairy bug with short antennas. ...

1 2 Feather-legged fly (male)

Feather-legged fly (male)

by Aaron_GTulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Trichopoda is a genus of tachinid flies, commonly known as the feather-legged ...

4 1 Elephant Foot

Elephant Foot

by NuwanChathurangaAlawwa, Sri Lanka

Elephant Foot is a rather coarse, rigid, ...

2 2 Potter flower bee

Potter flower bee

by Debbie StewartRotherham, England, United Kingdom

The second largest of our five anthophora species, (just slightly smaller than ...

2 0 Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

by joanbstanleyDenton, Texas, USA

4-foot-tall flowers produce

4 0 Caterpillar


by LaurenZarateChiapas, Mexico

This very hairy caterpillar has orange ...

2 0 Jacquemontia or Hairy Clustervine

Jacquemontia or Hairy Clustervine

by KenCheeksAugusta, Georgia, USA

Hairy clustervine (Jacquemontia ...

0 0 Rabbitfoot Clover

Rabbitfoot Clover

by QWMomMarietta, Georgia, USA

It is a small erect herbaceous annual, or sometimes biennial plant, growing to ...

1 0 Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud

by LiamAugusta, Georgia, USA

Typically grows to 6–9 m (20–30 feet) tall with a 8–10 m (25–35