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Davao Gulf Marine Life

Davao Gulf Marine Life

Submit clear pictures of animals and plants that you have spotted anywhere in the waters of the Davao Gulf. As much as possible, please provide common names and scientific names, as well as concise descriptions. If you are unsure of the marine animal's or plant's name, don't worry, the Project Noah community is here to help! Sign in to join mission

Davao Gulf Marine Life
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This Mission aims to build a meaningful and informative database of MARINE WILDLIFE that abound in or on the waters of the Gulf of Davao, Philippines. The purpose is to arrive at a comprehensive database of the gulf's biodiverse flora and fauna, with the hope of inspiring more conservation efforts.

Davao Gulf Marine Life

Lat: 6.68 Long: 125.83

Recent Spottings

Reptilian Snake Eel BlogieRobillo 1 0 Reptilian Snake Eel
Stony Coral Blogie 4 0 Stony Coral
Three-stripe Featherstar Clingfish Blogie 2 0 Three-stripe Featherstar Clingfish
Showy Headshield Slug Blogie 12 2 Showy Headshield Slug
Flower Urchin Blogie 2 0 Flower Urchin
Decorator Crab Blogie 3 0 Decorator Crab
Moon-Face Euselenops Blogie 17 5 Moon-Face Euselenops
Banded Bubble Star Blogie 1 0 Banded Bubble Star
Remora Blogie 3 4 Remora
Redline Flabellina Blogie 1 0 Redline Flabellina
Textile Cone Blogie 5 2 Textile Cone
Chinese Lettuce Coral Blogie 6 2 Chinese Lettuce Coral
Devil Scorpionfish Blogie 1 0 Devil Scorpionfish
Gardiner's Headshield Slug Blogie 1 0 Gardiner's Headshield Slug
Bulb-tentacle Sea Anemone Blogie 1 0 Bulb-tentacle Sea Anemone
Peacock Wrasse (juvenile) Blogie 2 0 Peacock Wrasse (juvenile)
Giant Pink Ascidian Blogie 2 0 Giant Pink Ascidian
Humpback Grouper Blogie 3 0 Humpback Grouper
Branching Frogspawn Coral Blogie 3 0 Branching Frogspawn Coral
Black-tip Sole Blogie 2 0 Black-tip Sole
Sea Pen Blogie 3 2 Sea Pen
Type of crab Blogie 4 2 Type of crab
Coleman Shrimp Blogie 28 13 Coleman Shrimp
Script Flatworm Blogie 1 0 Script Flatworm
Upside-down Sea Jelly Blogie 17 10 Upside-down Sea Jelly
Stumpy-spined Cuttlefish Blogie 2 0 Stumpy-spined Cuttlefish
Spiny Leaf-fish Blogie 18 6 Spiny Leaf-fish
Saddleback Anemonefish Eggs Blogie 4 0 Saddleback Anemonefish Eggs
Forskal's Pleurobranch Blogie 3 0 Forskal's Pleurobranch
Sunburst Sea Anemone Blogie 6 0 Sunburst Sea Anemone
Organ-pipe Coral Blogie 24 11 Organ-pipe Coral
Blue Triggerfish (juvenile) Blogie 7 3 Blue Triggerfish (juvenile)
Taylor's Garden Eel Blogie 4 0 Taylor's Garden Eel
Sea Grapes Blogie 4 2 Sea Grapes
Three-spot Anglerfish (juvenile) Blogie 4 5 Three-spot Anglerfish (juvenile)
Octopus Coral Blogie 4 0 Octopus Coral
Eyespot Shrimp Blogie 1 2 Eyespot Shrimp
Feather Star Blogie 14 3 Feather Star
Fire Urchin Blogie 2 0 Fire Urchin
Phyllidiopsis burni Blogie 7 0 Phyllidiopsis burni
Crowned Jellyfish Blogie 67 62 Crowned Jellyfish
Heavy Bonnet (dwarf) Blogie 5 3 Heavy Bonnet (dwarf)
Magnificent Anemone Shrimp Blogie 28 18 Magnificent Anemone Shrimp
Striate Bubble Blogie 2 2 Striate Bubble
Bat Volute Blogie 5 2 Bat Volute
Girdled Cardinalfish Blogie 3 0 Girdled Cardinalfish
Nudibranch with egg spiral Blogie 10 7 Nudibranch with egg spiral
Much-desired Flabellina Blogie 8 2 Much-desired Flabellina
Corallimorph Decorator Crab Blogie 11 7 Corallimorph Decorator Crab
Zebra Mantis Shrimp Blogie 1 0 Zebra Mantis Shrimp

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