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Maria de B's yard

Maria de B's yard

Add spottings of all animals including birds and insects, as well as plants, seen in my yard, an area of about 0.75 acre Sign in to join mission

Maria de B's yard
Created by

Maria dB

Website 2 participants 736 spottings

Fauna and flora seen in my own yard. This mission is only for my personal yard. Others can create missions for their own yards.

Maria de B's yard

Lat: 35.91 Long: -79.06

Recent Spottings

Red-shouldered hawk Maria dB 8 7 Red-shouldered hawk
Ruby-crowned kinglet Maria dB 2 0 Ruby-crowned kinglet
Cedar waxwing Maria dB 6 2 Cedar waxwing
White-tailed deer Maria dB 11 8 White-tailed deer
Yellow-bellied sapsucker Maria dB 1 0 Yellow-bellied sapsucker
Large Paectes moth Maria dB 1 0 Large Paectes moth
Eastern towhee, male Maria dB 5 2 Eastern towhee, male
Northern cardinal Maria dB 2 0 Northern cardinal
Northern cardinal Maria dB 3 6 Northern cardinal
Red-winged blackbird Maria dB 3 0 Red-winged blackbird
Dark-eyed junco Maria dB 3 3 Dark-eyed junco
European starling Maria dB 7 3 European starling
American crow Maria dB 5 1 American crow
Snowberry clearwing moth Maria dB 5 0 Snowberry clearwing moth
Red-shouldered hawk Maria dB 4 3 Red-shouldered hawk
Blue grosbeak Maria dB 8 0 Blue grosbeak
Gray catbird Maria dB 0 4 Gray catbird
Ruby-throated hummingbird Maria dB 3 0 Ruby-throated hummingbird
Gray catbird Maria dB 3 0 Gray catbird
Green frog Maria dB 2 0 Green frog
Eastern bluebird Maria dB 1 0 Eastern bluebird
Great crested flycatcher Maria dB 1 0 Great crested flycatcher
Ailanthus webworm moth Maria dB 1 0 Ailanthus webworm moth
Red-bellied woodpecker Maria dB 2 0 Red-bellied woodpecker
Eastern bluebird Maria dB 20 4 Eastern bluebird
Pine warbler Maria dB 2 0 Pine warbler
Red-winged blackbird Maria dB 3 0 Red-winged blackbird
Eastern bluebird Maria dB 3 0 Eastern bluebird
Downy woodpecker Maria dB 2 0 Downy woodpecker
White-tailed deer Maria dB 1 0 White-tailed deer
Northern cardinal Maria dB 1 0 Northern cardinal
American goldfinch Maria dB 1 0 American goldfinch
Raccoon Maria dB 2 0 Raccoon
American robin Maria dB 3 0 American robin
Wood-decaying polypore Maria dB 9 2 Wood-decaying polypore
Brown thrasher Maria dB 14 7 Brown thrasher
Red-bellied woodpecker Maria dB 3 0 Red-bellied woodpecker
Pine warbler Maria dB 2 0 Pine warbler
Ruby-crowned kinglet Maria dB 4 1 Ruby-crowned kinglet
Carolina wren Maria dB 3 1 Carolina wren
Brown-headed cowbird Maria dB 2 0 Brown-headed cowbird
American robin Maria dB 1 0 American robin
Northern cardinal Maria dB 7 0 Northern cardinal
Common grackle Maria dB 2 0 Common grackle
Yellow-rumped warbler with pine warbler Maria dB 2 0 Yellow-rumped warbler with pine warbler
Mourning dove Maria dB 3 2 Mourning dove
Pine warbler Maria dB 12 7 Pine warbler
Brown thrasher Maria dB 7 1 Brown thrasher
Northern cardinal Maria dB 4 2 Northern cardinal
American robin Maria dB 6 1 American robin

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