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 East African Biodiversity

East African Biodiversity

A place to add your photographs from Western Kenya, most of Uganda, Northern Tanzania, Eastern Rwanda and NE Burundi. Including Serengeti and Masai Mara. Please check the map for area covered as I couldn't include all of East Africa in the mission. Sign in to join mission

 East African Biodiversity
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A place to add your photographs from Western Kenya, most of Uganda, Northern Tanzania, Eastern Rwanda and NE Burundi.

 East African Biodiversity

Lat: -1.54 Long: 33.89

Recent Spottings

Black backed jackel KarenSaxton 2 0 Black backed jackel
Topi KarenSaxton 2 0 Topi
eagle KarenSaxton 1 1 eagle
Ostrich mating behavior KarenSaxton 3 0 Ostrich mating behavior
Leopard KarenSaxton 3 0 Leopard
Spotted Hyena KarenSaxton 3 0 Spotted Hyena
cape buffalo KarenSaxton 4 4 cape buffalo
Wildebeest great migration KarenSaxton 2 0 Wildebeest great migration
female spiderman lizard KarenSaxton 1 0 female spiderman lizard
Pale Chanting Goshawk KarenSaxton 1 0 Pale Chanting Goshawk
spotted hyena KarenSaxton 1 0 spotted hyena
Kori Bustard KarenSaxton 1 0 Kori Bustard
Kenyan rock agama KarenSaxton 1 0 Kenyan rock agama
Flapneck chameleon KarenSaxton 10 2 Flapneck chameleon
African honeybee beehive? KarenSaxton 2 0 African honeybee beehive?
Northern Masked Weaver KarenSaxton 2 0 Northern Masked Weaver
white bellied go away bird KarenSaxton 1 1 white bellied go away bird
Banded Mongoose KarenSaxton 6 2 Banded Mongoose
Slate-coloured Boubou KarenSaxton 1 2 Slate-coloured Boubou
Maasai giraffe KarenSaxton 1 0 Maasai giraffe
Nile (water) monitor KarenSaxton 7 0 Nile (water) monitor
cuckoo wasp KarenSaxton 0 0 cuckoo wasp
ant-heap small white KarenSaxton 0 0 ant-heap small white
bird KarenSaxton 0 2 bird
dikdik droppings KarenSaxton 1 0 dikdik droppings
Spotting KarenSaxton 0 0 Spotting
bird KarenSaxton 0 1 bird
social weaver nest KarenSaxton 1 0 social weaver nest
African pygmy kingfisher KarenSaxton 1 0 African pygmy kingfisher
Paper wasp KarenSaxton 0 0 Paper wasp
Caper white butterfly KarenSaxton 0 0 Caper white butterfly
Reichenow's Seed-eater KarenSaxton 0 2 Reichenow's Seed-eater
Elegant grasshopper KarenSaxton 0 0 Elegant grasshopper
African Golden Arab KarenSaxton 0 0 African Golden Arab
butterfly KarenSaxton 0 0 butterfly
erebid moth KarenSaxton 0 0 erebid moth
butterfly KarenSaxton 0 0 butterfly
Northern Masked weaver KarenSaxton 1 0 Northern Masked weaver
Marabou stork KarenSaxton 1 0 Marabou stork
emerald spotted wood dove KarenSaxton 1 0 emerald spotted wood dove
Egyptian goose KarenSaxton 2 0 Egyptian goose
Heron - Purple Heron Karan Raghwa 4 0 Heron - Purple Heron
secretary bird KarenSaxton 1 0 secretary bird
baby elephants KarenSaxton 2 0 baby elephants
White browed coucal KarenSaxton 2 0 White browed coucal
Greenshank KarenSaxton 0 1 Greenshank
Vervet aka blue ball monkey KarenSaxton 0 2 Vervet aka blue ball monkey
Ostrich KarenSaxton 1 0 Ostrich
unknown stork KarenSaxton 1 0 unknown stork
Water Thick Knee KarenSaxton 1 0 Water Thick Knee

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