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Backyard Birding Southeastern USA

Backyard Birding Southeastern USA

In the south, we get some great birds migrating in the spring and fall, and we also have some year round resident birds. This mission is for birds seen in the wild - your backyard, neighborhood parks, and wherever you happen to be out and about. Date is important, especially for the migratory birds. Note if the bird is in a wildlife rescue. Fill out as many fields as you can. Descriptive habitats are helpful too: Feeders, baths, trees, perches, poles, birdhouses, bushes, telephone wires, etc. They also happen to be great places to start looking and listening and photographing. Sign in to join mission

Backyard Birding Southeastern USA
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This mission is for Backyard Birding in the Southeastern United States. It is for migratory birds, year-round birds and ducks that are seen in backyards, parks, and other places where birds are not captive. Look for things like bird feeders, bird houses, bard baths, birds perched near any of those things, trees around those man-made things. This mission covers the South eastern USA: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, Mississippi, and Virginia. Not only are pictures great, but if you can catch a song or two - they go great on the video link for the spotting.

Backyard Birding Southeastern USA

Lat: 33.75 Long: -84.39

Recent Spottings

Common Yellowthroat (young female) LauraLOVESbirds 1 0 Common Yellowthroat (young female)
Brown Thrasher LauraLOVESbirds 2 0 Brown Thrasher
Fish Crow LauraLOVESbirds 2 0 Fish Crow
Purple Martin LauraLOVESbirds 1 0 Purple Martin
Indigo Bunting robert emond 4 0 Indigo Bunting
Eastern Kingbird LauraLOVESbirds 7 1 Eastern Kingbird
Little Blue Heron pevans01 0 1 Little Blue Heron
Eastern Towhee LauraLOVESbirds 4 2 Eastern Towhee
Black Vultures LauraLOVESbirds 4 3 Black Vultures
American Kestrel LauraLOVESbirds 2 0 American Kestrel
Carolina Wren LauraLOVESbirds 5 0 Carolina Wren
Red-bellied Woodpecker LauraLOVESbirds 2 0 Red-bellied Woodpecker
Mourning Dove and nest with eggs larkinpb 7 4 Mourning Dove and nest with eggs
Red-bellied Woodpecker suzybousa 3 2 Red-bellied Woodpecker
White Ibis suzybousa 2 0 White Ibis
Coopers Hawk LauraLOVESbirds 2 0 Coopers Hawk
Gray Catbird pevans01 0 0 Gray Catbird
Pileated Woodpecker (female) LauraLOVESbirds 1 0 Pileated Woodpecker (female)
Northern Flicker LauraLOVESbirds 4 0 Northern Flicker
Green Heron dragonflygrit 0 1 Green Heron
Prothonotary Warbler robert emond 5 0 Prothonotary Warbler
Anhinga dragonflygrit 0 0 Anhinga
Northern Bobwhite PucaK 1 0 Northern Bobwhite
Cardinal pevans01 0 1 Cardinal
Chipping Sparrow larkinpb 2 0 Chipping Sparrow
Blue jay LisaPowers 5 1 Blue jay
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron Dex Bean 2 0 Yellow-Crowned Night Heron
Unknown spotting Tammi Remsburg 0 1 Unknown spotting
Northern Cardinal Marshall2 2 0 Northern Cardinal
Blue-winged teal female joan6153 3 1 Blue-winged teal female
Muscovy Duck klementclover34 2 0 Muscovy Duck
Kentucky Warbler ColtMooney 1 2 Kentucky Warbler
Carolina wren larkinpb 1 0 Carolina wren
Gray catbird LisaPowers 2 0 Gray catbird
Red-bellied Woodpecker PucaK 2 0 Red-bellied Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker – Female PucaK 6 0 Downy Woodpecker – Female
Bird egg okiegirl85 2 1 Bird egg
Red-tailed hawk joan6153 1 0 Red-tailed hawk
Carolina Wren Machi 3 0 Carolina Wren
Peregrine Falcon (juvenile) joan6153 0 0 Peregrine Falcon (juvenile)
Great White Heron (white morph great blue heron) Ruby 0 1 Great White Heron (white morph great blue heron)
Bluejay Feather meadowbird8688 2 2 Bluejay Feather
Eastern Bluebird Machi 1 0 Eastern Bluebird
House Sparrow AutumnCoalwell 0 0 House Sparrow
Northern Mockingbird Machi 2 0 Northern Mockingbird
Red-shouldered Hawk Machi 4 3 Red-shouldered Hawk
Double Crested Cormorant Dex Bean 1 0 Double Crested Cormorant
Woodpecker ColtMooney 1 0 Woodpecker
Bird nest okiegirl85 0 2 Bird nest
Mockingbird ColtMooney 1 0 Mockingbird

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