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Parental care in insects and other invertebrates

Parental care in insects and other invertebrates

***READ THIS FIRST***DON'T judge a mission by its title!*** Only add spottings that include photos of INDIVIDUAL "PARENT" invertebrates taking care of their OWN young.This is NOT a mission for surrogate care as seen in COLONIAL ants, bees, wasps, etc. "Farming" of one species by another does NOT count for this mission. BOTH the parent(s) and young MUST be featured together in at least 1 photo. It is not enough to include a species that is known to engage in this activity, your spotting NEEDS TO SHOW IT. Simple egg-laying in and of itself does not demonstrate parental care. Thank you! [Please see Details] Sign in to join mission

Parental care in insects and other invertebrates
Created by

Scott Frazier

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[PLEASE READ the instructions under Overview first!*]. Did you know that some of the lesser creatures engage in "parenting"? Brooding behavior and other kinds of parental care by birds, mammals and even some fish, amphibians and reptiles is familiar. But many people are unaware that there are some remarkable examples of these behaviors among invertebrate species. This mission seeks to catalog photographic spottings which "showcase brooding behavior and other kinds of PARENTAL care" among insects and other invertebrate species from around the world. [*Unfortunately spottings which do not conform to instructions under Overview will be REMOVED from this mission without comment.] Thank you!

Parental care in insects and other invertebrates

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Recent Spottings

Cellar Spider Atul 2 1 Cellar Spider
Isabella Moth (cocoon) doreen.chambers.14 1 0 Isabella Moth (cocoon)
Phrurotimpus sp. (egg sack) doreen.chambers.14 1 4 Phrurotimpus sp. (egg sack)
slug eggs doreen.chambers.14 1 0 slug eggs
Rabid Wolf Spider (with spiderlings) flowntheloop 9 6 Rabid Wolf Spider (with spiderlings)
Virginia Creeper Sphinx Moth (parasitized) doreen.chambers.14 6 3 Virginia Creeper Sphinx Moth (parasitized)
Flatid Planthopper LaurenZarate 1 0 Flatid Planthopper
Seagrape Sawfly yahk66 21 11 Seagrape Sawfly
Spitting Spider Charlotte.Fletcher 1 0 Spitting Spider
PolyglyptaTreehopper Francisco Ramírez 17 9 PolyglyptaTreehopper
Bordered plant bug Dawn Lopez-Garanzuay 5 5 Bordered plant bug
Striped bark scorpion Aaron_G 4 0 Striped bark scorpion
Keeled Treehopper LaurenZarate 5 0 Keeled Treehopper
Spider with Hatched Spiderlings LaurenZarate 1 0 Spider with Hatched Spiderlings
Pentatomid Bug with feeding Baby LaurenZarate 16 15 Pentatomid Bug with feeding Baby
Nursery-web spiderlings in silk tent DespinaTsafetopoulou 3 0 Nursery-web spiderlings in silk tent
Kapok Bug Muckpuk 4 7 Kapok Bug
Jumping spider CassieJadeHolmes-Brown 4 0 Jumping spider
Unknown spotting Machi 3 0 Unknown spotting
Wolf Spider Atul 6 2 Wolf Spider
Black and yellow garden spider Charlotte Fletcher 3 0 Black and yellow garden spider
Unknown spotting PutkovAlexander 4 1 Unknown spotting
Daddy longlegs spider; Cellar spider DanielHardt 1 0 Daddy longlegs spider; Cellar spider
Stink Bug Phillip Torres 10 2 Stink Bug
Crab spider TamaraMiranda 1 2 Crab spider
Stink bug TamaraMiranda 2 2 Stink bug
Carolina Wolf Spider ZachHorner 1 0 Carolina Wolf Spider
Tent Catapilla MelHearn 0 2 Tent Catapilla
Thorn bug EduardoAxelRecillasBautista 21 5 Thorn bug
Unknown spotting Machi 3 1 Unknown spotting
Acromis Tortoise beetle Diaz José Miguel 22 15 Acromis Tortoise beetle
Wolf Spider with Babies LaurenZarate 10 6 Wolf Spider with Babies
Unknown spotting Sckel 20 8 Unknown spotting
Spotted red bug EduardoAxelRecillasBautista 58 35 Spotted red bug
Stink bug and nymphs Diaz José Miguel 16 2 Stink bug and nymphs
Unknown spotting josh.rioux 1 2 Unknown spotting
Carolina wolf spider with spiderlings KarenL 3 0 Carolina wolf spider with spiderlings
Leaf-footed Bug Machi 4 8 Leaf-footed Bug
Atlantic Ghost Crab BiancaDecletBauzo 5 3 Atlantic Ghost Crab
Leaf-footed Bug NoriethAlejandra 22 7 Leaf-footed Bug
red cotton bug JordiPrats 1 0 red cotton bug
Wolf Spider with babies Tom15 49 28 Wolf Spider with babies
Sweet potato bug VivBraznell 2 1 Sweet potato bug
Unidentified Leaf-Footed Bug Lanzz 2 3 Unidentified Leaf-Footed Bug
Unknown spotting BiancaDecletBauzo 2 1 Unknown spotting
Ground crab spider FilippoGuerra 1 0 Ground crab spider
giant shield bug nymphs Scott Frazier 19 8 giant shield bug nymphs
Thinlegged Wolf Spider and babies CindyBinghamKeiser 12 12 Thinlegged Wolf Spider and babies
Unknown spotting Stanislav Greš 1 2 Unknown spotting
Aranha-de-grama Sckel 3 1 Aranha-de-grama

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