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1 2 Honeysuckle


by kevincueva4Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain

Europe Honeysuckle

0 0 Weigela


by yulia8473Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

0 0 Pink Poppet

Pink Poppet

by 6glauserGrand Island, Nebraska, USA

0 0 Caprifoliaceae


by 15acoajouFrederick, Maryland, USA

Dark green, long branches, hard leaves, short plant.

0 0 Honeysuckle


by 15vmenziSykesville, Maryland, USA

A shrub or vine, normally grows around trees.

0 0 Glossy abelia

Glossy abelia

by PeaceCakesOrange, California, USA

Caprifoliaceae family. White flower with ...

0 0 Chupamiel piloso

Chupamiel piloso

by carlos.velazcoNuevo León, Mexico

0 0 Zova


Београд, Централна Србија, Serbia

Зова или базга je вишегодишња дрвенаста биљка из породице

0 0 Japanese honeysuckle

Japanese honeysuckle

by LatimeriaLowell, Ohio, USA

The flowers can be yellow or white.

1 0 Jupiter's beard

Jupiter's beard

by ChristosMaroulisΑττική, Greece

I spotted this flower in Poikilo mountain, Attica, Greece

0 0 Silver Scabious

Silver Scabious

by KostasZontanos

Spotted in the sandy beach of Agios Mamas (Chalkidiki, Greece).

0 0 zova


Београд, Централна Србија, Serbia

Зова или базга (лат. Sambucus nigra) вишегодишња је дрвенаста биљка из породице ...

2 0 Perfoliate Honeysuckle

Perfoliate Honeysuckle

by Irena HrovatSlovenia

Very fragrant flowers

1 0 Honeysuckle


by Tania17Δημοτική Ενότητα Χολαργού, Αττική, Greece

Α climbing shrub, here on Quercus coccifera.

0 0 Spotting


by Zlatan CelebicVal-de-Ruz, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Here, found on edges and large forest pathwalk in our beautiful Bagasse forest ...

0 0 Glossy Abelia

Glossy Abelia

by EvinaΑ΄ Δημοτική Κοινότητα Θεσσαλονίκης, Περιφέρεια Κεντρικής Μακεδονίας, Greece

distinguished stem, like all the

2 0 Himalaya Nutmeg

Himalaya Nutmeg

by Leuba RidgwayVictoria, Australia

This shrub had upright hollow stems and broad leaves. The white bell-shaped ...

0 0 Maple-leaf viburnum

Maple-leaf viburnum

by KristalWatrousPennsylvania, USA

Woody plant (shrub, small tree? ~1.25 meters tall) with opposite, palmate ...

1 2 Amur honeysuckle

Amur honeysuckle

by KristalWatrousState College, Pennsylvania, USA

Large shrub or small tree with small clusters of red fruits in pairs, opposite ...

0 2 Maple-leaf viburnum

Maple-leaf viburnum

by KristalWatrousCollege township, Pennsylvania, USA

Small understory shrub with opposite, palmate leaves. Looks superficially like ...

0 1 Japanese Honeysuckle

Japanese Honeysuckle

by SusanEllisonTexas, USA

grow wild along the buffalo bayou, very fragrant, smell like jasmine

0 0 Honey suckle

Honey suckle

Florence, Kentucky, USA

This vine takes up a lot of space in the American forest. It originated from ...

0 1 Elder or Elderberry

Elder or Elderberry

by MUSECoconut Creek, Florida, USA

formerly placed in the honeysuckle family,

0 0 Honeysuckle


by Darrell ThompsonSouth Carolina, USA

Honeysuckles are arching shrubs or twining bines in the family

2 0 Tremastelma


by KostasZontanosΑποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση Μακεδονίας - Θράκης, Greece

Flowers of violet color. Capitulum with outer florets larger than the others.

0 0 Amur Honeysuckle

Amur Honeysuckle

by ForestDragonNew York, USA

Large shrub with pretty berries of orange and red. Leaves are somewhat leathery ...

0 0 Red Valerian

Red Valerian

by KostasZontanos

Wild red valerian is a native of the Mediterranean region. The flowers are ...

3 0 Sweet scabious (μωβ σκαμπιόζα)

Sweet scabious (μωβ σκαμπιόζα)

by DespinaTsafetopoulouΒόλος, Αποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση Θεσσαλίας - Στερεάς Ελλάδας, Greece

genus in the Caprifoliaceae family. Sweet ...

3 0 Evergreen Honeysuckle

Evergreen Honeysuckle

by KostasZontanosΜακεδονία - Θράκη, Greece

"A climber with stalkless clusters of whitish-yellow, pink-flushed flowers, ...

2 0 Alfalfa looper

Alfalfa looper

by Brian38Federal Way, Washington, USA

Moth with shades of gray and brown and two white spots.

0 0 Honeysuckle


by LeaenaSugardwarfScotland, United Kingdom

Honeysuckles are arching shrubs or twining vines in the family

0 0 Trumpet honeysuckle

Trumpet honeysuckle

by drPVirginia, USA

An evergreen vine in the honeysuckle family (

0 0 Tartarian Honeysuckle

Tartarian Honeysuckle

by ForestDragonWantagh, New York, USA

Fairly large shrub with smooth, ovate leaves. Deeply lobed pink flowers. ...

0 0 Snowberry


by Morton1905Zagreb, Croatia

Picture from Botanical Garden of the University of Zagreb, Croatia, Europe.

0 2 Bush Honeysuckle

Bush Honeysuckle

by SarahHiteWhittLogan, Ohio, USA

Caprifoliaceae, all indigenous to eastern ...

0 0 Honeysuckle


by BudShinallTownsend, Tennessee, USA

Arching shrubs or twining vines in the family

0 1 Alfalfa Looper Moth

Alfalfa Looper Moth

by misako.hillEmeryville, California, USA

This Alfalfa Looper Moth was on the outside of my house--it was about 1 inch ...

2 2 Twinflower


by AngelChandlerOlympia, Washington, USA

Trailing evergreen. Leaves are opposite (like most plants in the honeysuckle ...

0 0 Madressilva



botânico Lonicera, da família das

7 5 Evergreen honeysuckle

Evergreen honeysuckle

by WombatAlgarve, Portugal

Climbing shrub (1 to 3m tall), evergreen , belongs to the

0 0 Zova


Београд, Централна Србија, Serbia

Зова или базга (лат. Sambucus nigra) вишегодишња је дрвенаста биљка из породице ...

1 0 Fly honeysuckle

Fly honeysuckle

by Zlatan CelebicAuvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Tromelin Island

Deciduous shrub, up to some 3m in height. White flowers, later replaced by ...

0 0 Teasel


by KostasZontanosΑποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση Μακεδονίας - Θράκης, Greece

Teasels are easily identified with their prickly stem and leaves, and the ...

0 0 Twinflower


by AarongunnarWisconsin, USA

(Caprifoliaceae) family, but some recent ...

0 0 Fuller's teasel; Cardencha

Fuller's teasel; Cardencha

by arlandaSomiedo, Asturias, Spain

The sessile leaves merge at the stem making a cup-like formation. Rain water ...

0 0 Honeysuckle bush

Honeysuckle bush

by SarahWhittOhio, USA

Lonicera maackii (Amur honeysuckle) is a species of honeysuckle in the family ...

0 0 Common Snowberry

Common Snowberry

by Brian38Washington, USA

A deciduous shrub in the honeysuckle family,