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0 0 Cupid's bower

Cupid's bower

by Daniela BracamonteSalta, Salta, Argentina

Family: Gesneriaceae

1 1 Blue rainbow

Blue rainbow

by PlantaeTaeKanchanaburi, Thailand

Annual herb

3 1 Drymonia


by JonathanSequeiraPuntarenas, Costa Rica

Small plant in the Gesneriaceae family, ...

2 0 Besleria


by JonathanSequeiraSan José, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Small member of the Gesneriaceae, Mostly, ...

0 0 Campanita anaranjada

Campanita anaranjada

by Manuel Víquez CarazoProvincia Cartago, Costa Rica

La campanita naranja (Besleria notabilis, Fam.:

0 0 Spotting


by dandoucetteCundinamarca, Colombia

small shrub, red balloon shaped flowers with small opening, some type of

0 0 Africka Ljubicica

Africka Ljubicica

Општина Стари град, Централна Србија, Serbia

Pripada porodici: Gesneriaceae.Spada u ...

6 2 Epiphytic Flower

Epiphytic Flower

by LaurenZarateFortín de las Flores, Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave, Mexico


2 0 Kohleria


by LaurenZarateChiapas, Mexico

no more than 2 cm long. Family

7 1 Kohleria


by JordiPratsJawa Barat, Indonesia

A red flower with a yellow pattern, placed at the botanical garden in the park. ...

6 3 Chilean Mitre Flower (Botellita)

Chilean Mitre Flower (Botellita)

by MarcoSepulvedaLeónChaitén, X Región de Los Lagos, Chile

Mitraria is a genus of flowering plants in the family

0 0 Drymonia rubra

Drymonia rubra

by Marta RubioTexeiraPuntarenas, Costa Rica

Temptative ID proposed in base of what I have seen to be similar and in the ...

72 17 Gesneriaceae


by DanielMclarenProvincia Cartago, Costa Rica

45mm across rainforest flower (creeping large plants)

1 0 Cyrtandra Flowers

Cyrtandra Flowers

by ChunXingWongSabah, Malaysia

Looks like Rhododendron but it is from the Cyrtandra genus.

8 7 Canterbury Bells

Canterbury Bells

by SckelCariacica, Espírito Santo, Brazil

family Gesneriaceae. Gloxinia perennis ...

1 0 copper leaf, squarestem

copper leaf, squarestem

by S FrazierIndonesia

An obvious cast off of "copper leaf" that survived and was thriving. A native ...

2 1 Sunset Bells

Sunset Bells

by J.Thomas CheruvallilKerala, India

Sunset Bells is a tender tropical perennial plant that belongs to the

2 0 Columnea


by Marta RubioTexeiraGuanacaste, Costa Rica

Gesneriaceae, native to tropical America ...

1 2 Drymonia serrulata

Drymonia serrulata

by Marta RubioTexeiraAlajuela, Costa Rica

Epyphite plant. The flower petals had very tiny animals which I could not ...

0 0 flame violet

flame violet

by Scott FrazierIndonesia

The 10 species of the genus are from tropical Central and South America, but ...

5 3 Lipstick plants

Lipstick plants

by wendy.yatnoBogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

fused. Member of Gesneriaceae family, ...

2 2 copper leaf, sunset bells

copper leaf, sunset bells

by Scott FrazierIndonesia

This is the first time I remember seeing this in flower or otherwise at this ...

39 32 Kohleria tigridia

Kohleria tigridia

by Marta RubioTexeiraCartago, Costa Rica

Kohlerias are flowering plants in the family

0 2 Shrubby Wiitevein

Shrubby Wiitevein

by glbnoah109

Large leaf croton. Leaf is approximately 9 inches long by 6 inches wide. Plant ...

0 0 Flame Violet

Flame Violet

by RobinsonMikeMalaysia

Episcia is a genus of 10 species belonging to the flowering plant family

3 0 Kohleria


by Nath_AGRisaralda, Colombia

Kohleria es un género del Nuevo Mundo de fanerógamas de la familia

1 1 Jankaea heldreichii

Jankaea heldreichii

by Λεωνίδας ΚυργιάκοςΔήμος Ελασσόνας, Περιφέρεια Θεσσαλίας, Greece

The Jankaea heldreichii (Boiss.) Boiss. plant is a herbaceous perennial. The ...

2 6 Canterbury Bells

Canterbury Bells

by p.young713Tampa, Florida, USA

Purple flowers that grow on a stem. the leaf resembles a begonia. It spreads ...

0 2 Chilca


by AgustinAmenabarLago Ranco, XIV Región de Los Ríos, Chile

flowering plants in the family