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0 0 Eastern Fence Lizard

Eastern Fence Lizard

by LeopoldoMirandaStatham, Georgia, USA

Near a house

0 0 Grass Spider

Grass Spider

by Mandy HollmanGeorgia, USA

Carrying egg sac

0 0 Crane Flies (mating)

Crane Flies (mating)

by Mandy HollmanGeorgia, USA

My yard. Spotted at night among brambly vines and short weedy overgrowth.

0 0 Cuckoo Wasp

Cuckoo Wasp

by Mandy HollmanGeorgia, USA

Bright emerald green and iridescent. Beautiful insect. Small; about 1cm. ...

1 0 Green Anole, male

Green Anole, male

by Mandy HollmanGeorgia, USA

Shown displaying his red dewlap, to attract a mate. Over the course of an ...

1 1 Eastern Leaf-footed Bug

Eastern Leaf-footed Bug

by Mandy HollmanStatham, Georgia, USA

Mating pair. There were many other bugs of the same kind on this weedy plant, ...

0 0 Io Moth eggs

Io Moth eggs

by Mandy HollmanStatham, Georgia, USA

24 oblong white eggs in a cluster, attached to the top of a leaf. Each egg had ...

0 1 Chinese Mantis

Chinese Mantis

by Mandy HollmanStatham, Georgia, USA

One of the biggest mantids I've ever found. Not at all timid. It seemed ...

0 0 Southern Two-Lined Salamander

Southern Two-Lined Salamander

by Mandy HollmanGeorgia, USA

Beautiful yellowish salamander, about 2.5-3" long. Very long tail. Four toes ...

1 1 Yellow Garden Spider egg case

Yellow Garden Spider egg case

by Mandy HollmanStatham, Georgia, USA

A papery sphere lashed to some twigs with surprisingly strong yellowish fibers. ...

0 0 Southeastern Five-lined Skink

Southeastern Five-lined Skink

by Mandy HollmanGeorgia, USA

Beautiful skink with bright blue tail and golden head-middle. Dark body with ...

0 0 Yellow-Headed Looper Moth

Yellow-Headed Looper Moth

by Mandy HollmanGeorgia, USA

Pale moth with a thin brown curved line on backs of lower wings. Wingspan just ...

1 1 Six-spotted Fishing Spiders

Six-spotted Fishing Spiders

by Mandy HollmanStatham, Georgia, USA

Large spiders (female is nearly 2.5 inches in diameter, including legs), ...

1 1 Southern Two-Lined Salamander, larva

Southern Two-Lined Salamander, larva

by Mandy HollmanGeorgia, USA

TINY! Photographed in a bottle cap. Translucent tannish/brownish. Underbelly ...

2 0 Black Rat Snake, juvenile

Black Rat Snake, juvenile

by Mandy HollmanGeorgia, USA

Sweet little snake. About two feet long (rough estimate). Very dark on top, ...