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Urban Biodiversity of Colorado

Urban Biodiversity of Colorado

Grab a camera or smartphone to document your observations of nature exploration. We're collecting wildlife observations from schoolyards, backyards, front yards, neighborhood walks, etc. in an effort to get you outside and exploring the bounty of nature even urban Colorado has to offer! Sign in to join mission

Urban Biodiversity of Colorado
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Living in the state of Colorado means that we have such a rich opportunity to observe, engage, and interact with countless species of plants, insects, and wildlife. And you don't have to go to the mountains to do this! So ask yourself these questions: "What kind of flora and fauna can I find in my own neighborhood? My own backyard? Outside my window?"

Urban Biodiversity of Colorado

Lat: 39.74 Long: -104.98

Recent Spottings

Western Conifer Seed Bug BugEric 1 0 Western Conifer Seed Bug
Bethylid wasp BugEric 1 0 Bethylid wasp
Varied Thrush BugEric 2 0 Varied Thrush
Ichneumon wasp BugEric 1 0 Ichneumon wasp
Black-tailed Prairie Dog Machi 4 0 Black-tailed Prairie Dog
Idaea gemmata VanTruan 3 0 Idaea gemmata
Montana Six-plume Moth VanTruan 2 0 Montana Six-plume Moth
Garden Tortix VanTruan 2 0 Garden Tortix
Clemens' Bark Moth VanTruan 2 0 Clemens' Bark Moth
Amydria obliquell VanTruan 1 0 Amydria obliquell
Western Screech Owl VanTruan 1 0 Western Screech Owl
Fox Squirrel VanTruan 4 0 Fox Squirrel
American Goldfinch VanTruan 3 0 American Goldfinch
Black-chinned Hummingbird VanTruan 2 0 Black-chinned Hummingbird
American Wigeon VanTruan 1 0 American Wigeon
Redhead VanTruan 1 0 Redhead
Lesser Scaup VanTruan 1 0 Lesser Scaup
Lesser Goldfinch VanTruan 1 0 Lesser Goldfinch
Northern Green-striped Grasshopper -nymph Cantheuse 2 0 Northern Green-striped Grasshopper -nymph
Band-winged meadowhawk ♀ Andrew Gillespie 1 0 Band-winged meadowhawk ♀
Unknown spotting Andrew Gillespie 0 1 Unknown spotting
Blue Mud Dauber Andrew Gillespie 1 0 Blue Mud Dauber
crab spider bugblub 3 0 crab spider
diving beetle BugEric 2 0 diving beetle
Stilt bug BugEric 1 0 Stilt bug
Broad-headed bug BugEric 1 0 Broad-headed bug
Unknown spotting DakotaMacLeod 1 0 Unknown spotting
House Centipede WandaMatt 1 0 House Centipede
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail bugblub 1 0 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
carpenter ant queen bugblub 1 0 carpenter ant queen
Wooly Bear Caterpillar Cameron Young-CSC Snake 2 0 Wooly Bear Caterpillar
boxelder bugs adult and juveniles bugblub 1 0 boxelder bugs adult and juveniles
red whirligig mite bugblub 1 0 red whirligig mite
Halloween Pennant EmilyFroese 2 0 Halloween Pennant
Merlin BugEric 3 1 Merlin
Black-headed Grosbeak AustinH. 6 3 Black-headed Grosbeak
Praying Mantis KallieTardif 2 3 Praying Mantis
Eastern Screech-Owl AustinH. 11 3 Eastern Screech-Owl
Yellow Warbler BugEric 4 1 Yellow Warbler
Bay-breasted Warbler AustinH. 9 0 Bay-breasted Warbler
White-winged Scoter BugEric 3 1 White-winged Scoter
Black Scoter BugEric 2 0 Black Scoter
Surf Scoter BugEric 1 2 Surf Scoter
Black and yellow mud dauber bugblub 5 0 Black and yellow mud dauber
Chinese mantis Cameron Young-CSC Snake 2 0 Chinese mantis
European earwig bugblub 3 0 European earwig
Wolf Spider FrancisQuintana 3 1 Wolf Spider
Unknown spotting DakotaMacLeod 0 1 Unknown spotting
Guppy FrancisQuintana 6 5 Guppy
Unknown spotting DakotaMacLeod 0 1 Unknown spotting

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