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Marine Life of British Columbia

Marine Life of British Columbia

Upload your photographs of British Columbia marine life, both above and below the water. Help the mission out by identifying any unidentified creatures in the photos uploaded by members of the mission. We gather photographic documentation of the marine life in British Columbia. Invertebrates, plants, fish, mammals and arthropods! Sign in to join mission

Marine Life of British Columbia
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We gather photographic documentation of the marine life in British Columbia. Invertebrates, plants, fish, birds, mammals, arthropods and more!

Marine Life of British Columbia

Lat: 49.32 Long: -123.07

Recent Spottings

Annelid (Segmented Worm) LivesInADream 8 3 Annelid (Segmented Worm)
Unknown spotting Rioux and Son 2 1 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting jackie.rioux 5 2 Unknown spotting
Gooseneck barnacles LivesInADream 1 0 Gooseneck barnacles
Cancer Crab LivesInADream 1 0 Cancer Crab
Moon Jelly LivesInADream 3 1 Moon Jelly
Southern Resident Orca w/ Baby LivesInADream 2 2 Southern Resident Orca w/ Baby
Fried-Egg Jelly LivesInADream 2 0 Fried-Egg Jelly
Bald Eagles LivesInADream 1 0 Bald Eagles
Pacific White-Sided Dolphin LivesInADream 7 2 Pacific White-Sided Dolphin
Decorated Warbonnet Ron Caswell 2 0 Decorated Warbonnet
Nereid Worm, Sand Worm, Clam Worm, Rag Worm LivesInADream 1 0 Nereid Worm, Sand Worm, Clam Worm, Rag Worm
Aggregating Anemone LivesInADream 2 1 Aggregating Anemone
By-The-Wind Sailor LivesInADream 6 2 By-The-Wind Sailor
Padded Sculpin tjhloh 1 0 Padded Sculpin
Prickly Sculpin tjhloh 2 0 Prickly Sculpin
Whitespotted Greenling tjhloh 1 0 Whitespotted Greenling
Sea Otter LivesInADream 2 0 Sea Otter
Bull kelp tjhloh 2 0 Bull kelp
Blackeye Goby tjhloh 1 0 Blackeye Goby
Pacific Snake Prickleback tjhloh 2 0 Pacific Snake Prickleback
Pacific Herring Roe LivesInADream 2 0 Pacific Herring Roe
Roughback Sculpin tjhloh 1 0 Roughback Sculpin
Starry Flounder tjhloh 3 0 Starry Flounder
Pacific Staghorn Sculpin tjhloh 1 0 Pacific Staghorn Sculpin
Buffalo Sculpin tjhloh 1 0 Buffalo Sculpin
Striped Sea Perch tjhloh 1 0 Striped Sea Perch
Bristle Worm CandiceB 1 2 Bristle Worm
Belted Kingfisher LivesInADream 9 3 Belted Kingfisher
Unknown spotting LivesInADream 2 0 Unknown spotting
North American Beaver LivesInADream 5 0 North American Beaver
Widehand hermit crab Ron Caswell 1 0 Widehand hermit crab
Green Sea Anemone CandiceB 0 2 Green Sea Anemone
Harbour Seal - Pup LivesInADream 3 0 Harbour Seal - Pup
Northwestern Crow Paleonut_ 1 0 Northwestern Crow
Purple Sea Star Zoe C. 1 0 Purple Sea Star
Tufted Puffin LivesInADream 6 0 Tufted Puffin
China Rockfish Ron Caswell 2 2 China Rockfish
Purple starfish bradwatts 1 0 Purple starfish
Osprey w/ Fish LivesInADream 1 0 Osprey w/ Fish
Pacific Blood Star LivesInADream 5 0 Pacific Blood Star
Unknown spotting amyliebenberg 1 0 Unknown spotting
Decorated Warbonnet amyliebenberg 1 0 Decorated Warbonnet
Freckled Pale Sea Lemon Ron Caswell 1 0 Freckled Pale Sea Lemon
Harlequin Ducks LivesInADream 1 0 Harlequin Ducks
Decorated Warbonnet Ron Caswell 1 0 Decorated Warbonnet
Spotfin Sculpin Ron Caswell 1 0 Spotfin Sculpin
Red-gilled nudibranch Ron Caswell 1 0 Red-gilled nudibranch
Three-coloured polycera Ron Caswell 2 1 Three-coloured polycera
Opal Squid LivesInADream 6 8 Opal Squid

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ZACHARY BRINDLE Magginoel Rioux and Son mama bear
CandiceB Bad Wolf SydneyBird Zoe C.
bradwatts Paleonut DanielHardt qmquinny0
Jonathan16 Preads LiaPostnikoff LivesInADream
AmyOxox JesseShutt Ron Caswell kihikihidiver
amyliebenberg Derek13 NEW3102 jackie.rioux
IrfhanMirza erin.est1985 JohnWebb meganleighedgar
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