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Paso Pacifico Survey

Paso Pacifico Survey

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Paso Pacifico Survey
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Website 80 participants 3,665 spottings

Paso Pacifico’s mission includes conservation efforts throughout Central America’s Pacific slope, which boasts some of the world’s highest levels of biodiversity. Across short distances, landscapes transition from coastal-marine areas to tropical dry forests, and from tropical moist forests to fresh-water lakes and wetlands.

Paso Pacifico Survey

Lat: 12.00 Long: -85.00

Recent Spottings

Masked Tree Frog Jessie Aguilar 1 1 Masked Tree Frog
Stinkhorn Mushroom Jessie Aguilar 18 6 Stinkhorn Mushroom
White-faced Capuchin eating a scorpion Jonathan Sequeira 7 6 White-faced Capuchin eating a scorpion
Gunther's Costa Rican Treefrog Jessie Aguilar 5 0 Gunther's Costa Rican Treefrog
Black Vulture LarryGraziano 3 0 Black Vulture
White-fronted Parrot LarryGraziano 2 2 White-fronted Parrot
Red-billed Pigeon LarryGraziano 1 0 Red-billed Pigeon
Roadside Hawk LarryGraziano 1 0 Roadside Hawk
Turquoise-browed Motmot LarryGraziano 13 15 Turquoise-browed Motmot
Linnaeus' Sipo Jessie Aguilar 15 5 Linnaeus' Sipo
Northern Jacana LarryGraziano 5 2 Northern Jacana
Tropical Kingbird LarryGraziano 2 0 Tropical Kingbird
Orange-fronted Parakeet LarryGraziano 1 0 Orange-fronted Parakeet
Great Egret LarryGraziano 1 0 Great Egret
Fiery-billed Araçari Jonathan Sequeira 14 9 Fiery-billed Araçari
Dry Forest Anole Jessie Aguilar 4 3 Dry Forest Anole
Turquoise-browed Motmot LarryGraziano 5 0 Turquoise-browed Motmot
Mantled Howler Monkey LarryGraziano 15 6 Mantled Howler Monkey
Drab Treefrog Jessie Aguilar 9 2 Drab Treefrog
Poss. Baudin's Tree Frog LarryGraziano 18 8 Poss. Baudin's Tree Frog
Pelican flower Jessie Aguilar 19 11 Pelican flower
Paper Wasp LarryGraziano 9 5 Paper Wasp
Vermilion Waxcap Jessie Aguilar 3 0 Vermilion Waxcap
Lichen-mimicking Katydid SG in CR 14 7 Lichen-mimicking Katydid
Glasswinged butterfly Jessie Aguilar 8 2 Glasswinged butterfly
Giant Grasshopper nymph steveincr 9 2 Giant Grasshopper nymph
Imperial Moth Caterpillar Jessie Aguilar 3 5 Imperial Moth Caterpillar
Plumed basilisk pamsai 1 1 Plumed basilisk
Leafhopper pamsai 3 0 Leafhopper
Ringed Tortoise Beetle / Golden Target Beetle pamsai 4 0 Ringed Tortoise Beetle / Golden Target Beetle
Fire Star Orchid Jessie Aguilar 3 0 Fire Star Orchid
Pale Owl Butterfly Caterpillar Jessie Aguilar 3 1 Pale Owl Butterfly Caterpillar
Blomfild's Beauty Jessie Aguilar 3 0 Blomfild's Beauty
Castniomera Cane Borer steveincr 7 5 Castniomera Cane Borer
Spotting pamsai 3 0 Spotting
Noctuid, Moth Gilma Jeannette Ospino Ferreira-Norman 9 0 Noctuid, Moth
Golden Orb Weaver pamsai 10 6 Golden Orb Weaver
Rothschildia triloba silkmoth JessieAguilar 6 3 Rothschildia triloba silkmoth
Lasus Metalmark pamsai 4 0 Lasus Metalmark
Spotting pamsai 2 1 Spotting
Granular Glass Frog Jessie Aguilar 8 0 Granular Glass Frog
Dashwing or Tailed Cecropian pamsai 2 0 Dashwing or Tailed Cecropian
Zebra Heliconian Butterflies SG in CR 3 0 Zebra Heliconian Butterflies
Tropical Orb-weaver SG in CR 2 0 Tropical Orb-weaver
Spotting pamsai 3 1 Spotting
Monarch Butterfly Jessie Aguilar 2 0 Monarch Butterfly
Tortoise Beetle pamsai 1 2 Tortoise Beetle
Hecale Longwing JessieAguilar 5 0 Hecale Longwing
Long-tailed skipper Jessie Aguilar 4 0 Long-tailed skipper
Broad-nosed Weevil Jessie Aguilar 1 0 Broad-nosed Weevil

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