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0 0 Poke weed

Poke weed

by EdFetterolf2Franconia, Virginia, USA

5' tall

0 0 Poke Weed

Poke Weed

by JakeFrancisWest Virginia, USA

Roughly 2 m tall.

0 0 Spotting


by pahua1Tappahannock, Virginia, USA

abdomen. Curled its abdomen in to air when

0 0 Poke weed

Poke weed

by epastorfieldVirginia, USA

A red plant with shiny purple berries.

0 0 Hacklemash Weaver

Hacklemash Weaver

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Dark brown spider, body about the size of a quarter

0 0 Poke Milkweed

Poke Milkweed

by ForestDragonVirginia, USA

Fairly tall plant with laceolate leaves. Loose cluster of green and whitish ...

0 1 Nessus Sphinx Moth

Nessus Sphinx Moth

by Caren

I was trimming my Virginia Creeper back and ...

1 0 Skunk Cabbage

Skunk Cabbage

by hillsofhomeVirginia, USA

blossoms, pictured here, generate heat enough to

0 0 Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider

by hillsofhomeVirginia, USA

Found her under a rock. She pulled in her legs and was very still when I was ...

1 4 American Pokeweed, autumn folliage

American Pokeweed, autumn folliage

by DespinaTsafetopoulouChristchurch, New Zealand

A Phytolacca americana , a deciduous plant of the Phytolacca genus, in it's ...

0 0 Eastern Snapping Turtle

Eastern Snapping Turtle

by s.eric.prestonLeesburg, Virginia, USA

and top of his shell poking out of the ...

0 0 American Pokeweed

American Pokeweed

by KenCheeksSouth Carolina, USA

American Pokeweed is a large semi-succulent herbaceous perennial plant growing ...

0 0 Pokeweed


by AshleyBradfordAlexandria, Virginia, USA

Healthy-looking plants; berries in all stages from flowers to green berries to ...

0 4 Bryozoan


by anne.uyedaBurke, Virginia, USA

What the HECK is this.

0 0 Stink Bug

Stink Bug

Hampton City, Virginia, USA

This stink bug is a pest to fruit-bearing trees and plants. They

2 0 Black Rat Snake, 35 feet up a tree

Black Rat Snake, 35 feet up a tree

by LauraLOVESbirdsVirginia, USA

Black Rat Snake is said to be Virginia's ...

0 0 Sooty Mold Fungus

Sooty Mold Fungus

by ForestDragonVirginia, USA

on the ground and decided to take a closer look. Yes, I

3 1 Osprey


by Rustic 41Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

The osprey is a beautiful bird that is seen frequently during the summer months ...

1 0 American Pokeweed

American Pokeweed

by ForestDragonWestbury, New York, USA

Large plant with green hairless stems. Wide, alternate, simple leaves. Small ...

0 0 American Pokeweed

American Pokeweed

by QWMomGeorgia, USA

Bright magenta flower remnants remain as berries develop and cause this stalk ...

0 0 Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Box Turtle

by CherriBoBerryBiellerWest Virginia, USA

refused it. Shy at first but within 5 minutes he

0 0 American Pokeweed

American Pokeweed

by sleighgreenSouth Carolina, USA

These things are everywhere at my house. My mother uses the berries to make a ...

0 0 American Pokeweed

American Pokeweed

by QWMomGeorgia, USA

The pinkish hue of the stems on this flowering shoot will darken to magenta as ...

1 0 American pokeweed

American pokeweed

by Suzanne MonkMeridian, Mississippi, USA

In the Southeast, Pokeweed is part of the landscape, one of the first plants ...

0 1 American pokeweed

American pokeweed

by GoodyBartlesville, Oklahoma, USA

scattered populations in the far West. It is also known as