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Edible and Useful Plants of the East

Edible and Useful Plants of the East

Please take a clear picture, include how it is useful, and where you found it in the description. Please try to stay away from the Parsley Family, and mushrooms, as they can be easily confused with poisonous look-a-likes. Sign in to join mission

Edible and Useful Plants of the East
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Website 176 participants 800 spottings

This mission is to help show people that here are thousands of helpful and useful plants that grow right outside your house.

Edible and Useful Plants of the East

Lat: 34.26 Long: -85.40

Recent Spottings

Rosemary flowers Muckpuk 1 0 Rosemary flowers
Trifoliate Orange flowntheloop 1 0 Trifoliate Orange
Frost Grape flowntheloop 2 7 Frost Grape
Thimbleberry Joseph R. Godreau 9 5 Thimbleberry
Green Spore mushrooms colbyhenderson45 2 3 Green Spore mushrooms
Pawpaw Maria dB 1 2 Pawpaw
Pawpaw QWMom 2 0 Pawpaw
Lion's Mane colbyhenderson45 0 0 Lion's Mane
American Beautyberry Ric3 1 0 American Beautyberry
Virginia Strawberry AshleyL 3 2 Virginia Strawberry
Wild raspberry Maria dB 1 0 Wild raspberry
Fetid Passion Flower Chandra Purnama 1 0 Fetid Passion Flower
Ostrich Fern Fyn Kynd 1 0 Ostrich Fern
Greater plantain SuzannaSetiawaty 1 0 Greater plantain
Virginia Creeper KenCheeks 2 0 Virginia Creeper
Mayapple Maria dB 1 0 Mayapple
Sourwood sarah in the woods 2 0 Sourwood
Creeping spinach Evergreen 2 1 Creeping spinach
Smoky Tetanolita litter moth Maria dB 1 0 Smoky Tetanolita litter moth
American Lotus KenCheeks 1 0 American Lotus
Wild garlic Maria dB 4 0 Wild garlic
Maypops or Mayapple erigeronperegrinus 1 2 Maypops or Mayapple
Dutchman's Breeches KenCheeks 4 0 Dutchman's Breeches
Wild Comfrey KenCheeks 2 0 Wild Comfrey
Jack-in-the-pulpit KenCheeks 1 0 Jack-in-the-pulpit
Pear-shaped puffball Maria dB 3 0 Pear-shaped puffball
Jelly fungus Maria dB 3 2 Jelly fungus
Common cattail Maria dB 1 0 Common cattail
American beautyberry Maria dB 1 0 American beautyberry
Winter Mushroom sarah in the woods 1 0 Winter Mushroom
American Persimmon QWMom 1 0 American Persimmon
Mayapple QWMom 2 0 Mayapple
Sea Oats QWMom 2 2 Sea Oats
Yellowroot QWMom 1 0 Yellowroot
Paw Paw chesterbperry 2 0 Paw Paw
Pagoda dogwood Maria dB 1 0 Pagoda dogwood
Maitake, Hen-of-the-woods, Ram's head or Sheep's head colbyhenderson45 2 1 Maitake, Hen-of-the-woods, Ram's head or Sheep's head
Osage Orange Wilsons 1 0 Osage Orange
Sticky Willie weed Maria dB 2 0 Sticky Willie weed
Wild blackberry Maria dB 1 1 Wild blackberry
Crane Fly Orchid chesterbperry 1 0 Crane Fly Orchid
Indian pink Maria dB 2 0 Indian pink
Spotting TeresaBurke 0 0 Spotting
Black-eyed Susan Maria dB 1 0 Black-eyed Susan
Cow-Parsnip DavidMroczkowski 1 1 Cow-Parsnip
Wood betony Maria dB 2 0 Wood betony
White-flowering fringe tree Maria dB 1 0 White-flowering fringe tree
Bloodroot QWMom 1 0 Bloodroot
Mayapple ForestDragon 1 0 Mayapple
Sassafras QWMom 1 0 Sassafras

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rohanberg nursejurs BerrianA.HobbyIV sarah in the woods
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Annika Dacire LCHinchey RachaelLeeHorton
hourglasstym ErinWCharger Brett Davis JC_Forester
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