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Montana Wildlife

Montana Wildlife

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Montana Wildlife
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Captain Nature

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With a land area of 147,046 square miles (380,850 km2), Montana is slightly larger than Japan and slightly smaller than Paraguay. And it is the fourth largest state in the United States. It is also home to many kinds of animals, Including deer, elk, bison, wolves, and many others. Fuana of the state includes lodgepole pine, ponderosa pine; douglas fir, larch, spruce; aspen, birch, red cedar, hemlock, ash, alder; rocky mountain maple and cottonwood trees. Forests cover approximately 25 percent of the state. Flowers native to Montana include asters, bitterroots, daisies, lupins, poppies, primroses, columbine, lilies, orchids, and dryads. Several species of sagebrush and cactus and many species of grasses are common. Many species of mushrooms and lichens are also found in the state. Edit: I can't believe we got one hundred spottings! Congratulations to everyone!

Montana Wildlife

Lat: 48.51 Long: -110.97

Recent Spottings

White-tailed Deer Tukup 1 0 White-tailed Deer
Unknown spotting DeborahAnsonGoslin 2 3 Unknown spotting
Three Bull Moose Faith Snyder 1 1 Three Bull Moose
Yellow Bellied Marmot Faith Snyder 1 1 Yellow Bellied Marmot
Grouse Faith Snyder 1 0 Grouse
American Three-toed Woodpecker JimBob 3 1 American Three-toed Woodpecker
Algae in Hot Pot ForrestThomas 1 0 Algae in Hot Pot
Spotted Tussock Moth jasondrake 2 2 Spotted Tussock Moth
Cat-faced Orbweaver Emily Burns 2 1 Cat-faced Orbweaver
Hairspine Pricklypear willard16512 1 0 Hairspine Pricklypear
Narrowleaf Willow willard16512 1 0 Narrowleaf Willow
Unknown spotting willard16512 1 0 Unknown spotting
Common Sunflower willard16512 1 0 Common Sunflower
White-tailed Deer Emily Burns 1 0 White-tailed Deer
Red Harvester Ant Crasher 2 2 Red Harvester Ant
Mallard Emily Burns 2 0 Mallard
Bald Eagles jasondrake 1 0 Bald Eagles
Columbian Ground Squirrel Captain Nature 1 2 Columbian Ground Squirrel
American Bison niallgc66 1 0 American Bison
White-tailed Deer Ariana 3 1 White-tailed Deer
Red Fox warren59715 1 0 Red Fox
Gray Jay warren59715 1 0 Gray Jay
American Bison warren59715 1 0 American Bison
Pronghorn Antelope warren59715 1 0 Pronghorn Antelope
Elk warren59715 1 1 Elk
Unknown spotting KatyWarren 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Captain Nature 1 0 Unknown spotting
Montana Bandwing Grasshopper Captain Nature 1 1 Montana Bandwing Grasshopper
Spring Azure DeborahAnsonGoslin 1 0 Spring Azure
Hairy Woodpecker ZmanSquatch 1 0 Hairy Woodpecker
Pronghorn Captain Nature 1 0 Pronghorn
Pronghorn Captain Nature 1 0 Pronghorn
Cow Captain Nature 1 0 Cow
Purpleleaf Sand Cherry Captain Nature 1 0 Purpleleaf Sand Cherry
Yarrow Captain Nature 1 0 Yarrow
Coreopsis willard16512 1 0 Coreopsis
Unknown spotting willard16512 1 0 Unknown spotting
Bald Eagle adult and juvenile jasondrake 1 0 Bald Eagle adult and juvenile
Moose jasondrake 1 0 Moose
A herd of elk willard16512 3 0 A herd of elk
Big horn sheep jasondrake 1 0 Big horn sheep
Bighorn sheep jasondrake 1 0 Bighorn sheep
Unknown spotting jasondrake 1 0 Unknown spotting
Sawfly Larva Captain Nature 2 1 Sawfly Larva
Earthworm Captain Nature 2 0 Earthworm
Calypso Orchid or Fairy Slipper DeborahAnsonGoslin 2 3 Calypso Orchid or Fairy Slipper
Comma DeborahAnsonGoslin 2 0 Comma
Unknown spotting willard16512 1 1 Unknown spotting
Red Fox Porcupine 5 0 Red Fox
Unknown spotting willard16512 1 1 Unknown spotting

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