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The Birds of Ecuador

The Birds of Ecuador

Ecuador. It contains over 15% of all bird species on Earth. The purpose of this mission is to collect all of Ecuador’s approximately 1,600 birds and to create a virtual photographic field guide for the public. Sign in to join mission

The Birds of Ecuador
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Ecuador’s avian diversity is fascinating to many birders, me included. I have never been to Ecuador, but I know you have. Thanks to Tom15 for the Mission photo of a Crested Guan! I will personally keep a list of all species uploaded. We are currently at 112 species. Good birding!

The Birds of Ecuador

Lat: -1.40 Long: -78.72

Recent Spottings

White-necked jacobin (male) AdamBT 2 0 White-necked jacobin (male)
White-necked jacobin (female) AdamBT 2 0 White-necked jacobin (female)
Hummingbird AdamBT 1 0 Hummingbird
White-whiskered hermit AdamBT 2 0 White-whiskered hermit
Lava heron AdamBT 3 0 Lava heron
Green-crowned woodnymph AdamBT 1 0 Green-crowned woodnymph
Tropical kingbird AdamBT 0 2 Tropical kingbird
Mangrove warbler AdamBT 0 2 Mangrove warbler
Galapagos/Flightless Cormorant AlbertKang 4 2 Galapagos/Flightless Cormorant
Lava heron (Garza de lava) Globalistar 2 0 Lava heron (Garza de lava)
Blue-footed booby Globalistar 0 0 Blue-footed booby
Galapagos Brown Pelican AlbertKang 2 0 Galapagos Brown Pelican
darwin's small ground finch KarenSaxton 3 0 darwin's small ground finch
Cattle Egret KarenSaxton 3 1 Cattle Egret
Galapagos Flamingo AlbertKang 5 2 Galapagos Flamingo
Mangrove Yellow Warbler AlbertKang 11 4 Mangrove Yellow Warbler
Galapagos Albatross AlbertKang 6 0 Galapagos Albatross
Galápagos Dove AlbertKang 8 2 Galápagos Dove
Blue Footed Booby AlbertKang 8 3 Blue Footed Booby
Galapagos Hawk AlbertKang 6 2 Galapagos Hawk
Vermilion flycatcher AlbertKang 14 9 Vermilion flycatcher
Sparkling Violetear AlbertKang 1 1 Sparkling Violetear
American Flamingo JasmineJ 9 2 American Flamingo
Chestnut-Breasted Coronet Rosa Maria 4 3 Chestnut-Breasted Coronet
Unknown spotting LucindaWestwood 2 0 Unknown spotting
Yellow rumped Cacique LucindaWestwood 1 0 Yellow rumped Cacique
Common Potoo (Nyctibius griseus) ReidPierce 2 2 Common Potoo  (Nyctibius griseus)
Green-tailed Trainbearer (Lesbia nuna) ReidPierce 3 2 Green-tailed Trainbearer  (Lesbia nuna)
Sparkling Violetear (Colibri coruscans) ReidPierce 1 0 Sparkling Violetear  (Colibri coruscans)
Española Mockingbird JasmineJ 4 2 Española Mockingbird
Pacific Pelican GustavoMorejon 1 0 Pacific Pelican
Unknown spotting GustavoMorejon 0 0 Unknown spotting
Grey-breasted Martin GustavoMorejon 0 2 Grey-breasted Martin
Cocoi Heron ceherzog 1 1 Cocoi Heron
Magpie Tanager KarenSaxton 1 0 Magpie Tanager
yellow vulture KarenSaxton 1 0 yellow vulture
Violaceous Jay KarenSaxton 2 0 Violaceous Jay
Glistening-green Tanager kksampeck 14 1 Glistening-green Tanager
social flycatcher KarenSaxton 1 0 social flycatcher
Black-capped Donacobius kksampeck 2 0 Black-capped Donacobius
Hoatzin nest and chicks KarenSaxton 19 9 Hoatzin nest and chicks
Flame-faced Tanager kksampeck 34 17 Flame-faced Tanager
Hoatzin with two chicks KarenSaxton 3 1 Hoatzin with two chicks
Hoatzin KarenSaxton 3 0 Hoatzin
black crowned night heron KarenSaxton 1 0 black crowned night heron
Black Vulture KarenSaxton 1 0 Black Vulture
Greater Ani fledgling KarenSaxton 1 0 Greater Ani fledgling
Greater Ani KarenSaxton 1 0 Greater Ani
Golden-collared Honeycreeper kksampeck 1 0 Golden-collared Honeycreeper
Hoatzin chicks KarenSaxton 0 1 Hoatzin chicks

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