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0 0 Indian gooseberry / நெல்லிக்காய் (Nellikaai)

Indian gooseberry / நெல்லிக்காய் (Nellikaai)

by ArunTirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India

Indian gooseberry is a herb, It has the most potent source of natural

1 0 Barbados Cherry

Barbados Cherry

by joanbstanleyTexas, USA

The bright red, tart tasting fruit is very high in

1 2 Drumstick


by SisirBangaঅসম, India

by parboiling, and cooked in a curry until soft.The seed pods are particularly ...

0 0 Dog rose

Dog rose

by MeikGöttingen, Niedersachsen (Landmasse), Germany

berries in autumn, containing a high level of

0 0 Dog rose

Dog rose

by MeikSchönstedt, Freistaat Thüringen, Germany

Shrub with thorny branches, mostly 2-3 meter high. Pinnate leaves with toothed ...

2 3 Common sea-buckthorn

Common sea-buckthorn

by MeikDierhagen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Branches are thorny, the leaves are a distinct pale silvery-green, lanceolate, ...

1 0 Jute


by Leana Lahom-CristobalNueva Ecija, Philippines

, calcium, and vitamin

0 0 Barbados Cherry

Barbados Cherry

by joanbstanleyTexas, USA

This is the second bloom of the year. The first was in the spring and the plant ...

0 2 Dog Rose Hip

Dog Rose Hip

by LarsKorbHohenhorn, Schleswig-Holstein (Landmasse), Germany

Oval 1.5–2 cm red-orange fruit, or hip.

0 0 Lesser celandine

Lesser celandine

by MeikGöttingen, Niedersachsen (Landmasse), Germany

Perennial plant with yellow flowers, growing close to the ground. Leaves are a ...

0 2 acerola


by IanMichaelIletoAklan, Philippines

and in subtropical areas – Asia and India. It is known for being extremely ...

0 1 Yellow Wood Sorrel

Yellow Wood Sorrel

by CynthiaMHoriMichigan, USA

and is rich in vitamin

0 0 Tree Tomato

Tree Tomato

by JuanDiTraniChiriquí, Panama

contains a large amount of C

0 0 Cleavers


by JenniferLawrenceHammond, Indiana, USA

Low, herbaceous plant found in many temperate rural and suburban areas. Prefers ...

3 7 Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape

by LarsKorbHohenhorn, Schleswig-Holstein (Landmasse), Germany


0 0 Common Blue Violet

Common Blue Violet

by LindsyMinnesota, USA

Low plant with blue or purple to white flowers on separate stalks.

0 0 Rose hips

Rose hips

by joanbstanleyDenton, Texas, USA

Imature hips of rose Don Juan

0 0 Acerola


by PaulMireLauro de Freitas, Bahia, Brazil

similar appearance to a cherry.

0 0 Jambu Biji

Jambu Biji

by nhpurnomoIndonesia

jambu batu dikenal mengandung banyak

0 0 Turks Cap

Turks Cap

by joanbstanleyTexas, USA

Small red fruit that looks a bit like a small apple.

1 2 Partridge Berry

Partridge Berry

by chesterbperryTennessee, USA

The berries are edible and high in vitamin ...

1 1 Blue Violet

Blue Violet

by chesterbperryTennessee, USA

The leaves and flowers are edible, high in

0 0 Barbados Cherry

Barbados Cherry

by joanbstanleyTexas, USA

, tart-tasting, 1-inch fruits which are high in

1 0 Dragon Fruit Cactus

Dragon Fruit Cactus

by MarikaMartinezMalta, Malta

highly concentrated with vitamin

1 0 Common Sea-buckthorn

Common Sea-buckthorn

by DanPirteaSatu Mare, Satu Mare, Romania

medicine we use in the winter time: they are very rich in

0 0 Wood rose

Wood rose

by PHLearningSalt Lake City, Utah, USA

2-5 foot tall shrub - flowers May to July. Rose hip fruits are edible and are ...

0 0 Barbados Cherry

Barbados Cherry

by joanbstanleyTexas, USA

, tart-tasting, 1-inch fruits which are high in

0 0 Barbados Cherry

Barbados Cherry

by joanbstanleyTexas, USA

hummingbirds. Barbados cherry produces a bright red fruit that is edible and ...

0 0 Miner's lettuce

Miner's lettuce

by AnnvanWijgerdenEngland, United Kingdom

Claytonia is an attractive winter salad crop, rich in

2 0 Common Wood Sorrel

Common Wood Sorrel

by Gaia80Vestfold, Norway

White flowers with thin pink bands inside the petal, around 10-15 cm high.

0 0 Speedwell


by AdamGrauBlaine, Minnesota, USA

Creeping plant has purple/ blue pedaled flowers. The bottom petal is smaller ...

0 0 Virginia Pepperweed

Virginia Pepperweed

by sub.dioUtah

pepper. The leaves contain protein,

0 0 Field Salad

Field Salad

by LarsKorbHohenhorn, Schleswig-Holstein (Landmasse), Germany


0 0 Rose Hips

Rose Hips

by JemmaWalnut Creek, California, USA

Rose hips are particularly high in vitamin ...

1 11 Persimmon Tree~柿子 , 柿 , Amlok

Persimmon Tree~柿子 , 柿 , Amlok

by p.young713Tampa, Florida, USA

Almost fully ripe on 1st day of fall, second photo~ 9/23/11

1 0 rose hips

rose hips

by AnnaWhipkeyIndiana, USA

. They are a good source of vitamin

0 1 Creeping Wood Sorrel

Creeping Wood Sorrel

by KristenGilpinTemple Terrace, Florida, USA

Rich in vitamin

0 0 Redbud tree

Redbud tree

by joanbstanleyDenton, Texas, USA

elongate fissures separating long, narrow plates with small scales. Edible ...

2 4 Acerola


by gberredoSão Luís, Brazil

One glass of juice of this fruit contains about 6,500% of

0 0 Rose hip

Rose hip

by PatriciaPiJalón/Xaló, Comunitat Valenciana, Spain

The rose hip is the fruit of the rose plant, that typically is red-to-orange

0 0 Scharbockskraut (Lesser celandine)

Scharbockskraut (Lesser celandine)

by eduard.renferGemeinde Sankt Andrä-Wördern, Niederösterreich, Austria

Very rich in Vitamin

1 0 Orange Tree

Orange Tree

by MarikaMartinezMalta, Malta

yellow or orange, while the sweet acid juicy segments rich in

0 0 Red Spruce

Red Spruce

by SaraKrahnWinkler, Manitoba, Canada

source of vitamin

2 3 Yellow dragon fruit

Yellow dragon fruit

by CathelineRofloManaliliDavao Del Norte, Philippines

these yellow pitaya fruit is smaller th Pink and Red pitaya it can weight 150g ...

0 0 Violet seed capsul

Violet seed capsul

by joanbstanleyHighland Village, Texas, USA

Plants with heart shaped leaves.

0 0 Dog Rose Hip / Šipak Pasje Ruže

Dog Rose Hip / Šipak Pasje Ruže

by injicaZagreb, Croatia

t is a deciduous shrub normally ranging in height from 1 – 5 m, though ...

0 0 Lichen


by auntnance123Cocoa, Florida, USA

edible and high in vitamin

0 2 Lemon Tree Flower

Lemon Tree Flower

by MarikaMartinezMalta, Malta

, but its aromatic juice rich in vitamin ...